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Here’s How to use a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con as a Remote Camera Shutter on an Android Phone

Since Nintendo Switch stepped up its game and entered the territories of portable console gaming – they have been evolving and going in strong – giving decent competition to the other portables in the category. Nintendo Switch is a robust and versatile handheld gaming device that offers not only typical games but also some convenient applications for you to take pleasure from. The most recent use of Nintendo Switch that a lot of us have noticed is taking pictures remotely from your mobile phone with the help of a Nintendo Joy-Con controller. Yep! You heard it right. Say bye-bye to the selfie sticks – because now you can use your Joy-Con as a remote shutter. This feature will allow you to take much better selfies now. Also, for those who love taking night-shots or perhaps long exposure shots – this device will help you a lot. Just mount your cellphone up on a tripod and take the pictures by clicking the button on the Joy-Con controller!

You must be wondering who told us about this feature – well, certainly not Nintendo. A Reddit user who goes by the name of Byotan was the one who discovered this feature and was kind enough to share it with the whole world. In a short clip that the user uploaded – we can see how easy and convenient it is to use this feature.

If by any chance you are an Android user and you own a Nintendo Switch – go and grab both of your devices and try it out for yourself! When you pair your android mobile phone with your Joy-Con controller, the ‘A’ button on the controller acts as a remote shutter. Just press it if you want crystal clear pictures.

Step by Step Guide

  1. First, make sure that your Android phone’s Bluetooth is turned on. Also, your Joy-Con must be in the pairing mode (not connected with any other device).
  2. Now, pair your android phone with the Joy-Con controller.
  3. After the pairing part is done, open up your camera app on the android phone. Make sure that the app is on your Home Screen rather than in the main menu.
  4. Press the button on the controller to take pictures – Voila!

Moreover, for those who don’t know how to pair your Joy-Con controller with an android phone – just press and hold the ‘Sync’ button which is present on the controller and you see your controller popping up in the available Bluetooth devices on your phone. Next, click the pair option and you are good to go. When the pairing becomes successful, a green light on the side of your controller will light up.

After pairing, the “A” key will therefore function as the home button upon clicking. Then, by clicking the “Y” key, you’ll be able to pick apps. When you’ve only paired a single Joy-Con, you’ll have to tweak the home screen slightly to get it all to function. Looking from left to right and top to bottom, the Joy-Con will pick the first application on your home screen. As an example, if we place a camera app at the top-left corner of our home screen, clicking on the “Y” key will activate it. This can differ depending on the phone, so you will need to explore around to select the perfect spot.

If you own a Pixel phone, taking a snapshot is as simple as pressing the “A” button. On Samsung smartphones, the method is a little more difficult but, in our opinion, a bit easier. When the camera application is opened, the X and Y keys can be used to focus and zoom in, with each click moving the zoom by 0.1x in any direction. After getting your perfect frame for the picture – just click ‘B’ to take the picture.

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