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T-Mobile prime has made streaming easier but has become a threat for its competitors

Since the birth of Coronavirus, many people have had to shut themselves off from the entire world and stay in their comfort zones. However, there was no such productive thing which they could do during that time but to watch all TV series.

Recently, T-Mobile prime has announced its merger with Amazon Video. All the T-Mobile prime subscribers are lucky enough to enjoy the benefit of Amazon video streaming without paying an extra amount for it. Other than the Amazon Prime Video, Univision Now, Fox News, and WWE Network were also added to the list, to have all the items under one umbrella.

Just imagine not paying any additional amount and enjoying the pleasure of the above-mentioned channels. Well, nobody is providing such a facility but T-Mobile prime.

A blow to its competitors

T-Mobile prime always comes up with surprises. The introduction of the Binge On service was another blow by the company to its competitors and a wake-up call to the wireless business. Due to the improvement in its services, all the competitors of TMobile such as – Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are keeping a close eye on its activities.

However, these competitors are not completely out of the business as they have launched one after another incentive program for their consumers. This is a clear sign of how big the competition is and how hard the companies are working to survive in the market.

Why is Binge On service important?

As mentioned before, people have developed a keen interest in watching TV series and spend their luxury hours while doing so. TMobile was smart enough to sense the gap in the market and what its competitors are lacking.

Many people used to unsubscribe from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming platforms as they were unable to pay a separate amount for it. However, TMobile has included Amazon Prime Video in the same package. This way the consumer doesn’t have to pay any additional money for it as it’s covered already.

According to experts, if you watch videos for an hour on your cellular data plan, it would take around 14 gigabytes of your whole data. Nevertheless, if you have TMobile as your service provider, you do not have to worry about it.

TMobile claims to provide access to 40 streaming services. Just imagine watching the top movies, shows, matches on Netflix, HBO, WATCHESPN, and other sites without even paying any extra amount. You can get a 480-pixel resolution which is relatively lower than the original TV’s resolution which is 1080 pixels. However, it is good enough for the screen of a smartphone.

On the other hand, access is limited. TMobile prime customers have to subscribe to a 3GB plan to have unlimited access to Binge On. However, even 1GB is enough to watch all the streaming channels but somewhat after some time it would be eating into your monthly allowance data.

Was it a valuable decision made by T-Mobile prime?

People are usually on the move due to juggling between work and household responsibilities. They do not have proper hours to sit in front of the television and watch their favorite shows. Well, how would they counter it? TMobile was sensible enough to come forward and make a way for its loyal clients.

The decision of Binge On is proving to be great not only for the consumers but for the company as well. Many people have diverted their attention towards TMobile since they launched this program. AT&T and Sprint users were motivated to convert towards TMobile.

Nevertheless, the customers were with the ones who got the major benefit. An independent survey was conducted by TMobile which deduced that 92 percent of the subscribers have started watching more videos since the collaboration with Binge On. Well, these numbers don’t lie and simply show the success of  T-Mobile prime.

T-Mobile prime’s BINGE ON also faced some criticism

A debate took place in regards to the potential harm caused by T-Mobile prime’s Binge On. According to the study by Stanford University, the perk violates net neutrality principles and is most likely illegal.

Many companies have started to claim that it is unfair to provide every benefit under one umbrella as they are losing consumers because of this deal. A study suggested that the views on videos have doubled since the birth of this incentive program. Well, this factor cannot go unnoticed.

The law professor, Barbara van Schewick claims this program to be harmful in the long run. According to her, it is somewhat limiting the user’s choice, eradicating the competition, and it’s becoming a hurdle in the way of innovation. Moreover, she also mentions that if such a step is taken by any other company, the effect would be even worse.

It is becoming a big problem for the local providers and start-ups as it closes the gates for them.


There is no doubt in saying that the initiative by T-Mobile prime is one of a kind and has become the biggest threat to its competitors. However, there are claims that it is becoming a hindrance for basic startups and innovation. Let’s hope that the consumers are not affected by whatever decision is taken by the company and the government.

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