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3 Best Samsung Water Filter Options That You Can Get At Affordable Rates!

Here, we are going to jump deep into a brand that is commonly known for its smartphones and tech gadgets but it also deals in home appliances and other stuff – Samsung. This company also manufactures an impressive range of refrigerator filters for those who need them. Like all the new generation refrigerators, Samsung also includes water filters known as ‘Waterdrop’ with their new-gen refrigerators.

Hold on tight because this is going to be a detailed blog, we are going to tell you about the different types of Samsung Water Filter, their features as well as some extras that are useful for potential customers. These water filters by Samsung are easily buyable through Amazon, Walmart, and other online stores so, the accessibility factor is already there. Just order it up and it will reach your doorstep before you know it.

Samsung Water Filter – Benefits and Features

  • → The ANSI and NSF 42/53 testing and certification are the standards through which Samsung water filters for refrigerators are produced.
  • → The cost and overall price are very affordable for the Samsung water filter. It provides fresh water at a cheap cost.
  • → The filter is capable of serving ice and water. Keep in mind that this is a real OEM Samsung product.
  • → Most of the contaminations and impurities are eliminated through the revolutionary technology, which the Samsung Water filter provides.
  • → The Waterdrop water filters safeguard the refrigerator’s parts from possible future sediment, thereby immensely extending its life. It keeps you and itself safe.
  • → Unlike many other water filters and refrigerator water filters, this water filter does not eliminate minerals that are enormously helpful to your wellbeing. There is a reason why mineral water has become so popular all around the globe. It includes beneficial nutrients that could be utilized to complement your body’s natural requirements. Similarly, tap water includes highly useful substances that your system can fully utilize. The Waterdrop fridge water filters are intended to allow good nutrients to run across yet block harmful minerals away.
  • → Samsung fridge water filters primarily employ carbon-based blocks, which absorb 99.999 % of highly unsafe pollutants from your drinking water. And the statistic “99.999 percent” is not just a gimmick. To properly comprehend the 99 percent number stated for the Waterdrop’s carbon-based filter, you should first know a few of the fundamentals of carbon filtration: There are 2 sorts of carbon filters: the first one is the activated granular filter, and then we have powdered block filters.
  • → As there may be many smaller particles of powder accessible to the liquid compared to the granules in a given size, a block containing carbon powder is provided with a much greater surface region than a clump of carbon granules. Carbon block filters, as a result, collect far more pollutants than granular filtration. That’s the innovation that Samsung’s fridge water filters use to provide you with drinking water that is 99.999 percent free of pollutants.
  • → Samsung fridge water filters are composed of greater quality components and have an excellent style and function. These are to be anticipated from a technological powerhouse like Samsung, they are supposed to use cutting-edge production processes to create a high-quality, dependable product.

Samsung Water Filter: Common Replacement Models

Given below are the most important and commonly purchased Samsung water filter models that you should know about.

1. Samsung DA97-11433A Assy Case Water Filter

This water filter is manufactured in South Korea and yes, it comes under the umbrella of OEM authorized products. This filter is compatible with almost all of Samsung’s fridge models. The DA97-11433A provides you with a ninety-day manufacturer warranty so its quality is not compromised.

To buy the Samsung DA97-11433A Assy Case Water Filter from Amazon, just click here!

The Plus Points:

  • → Easy and effortless to install and assemble.
  • → The water filter is safety certified
  • → Compatibility with many Samsung fridges

2.    Samsung DA29-10105J Filter Eau Pour External Refrigerator Water Filter

This one is an inline filter. The DA29-10105J is manufactured in a way that it can be used with all Samsung fridges that come with an external cartridge. It is also compatible with some other Fridge manufacturing companies like

  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool
  • Daewoo
  • Siemens
  • LG
  • Bosch

This filter is NSF Certified and it’s a genuine OEM part which you will need to change after usage of six months. This filter can clean up 2,464 liters of water for you in its 6-month lifespan. It comes with a Carbon function technology.

To buy the Samsung DA29-10105J Filter Eau Pour External Refrigerator Water Filter from Amazon, just click here!

The Plus Points

  • Easy installation
  • The quality ratio and the price is good
  • Efficient and fast

3. Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus Water Filter

ANSI / NSF has evaluated and certified this Samsung water filter. It is made of long-lasting components and may normally survive for six months. Aqua-Pure Plus is suitable for the majority of Samsung French Door as well as side-to-side refrigerators.

To buy the Samsung Aqua-Pure Plus Water Filter from Amazon, just click here!

The Plus Points

  • It is functional with a wide range of Samsung refrigerator models as well as those from other manufacturers.
  • It has been tested and approved for health.
  • It is reasonably priced.

How to Change Your Samsung Fridge Water Filter?

Since every type of refrigerator has a different location for its inner water filter, the method for replacing a Samsung refrigerator water filter ranges. This means that each model would have a unique replacement method.

  • → The very 1st task is to identify your current filtration system.
  • → After that, take a mental note of how it was placed into the inlet pipe.
  • → Disconnect the filter and tuck it away while installing the replacement filter.

Every new filter comes with a book of guidelines in case you have any problems installing your fresh refrigerator filter – make sure to take a look at it.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, the specifications of each Samsung fridge water filter vary. Since most of these are built of high-quality components and also have attractive designs, not most of them are suited for every fridge, and many may filter water more slowly than others.

So, although we can confidently advise checking into Samsung refrigerators as well as Samsung refrigerator water filters, our main piece of advice is to carefully study if the filtration system you’re considering is truly suited for your fridge and your demands for clean distilled water or not. So, these were our recommended Samsung Water Filters that you should try!

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