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Which TV is better Samsung or Vizio

The battle for which television set is better in terms of use and functionality is not a new one. It’s an ongoing debate that has flexible and ever-changing brand names coming and going. The consistent ones that can retain their customers stick around, while brands that are unable to do so go more or less obsolete on their own. In terms of which TV is better Samsung or Vizio in particular, the debate can be narrowed down to top brands.

Looking at the history of television, it is commendable how they are in a consistent state of inventions by their manufacturers to bring a better experience to the customers. With the other gadgets we have now, including PCs/laptops or tablets, there was a  big chance of TVs being completely useless as you can access all forms of entertainment online. But it has not, thanks to rigorous upgrades and added features.

TVs are still very much alive in the entertainment gadgets industry, even if they’ve come far from the cable network days. The demand for cable shows and other content has decreased as streaming content became the superior form of entertainment consumption. The brands brought a solution to that by introducing smart TVs that have access to the internet and all the streaming platforms that you can access directly on your TV.

LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, and Vizio are the top names of 2021 recently elaborated for their features and demand. In many ways, however, it is quite difficult to rank entire TV manufacturing brands as either good, bad, making high-end or low-quality products because they all have a range. Most brands are making different kinds of products, some more focused on high-quality visuals and others on affordability.

That being said, there are a few common features that particular brands like to focus on. By comparing the features and how much they prioritize each one, we can find out which ones are better for which specification. This article is particularly focused on Samsung vs Vizio, therefore, the comparison here will be limited to those brands. We will discuss the features of both the brands to figure out what they focus on in their products in particular. Here’s what the content will include.



Samsung is a household name now, with its myriad of electronic products, it has ruled the electronics industry for many years. Their smartphones and TVs in particular are especially well-liked due to constant upgrades and newer technology assisted options. The reason why the history and background are important is to compare how far the two brands have come, and how well they’ve adjusted to the industry.

Samsung is a South Korean company known originally as Chaebol. They first initiated their electronics division in ‘69 and eventually came to the place they now hold in the electronics industry today. Many innovative features were pioneered by Samsung in different product lines as well. For example, its recent Flip and Fold phone series is the most talked about product in the smartphone industry due to the creative layout. They’re also considered a rather accessible brand in its functionality and range of products that include a variety of prices for a wider audience.


Unlike Samsung, which has been around for a while, Vizio is a relatively newer brand, originating from California, America. They are a brand known to provide products for much cheaper than market prices because that was their original market expansion strategy. When the brand started its operations in 2002, they used affordability as the primary USP of their products and sold for almost half the price they were available in the market.

Currently, their strategy is a good mix of innovation, quality features, and an immersive experience. Their main motto is still to make high quality products and content affordable to the larger audience. According to the company’s target audience persona, the folks are likely to be attracted to both an affordable price and good quality TV rather than go out of their limit to buy a very high quality brand. This is what ultimately brings customers in their favor. Their messaging is also ‘bringing a lively environment home’ and an experience to remember for all.

Samsung or Vizio – Prize 


We’ve touched a bit about Samsung’s range and diversity of products. This leads us to believe they have multiple affordable and rather reasonably priced products in their portfolio. But this particular discussion is about TVs specifically, which means we’re looking at affordable TVs. In terms of bringing affordability within their TV range, Samsung is lagging behind a bit in comparison to its counterpart. They are more focused on innovation, high-tech features, and unmatched functionality with their products.

This is why in terms of price alone, Samsung is not favorable if you want recent features with an affordable price tag. But their demand shows that their products are still well-liked by the people who can afford them. Because they want products of high innovation and tech quality.


Also discussed in Vizio’s background is the fact that their brand was built on lower price points. It is not the same as it was before, maybe a decade or two ago, but they still make sure to prioritize affordability even with products that have the latest features.

Their main motto is to make high-quality entertainment more accessible by means of making the products available cheaper. There are other options out there for affordable TV options, but many folks understand the good equilibrium of quality and reasonable price that Vizio has built over time. In fact, there are many comparisons between Samsung TVs and Vizio that people have made to illustrate the price difference. No matter how good the quality, Samsung cannot match the price and feature combination that Vizio has. 

Samsung or Vizio – Visuals

Within the visual department of these TV manufacturers, there are two specific points of critique; resolution and image quality. Both of these visual components determine how great your viewing experience is on the device. Just as with gaming consoles, you have to have both the console and the device for visuals i.e. the LED updated to your visual requirements, with visuals within a TV too, you have multiple components to consider as well.


Adapting to 4K and Ultra HD resolution is common now among manufacturers, and Samsung hasn’t held back, being one of the leaders in the market. They are known for their incredible quality of visuals. This is something more common in Samsung products other than televisions as well. Their smartphones are also known to have a great visual experience, living in line with the general brand image. And it has successfully formed part of Samsung’s overall brand image that their products will have good resolution for amazing graphics.

Their image quality is also well above average, matching up with the resolution. They are specifically known for investing large amounts of resources into the research and development of image quality within their products. They’re known to source technology for screens where needed, and the rest they invest in and develop from scratch.


In comparison to Samsung, Vizio does not get left behind for the quality of visuals they provide. In fact, their popularity is based on the fact that they make those quality visuals at an affordable price tag. The reason this is not something either of them has an upper hand over the other is because both the companies prioritize and bring good visuals to the table.

Vizio has been appreciated publicly for coming so far, in such a short time, meanwhile, Samsung has a larger time period of experiencing exploration in this industry. They both have their own things that make them stand out in a crowd of TV manufacturers, but against each other, their screen resolution, not to mention the overall visuals, are more or less the same. Only in image quality, Samsung has a slightly upper hand due to their extensive research in screen technology.

Samsung or Vizio – Design and screen size

The debate of which TV is better Samsung or Vizio, cannot be fully complete if we do not mention the tactics of design along with diversity in screen size. Design is an integral part of any consumer product. It shows how well-thought the usability and functionality of that product is. There have been many failures of brands trying to bring innovative features without accounting for their design, to forget this part here. Apart from that, the screen size of TV sets is a controversial part that is more subjective now than generally decided.


Samsung again, pays extra attention to both internal and external features, meaning the design is not a lost cause where Samsung TVs are concerned. They are innovative products of smart design, making them not just utilize the thinness that LED screens allow these days, but are also creative and functional.

If we are particularly talking about the size of TV screens, Samsung has a much higher margin. They have the 292-inch MicroLED Wall TV for example, which is gigantic enough to be used for a crowd of people. Their range of TVs simply includes sizes that many other brands don’t have. Even if you can match up to the regular TV size for general use, you cannot go to a limit of 292 inches with any other provider. Lastly, the curved screen option is also only available with Samsung giving it a slight edge in design options.


Vizio is a good choice for household TVs in terms of size options. They have good big TVs with better than average screen resolution that makes up for a great amount on the wall or place on the table. Meanwhile, you cannot find options to cover entire walls as is the case illustrated above with Samsung’s 292-inch MicroLED Wall TV, which is to say they have more options as such.

Their design is immersive, smart, and highly functional in day-to-day spaces. Therefore it is not a rather large loss for Vizio to be a step behind on this front. They do not have abnormally large screen size options or curved screen options, but their regular TVs have good design and screen size to do well for you.

Samsung or Vizio – Connectivity

Connectivity within TVs comes as a basic part now, because such a large form of the visual device simply cannot do the entire entertainment alone. You have to have options for USB connection or other HDMI connections as well as internet access, which is part of the extra features as well.

Having ports for USB, ethernet, internet, HDMI is common among many different TVs because of the need for connectivity. TV screens are used for larger sound systems, gaming sets, and many other purposes that require multiple ports of connections.

However, there is a general contradiction among critics about the HDMI port situation in both of these brands. Where some think Samsung TVs have more HDMI port options and others side with Vizio sets. Regardless, the numbers vary based on different products of each brand, and you will have to determine yours when buying.


TVs manufactured by Samsung are known to have a range of HDMI port options from 3-4 in their different sets. This is because different models have different layouts. In terms of USB connection, there is usually 1 port for that. Otherwise, most of the connectivity is dependent on HDMI as it is the means of connection in many other audio and entertainment devices such as gaming consoles.


Apart from the bias or contradictions, Vizio TVs are known to have any range from 2-5 HDMI ports in the products. Some options are selectively left out, but most of them have HDMI ports as they are the main source of connection to other devices. Some users and online critics also report that Vizio TVs are more than usual HDMI ports from other TV manufacturers.

Samsung or Vizio – Smart functions

If you have not used a smart TV yet, you’re in for a big delight when you do, because the experience is unmatched. Especially as someone who is sick of watching your favorite content on a smaller laptop screen, you can log in to Netflix(or most streaming platforms) on your smart TV and watch it on the big screen.

This is just one function that the smart feature enables your TV, the other options are as endless as they might be on your phone. You can operate close to any website, browser, or application on your smart TV. Additionally, it lets you mirror your smartphone for any application that works on both mediums.


Samsung smart TVs work with Tizen TV software, which is the software that makes the entire internet including streaming and browsing possible in the TVs. The software has a good functional approach and makes the TV’s other smart interface easy to use. However, many have commented that this one works better for users with an Android tablet or phone. Therefore, if you are already an Android user of other products, this one might be easy to get used to for you.


Vizio has Internet Apps Plus Smart TV software, which is known more recently as a much better option within its smart TVs than the previous one. Many have openly appreciated Vizio’s fast-paced development of its own software as direct action from the criticism. Samsung still is ahead here due to years of experience in the tech field, they were able to apply the smart function more aptly. Therefore, even though Vizio has worked and came far from its previous edition of the smart function, Samsung has a better hold on the smart technology here.

Samsung or Vizio – Supporting features

In terms of supporting features, there are different options you need to consider. It all depends upon the manufacturer what they consider as important for the customer experience. There are two specific areas, i.e. sound and after-sale warranties that count as customer support for your products.

Sound, in particular, is a rather tricky part of a big-screen TV these days because even though they claim the good quality of sound, it is rather average. If you are someone who likes to be immersed in the content you are watching in terms of both picture and sound, you will have to have a proper different sound system. The best option you have is to get a separate bar sound/speaker that helps elevate your sound experience along with whatever you have on the TV. In terms of Samsung and Vizio, both brands have TVs with good to average sound systems, therefore they’re tied with average sound quality.

In terms of customer support, warranty and repair claims are important factors with any routine-focused products, let alone a high involvement product such as a flatscreen TV. There are many instances of complaint that can arise after a customer takes a product home, therefore keeping your after-sale service on-point is an important part of a sale itself. It helps retain your customers because being actively good with the service before a sale is mandatory, but it also matters how good and responsive you are after a sale.

Samsung and Vizio are both brands that are understood and mutually agreed upon for better customer service.  Both have a 12-month warranty, with a different procedure of claim after the complaint. Vizio offers at-home service for repair, meanwhile, Samsung requires customers to bring the defective product to their repair center locally. Apart from this, both of their services are considered good by customers. They also offer the standard 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

Considering which TV is better Samsung or Vizio, it is important to include as many features and specifications as possible to view this comparison from every angle. There is a possibility that you as a consumer prefer neither of these brands, instead you are loyal to a completely different one, and that’s also valid considering your preferences.

Samsung vs Vizio

The final thoughts on which brand of TV to choose from a customer’s perspective is a tough choice to make. Through all the elaboration made above in the article, it might be clear how similar the two brands are, with differences that are not very stark.

Where it’s clear Samsung is years ahead with technology due to its experience in the field, meanwhile, Vizio has not taken even half the time in catching up to the giant. They have their particular markets within the overall industry, which keeps the competition going as well. If you want the reliability of a brand that has been around for a long time, Samsung is your option to go for. Whilst if you look for the product quality and affordability side-by-side, and are unbothered by the company’s years in the field, choose Vizio.

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