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Tremendous Hacks to Secure External Hard Drive – An Ultimate Solution from Techie Hackers

Universal Serial Bus (USB) or external hard drive act as a powerhouse for data storage. If attached to corrupt devices, they end up having dreadful encounters with viruses. Hence, they have to counteract in return. It becomes essential to secure external hard drive.

Have you imagined your data being washed away, with you having no alternative to store your data? What if it happens in real life? Surely, it’s a nightmare.

Organizations today regard data-storage backup devices as an integral part of their data safety strategy. You might have heard stories regarding companies’ data being hit by uninvited guests-viruses, resulting in data loss. Such a situation requires you to have alternative options to save your precious data.

It’s important for you to have a secure external hard drive. Large chunks of data are saved into such portable devices. The company’s information is highly confidential. Disclosing them in front of competitors will result in a horrible collapse. Thus, finding a solution for your information security is really important.

Getting access to other people’s data is quite easy today. There are many software available you can use to protect your password. You can also use encryption software to protect your data. In this guide, we will further be discussing hacks to secure external hard drives.

Let’s delve into the strong password and security hacks!

1. A Permanent Software – An Ultimate Data Locker for your Device


Having a permanent solution for your data storage is what you need. Hard drive manufacturers, SanDisk or Sony provide drive locker software with external hard drives. The best preventive measure that you can take against hackers is to use a two-factor authentication mechanism. It will help restrain any unauthorized access to your data. This is the primary solution for your data safety.

2. Third-Party Addition – An Incremental Data Support for your Device


If you have a USB, you may need to purchase third-party security software to protect your data. The StorageCrypt is one such software that you can use to protect your USB.

If an encryption program is downloaded, it secures your password and data. This program transforms messages into a string of features through the use of multiple algorithms. Encryption key assists such transformation.

The StorageCrypt provides various data security benefits such as:

  • Portable software
  • Strong password safety
  • Hidden drives for protection
  • Quick decryption and encryption

3. Steps for StorageCrypt – Password Data Solution for your Device


If you want to secure your data that you have saved in USB, you must follow these steps:

  • Install StorageCrypt
  • Insert your USB device to access StorageCrypt
  • Select the Drive you want to encrypt
  • From Encryption Mode section, select Quick Encryption
  • From Portable Use section, select FULL
  • Remember to type the same password in the two fields provided for this purpose. Hit Encrypt. Wait till the drive is locked.

A password is now set for your drive and no one can gain access to it without a password.

4. Steps for StorageCrypt – An Unlock Drive Solution for your Device


If you are using StorageCrypt, you can unlock the drive. To unlock it, you must:

  • Access the drive that you want to unlock. Select the SClite folder. Locate the SClite.exe file and run it
  • Insert the password, and hit Decrypt. You can now access your drive

Do look into essential facts and details such as:

  • Don’t opt for an external drive. It’s better you download it on your handy systems
  • There is no option to return to the software again if you fail to remember your password
  • Do avoid a situation where you can’t recover your data

5. An Additional Third-Party Software – USB Copy Protection for your Device


The third-party software – USB Copy Protection works just like StorageCrypt. It protects your drive from unauthorized access. With the USB Copy Protection software, you get:

  • AES 256 strong encryption to secure data
  • Prevention from unauthorized access
  • Ease of permission to the selected users

Now you know, why is it so important to secure external hard drive. These substitute solutions to protect your devices from hackers will surely help you in the future. Data backup is a paramount goal of every company. We hope this article has infused your knowledge regarding which systems to approach to obtain maximum benefits when it comes to protecting your external drives.

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