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Where to buy PS5? Best Buy assures PS5 Delivery throughout 2022

The gamers were eagerly waiting for the launch of PS5 last year in November. The stores were emptied within days and some of the gaming enthusiasts even made a pre-booking. This left many buyers sour as there was a shortage of PS5 consoles in the market and led them to wonder where to buy PS5.

However, as the New Year kick-started, PS5 restocks started dropping in every store. All the major retailers grabbed the opportunity and stocked the consoles. However, the scalpers ruined this business opportunity for them.

As per the reports, these scalpers are selling the PS5 consoles at a lower price due to a fall in its demand over time.

However, buying a PS5 from these scalpers is not a sane idea. Instead, Best Buy announced another round of PS5 stock on January 5th and this was totally unexpected news. After seeing the response from the customers during the December 27 sale, which Best Buy concludes as the most successful restock sales, they have yet again restocked the consoles, and those who are looking to get their hands on can grab the opportunity as soon as possible, before this stock ends.

This news has made many wonders, will there be enough supply of the PS5 consoles for everyone. Well, the chances are slim, but we are hoping that this shortage ends soon.

Moreover, if you missed out on the January 5th restock sale on Best Buy to grab your PS5 console, don’t worry, because the retailers including Best Buy are continuously restocking the consoles so that it can provide everyone. There would be many buying opportunities throughout the year as the restocks will keep happening.

After the successful January 5th sale, which Best Buy concludes as a huge success, it is planning to restock it again so that those who missed the opportunity can benefit and grab the consoles. Moreover, these regular restocks of PS5 consoles also suggest that the shortage has finally come to an end.

If you are still hunting while reading this, then know that Best Buy plans on another restock sale from which you can take advantage. Keep an eye on all the social handles of Best Buy to be updated so you can grab your PS5 as soon as the next announcement is made. Moreover, don’t worry, only Best Buy is not selling the PS5 consoles, there are many other retailers from where you can grab the consoles. Nonetheless, as per the reports, the supply of PS5 will continue through 2022, so you can get it around the year, whenever you want.

Apart from Best Buy, check out, PS Direct, Amazon, and GameStop, as they are also selling the consoles in-store.

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