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Verizon Quantum Router Review 2022

Routers are key components in using wireless internet i.e WiFi, and compromising on its quality might mean you may hinder your internet experience. Verizon as an internet provider is a famous name in the market among consumers, but it’s one that’s rather confusing too. In that regard, many internet services are confusing to the general public, in terms of how they work and the technical aspect of it.

The Verizon Quantum router reviews can help you find out people’s experiences with their products. There are a few pros and cons as they can vary depending on different customer experiences. Meanwhile, there are also some standard features of the product, both including the internet itself and the device, that you can expect when you buy it.

Verizon’s internet services can be easily differentiated for your benefit. Their different plans make for good varied options that you can pick from. Mainly they offer two different internet types – the DSL internet and Fiber internet. Many online and critique reviews have illustrated how the Fiber internet is faster compared to DSL internet by Verizon.

Fios Fiber internet has made Verizon one of the most popular and widely available internet services. There are many stats that show how it has taken over the market by valuing customers and providing a satisfying experience for them. In terms of their services and products, customer service has been appreciated. Usually, fiber internet by many providers is not very affordable considering its basic costs of set up.

Verizon Fios Internet Plan

Like many other providers, Verizon Fios provides 3 basic plans that you can choose from. They provide some of the lowest basic plans, but their gigabit plan seems to be more expensive than some options out there. Here are the three plans they offer.

Up to 200 Mbps Speed          

$39.99 per month      

Up to 400 Mbps Speed          

$64.99 per month      

Gigabit Connection    

$89.99 per month      

All three of these plans are great in terms of use and how fast they work. In terms of their limit and many other additional features and benefits, they are differentiated. Ultimately, you can choose the perks you would like to avail of and pick the plan accordingly.

In terms of installation, it is considered the same as any other internet service might be. If you have not previously set up and properly installed wiring for their service you will have to get the full package. There are ultimately two options to install too, either you get the proper technician to do it or you self-install the entire thing using guides.

In either case, it is good enough to work out, it might save you some money to do it yourself, but other than that the process itself remains more or less the same. You might save yourself the trouble of buying the items you require to install if you get the technician to do it.

Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway Router

Model: G3100

Finally, onto the guest of honor of this article, the famous Fios Quantum Gateway Router. It is no doubt their smartest version to come, being the most recent and with the best features so far. This is something many forget, there are many things to consider when you are buying a router. Internet service alone is not the solution to your fast internet connection requirements. You need to have a device that makes sure your internet service has good technical support to work.

This will further take the performance, design, and price, etc. of the router into account and consider what the general consensus of the users is too. It does not necessarily mean you need to use the same internet and router service, Verizon has no such requirements.

Verizon Quantum router


Starting with a claim from Verizon’s website, “The latest Wi-Fi generation, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) with speeds averaging 60% faster on 2.4 GHz and 38% faster on 5 GHz than previous Verizon Wi-Fi routers”. They have highlighted through stats how the performance is something they have focused on improving. And it seems to be something many have agreed upon too.

The Fios router is simply made to bring fluency to your internet use. It performs exceptionally well throughout the area of its standard coverage. The even performance throughout different distances is a major factor in its high praise. The greater speed and better range are the two main components of the performance. This also means an increased range of users, which seems to be very limited in previous router devices. You can add other feature devices to enhance your own experience such as scheduling and planning hours you want the router to be on.

A few complaints customers seem to have made are about the installation process that seems to be a bit complicated if you are switching from another device. This can be true for almost any kind of transition you might make, but users complain that Verizon shows on the website that the process can be a quick, a few-minute thing. Whereas some of them had to find alternative methods because that did not exactly work.

Additionally, there has been common feedback about no need for additional routers to spread the router signals evenly throughout the house. Often it happens when the house premises are bigger, people get either multiple routers or router signal extenders to help with the internet connection. You can easily find ways to stream and reach signals from your router throughout the house.

Verizon Quantum router performance

The benefits and additional features also double up in this router device. It has a VPN router feature that enables your information to be secure and prevents any shady websites or entities online from having access to any of your confidential data. A high-speed internet connection that makes for smooth and hassle-free streaming, browsing, gaming, and working throughout your house. A better range and improved connectivity feature to keep the connection between devices secure. And finally, dual-band technology lets you experience the internet free from buffering, no matter the user count.


The design of the router seems to be a less important issue, but it seems like a big one when you come across a design that’s completely unreasonable or problematic in use. It is an important factor in the Verizon Quantum router reviews as well. This one, however, is good enough in size and from a design perspective. It is light enough to rest on a glass or wooden shelf or any common table if you want it to be placed in the center of the house.

Additionally, it’s not too bad on the eyes as the design is smart and sleek to make you happy even if it’s in plain sight. Often routers come in hideous colors and designs that disturb and dismantle the entire vibe of your house, especially in a softer interior aesthetic. The white that you usually find in Fios routers has a calm yet non-threatening aesthetic considering routers in general. You might even like leaving it out, as it stands tall in your living room or lounge.


Internet providers often prefer if you buy their equipment while using their service or vice versa, as both are complementary to each other. You might have seen milk and tea powder companies collaborating while buying groceries in the supermarket, it just seems like an easy win for the sellers.


But considering the price and offers you get products at when buying them in bundles, you can also avail good prices for products if you are smart about the purchase. It is not completely necessary to buy a Verizon router when or if you are using their internet service. But it is better in terms of fluency because you would not have to worry about whether the other router you are using supports your plan and has the capacity to do so.

Buying Verizon’s own internet and router both seem to be beneficial for a seamless internet experience. Additionally, you can choose to buy from other forums than their own shop or website to save money on offers.


In terms of price, it is a more expensive brand of internet service and product provider. When customers use it for a while, they seem to agree with its pricing and don’t mind paying as much as it asks of them, but for newer converts of Verizon, it’s difficult to come to terms with.

Therefore, there are different options you can explore in buying the router. Firstly there are Verizon’s own offers that stand as options. Firstly they offer monthly product rents to use the equipment that includes their router. This has varied from $10-15 in different areas. Many seem to not mind this choice at all, as there are many renters of Verizon routers out there. After all, it does have one of the best routers out there. Even if it means paying the highest monthly fee/rent, customers seem to want to use it.

Second to that is directly buying the router from Verizon. This, however, is a less hectic and one-time thing that seems to hold people off. It is expensive because you have to pay the price Verizon asks, and it’s usually high as you would expect. This is also why at a point when many get the internet service from Verizon they seem to opt for other routers that are cheaper versions but do not provide the same experience.

Verizon Quantum router port

The good thing about such sellers and brands is that not only they sell on other e-commerce platforms but there are other resellers as well. You can explore either option to access a myriad of Verizon routers, all at different prices as the sellers quote them. Amazon is a great place to look for in this case, you can get so many options of products as well as prices. It has a 4.4 out of 5 ratings on Amazon, which is completely user-based.


Lastly, you have the box that the router comes in to explore, to see if it provides adequate accessories for it to work. The Fios Quantum Gateway router, coaxial cable, and removable power supply are the few things you will find inside.

Here again, it seems important to mention that the box and the website says it is easy to set up but few of the users have found it not so easy. Therefore, you might be able to make your own opinion regarding how the setup is. However, the box does mention a process that seems easy enough to understand and follow through.

You start by disconnecting your current plugged router first from the system then manually unplug it. If you have a router issue as dire as a broken or nonfunctional router, this step is easy to miss. After you are done doing that, plug the Fios router in and wait for it to boot and load completely. On the side of the device, you might be able to see the username, password, and website URL to reach it.

It goes without saying but you will need a temporary internet connection for a minute period of time to log in. After you buy the router and get registered, Verizon activates your user account that lets you access it through the router. You will be able to connect it smoothly. If still, you find issues while setting up, you can always approach customer service or ask for their technical staff. Their manual is online for your guidance in the setup procedure as well.

If you are still curious to find customer Verizon Quantum router reviews, the Amazon link can give you plenty of information about what users felt regarding their router. In the end, the buying decision is completely yours to make, all reviews and feedback you might find online are for your guidance. Many of them can be subjective as well, therefore you don’t necessarily need to think of them as objective pieces of information. If you are serious about buying, hope this was a little help and do your own bit of research through people or online, that might help you decide properly.

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