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T-Mobile Free Spotify Streaming and Other Mobile Carrier’s Exclusive Perks in A Nutshell

“Free Access” is a term we all love to hear, right? Well, thankfully – whenever you go out to buy yourself a new mobile carrier subscription, you always get to hear about the free access perks that these corporations offer to their new and old customers. Among these awesome perks and benefits is free access to the paid products and services like Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify, of course. Generally, these benefits are offered if you choose the unlimited data plan of mobile carriers. Yes, they are typically the costliest plans offered by a provider, but having a complimentary membership to a music streaming service entirely changes the picture.

Here’s a brief rundown of the Big Four’s unlimited music streaming benefits: T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. A word of caution, however: these deals are subject to change, often without notice. Since these bonuses and special offers are effective from around August 2019, some may have changed by the time you come across this.


The streaming perks offered by T-Mobile are a tad different in contrast to the ones offered by its rivals. Rather than offering you a free-of-charge subscription to a single service, T-Mobile gives you complete control over the streaming content through its features known as the Binge On and The Music Freedom. You can simply stream as much as you like without having to fear losing all of your data in a day or two.


All such perks, however, are limited to certain companies. In this case

  • → Amazon Music
  • → Apple Music
  • → iHeartRadio
  • → Pandora
  • → Spotify
  • → Tidal

are the only services that are featured under Music Freedom.

T-Mobile Free Spotify Streaming – How It All Started?

Well, it all took place back in the summer of 2014 when T-Mobile, a US-based corporation announced their 2nd revolutionary step of the day, right after the introduction of Uncarrier 5.0 earlier that evening. Un-carrier 6.0 aimed to both liberate music in the USA and showcase the broadband strength of their LTE network onto a full display.

From that day on an immediate basis, the basic users of T-Mobile were simply able to stream and play whatever music they love from the well-known music streaming apps like:

  • → iHeartRadio
  • → iTunes Radio
  • → Pandora
  • → Rhapsody
  • → Slacker
  • → Spotify

Without even losing their 4G LTE MBs of internet service. T-Mobile partnerships’ with music streaming platforms including Samsung’s Milk Music as well as SFX’s upcoming Beatport music application, would also play without any data loss for T-Mobile users.

Whereas the old regime providers offering “music deals” pick a music provider for their users, T-Mobile provides you with unparalleled choice by allowing you to utilize all of the leading streaming music apps.


According to T-Mobile’s CEO and president John Legere:

“As a die-hard music fan, I’m particularly furious at how the other guys use the music you love to entice you into expensive plans with lovely ‘special offers’ that soon roll into higher rates or trigger those outrageous overage penalties. Music should be free of all of that. Music should have no boundaries. So, starting today, you can stream unlimited music from all of the leading music services on T-Mobile — no data costs apply.”

As music streaming experiences extraordinary popularity in the United States and throughout the globe, more people are listening in via tablets and smartphones. The old guard providers, also, have noticed the changes and therefore have reacted with a continuous stream of promotions meant to tie in folks while slamming them with overage fees.

As a result, 37 percent of the total users claim that they resist streaming via their smartphones, the most out of worry of using up their internet as well as incur overage charges.

Mike Sievert, T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer stated that:

“Our opponents would have you assume that Music streaming is completely free over their networks, trust me, it isn’t, you pay for every note of every music you stream on AT&T and Verizon. You even pay for the advertisements. Music Freedom has a distinct purpose. We want people to be able to enjoy their music without fear — the way it was supposed to be.”

Also, in a traditional Un-carrier manner, many folks were invited by T-Mobile to let them know about the most desired services that should be free – yes, entirely free. They held a poll on their official website and on Twitter too with the exclusive hashtag #music freedom.

T-Mobile users on Basic Phone Packages, don’t need to do anything to take advantage of such new perks. Simply listen to your favorite music, completely assured of the fact that it will never be counted against your data costs, and also that T-Mobile has your back.



The second one on our list is AT&T. It offers free membership to one of many streaming services to Unlimited & More Premium users (beginning at $48/line after discounts). Spotify Premium was just introduced as an additional feature to the subscription, which also includes Pandora, HBO, Starz, Showtime, and VRV. Many AT&T clients, including those who do not have the unlimited data plan, too are qualified for an unlimited 6-month subscription to Spotify Premium. More information regarding Spotify’s promotional offers for AT&T subscribers can be found here.



Next, we have got Verizon. Back in 2019, Verizon offered a great Apple music deal that provided its clients with 6 months of unlimited music. The only requirement was that you must be a Verizon Unlimited member. The company is currently improving its postpaid unrestricted package deal by offering Apple Music free – permanently. That is a fantastic offer, particularly for Verizon users who currently have unlimited data plans and for those people who are currently looking to switch their mobile carrier.



At last, we have got a sprint for you. Sprint’s Limitless Plus Package comes with a complimentary Tidal Premium membership. Tidal HiFi, which provides master-quality sound for certain music, is included in the Limitless Premium subscription. More information on the deal can be found here.


So, these are the best Mobile Carrier’s exclusive perks in a nutshell that we needed to share with all of you. Make sure to check out all of them thoroughly before purchasing. Also, T-Mobile Free Spotify Streaming is our personal favorite out of all of them, so, we would recommend you to go for it if you want to. Don’t forget to let us know about your favorite mobile carrier provider.

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