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Laptop Privacy Features – Like to see any of them in a MacBook?

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, it was found that privacy features in Laptops have become one of the top features that consumers look for when making a buying decision. These features include blurring the screen when someone looks at your screen, auto-locking when you step away from your computer, and much more. Moreover, some of these features have also proved to extend the battery life of your laptop.

Let’s have a look at the top privacy features consumers are searching for in a laptop, and if you are a MacBook user, which of these features would you want Apple to incorporate in the next MacBook.

Privacy Screen with a Toggle Button

Many of you must be familiar with a laptop feature that hides the screen automatically if someone else is looking at your screen. Well, the new HP laptops have this feature built-in with a toggle button so you can switch it on or off as per your need.

This is one of the most recent solutions for those who are looking for some privacy while they work on their laptops. No one likes someone else peeping into their laptops, therefore, a built-in privacy screen with a toggle button is the need of the hour and HP has identified it very smartly along with integrating it in their laptops.

Screen Blurring if Someone is Shoulder Surfing

Many times when we are working on our laptops, we don’t even realize that someone is shoulder surfing and this can create problems for us. Therefore at this year’s Consumer Electronics show, many manufacturers suggested using an eye-tracking system that detects a shoulder surfer and automatically blurs the screen to hide the data while alarming the user. And this can be done by incorporating IR cameras that can detect the eyes and take quick action.

Blurring the Screen Automatically as the User looks away

This is a new feature that can be very useful for professionals who have to interact while working. With this feature toggled in your laptop, if you look away the screen will blur automatically, and when you face the laptop, the screen will be back. And if you wish to incorporate this feature in your laptop, download Tobi Aware.

Auto Screen Lock when you are away from your Laptop

Many of us forget to lock the screen when we are away from the laptop. This can cause serious problems. However, a feature that automatically locks your screen when you are not near your device, will surely come in handy. This is popularly known as the Presence detection feature and many manufacturers are focusing on incorporating this, including Windows. Moreover, this feature will also be able to extend your battery life by switching off the machine when not in use.

Dimming the Screen Automatically when not looking at the Screen

This feature is already incorporated in ThinkPad X1, when you are not looking at the screen it will dim the brightness level and once you look back at it, it will automatically restore the brightness. This feature operates via eye-tracking. Apart from a privacy feature, this also helps in extending the battery life as well.

Which of the above features Apple must adopt in the new MacBook?

Now that we have discussed the top 5 features, let us know which one you think would be the most useful feature in the MacBook. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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