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Everything you need to know about Samsung Galaxy Note 20 new security patch

If you were looking to find out about Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the newest information about the device as well as its ultra version – Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is available here. For each smartphone, we will outline the latest releases of the Samsung OS and inform readers when a major update is being implemented. Samsung generally upgrades the whole lineup; however, this might vary based on the model as well as a mobile carrier.

As of right now, both the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are equipped with Android 11 as their primary operating system. As far as the Android 12 release date is concerned, we all will have to stay tuned and wait for December of 2021. This is just the expected date, not the actual one, so keep that in mind.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Latest Updates

6th of July 2021 – According to SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 lineup is currently receiving the July 2021 OS protection patch in Germany. Although the update appears to carry a weight of 1 Gigabyte, and not that many remarkable changes are present in it. The N98xxXXU2DUF8 software version appears to have enhanced the functioning of a QR reader but a heavy patch may be a boot-pad for a forthcoming fix. All of us will have to sit and wait.

However, expect the upgrade in the next several days to be transported to additional locations. To see whether the patch is ready for your smartphone, navigate to Settings > Software update and select Download and install.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Previous Updates

  • → On June 8, 2021, the June 2021 Android safety update was delivered to the Galaxy Note 20 range.
  • → Verizon released an upgrade for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra around May 18, 2021. It included the Android security update for May 2021, as well as additional camera capabilities such as Split Recording.
  • → T-Mobile released an upgrade for the Galaxy Note 20 range around April 15, 2021, which includes the activation of its eSIM That’s why it will be the 1st Samsung smartphone in the USA to have this functionality. Samsung began releasing the April 2021 safety update into the smartphones early this month.
  • → On 15 March 2021, the N98xxxXU1DUC8 patch was rolled up for the Samsung series Note 20. Having Portrait feature in poor lighting, extra portraits, as well as a night shot feature using the ultra-wide lens. This Upgrade introduced several photography enthusiasts inherited from the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup.
  • → February 4, 2021: The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 update N986U1UES1CUA1 has just started. The unlocked Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was delivered to America by February 2021. The season concluded when One User interface 3.1 was sent out to subscribers of Verizon. The Note 20 Ultra upgrades N986 USQU1DUB 57 as well as Note 20 5G patches provided several UI enhancements, enhanced camera functions, as well as the security fix of February 2021.
  • → 21 December 2020 the long-awaited robust One UI 3.0 upgrade across Android 11 was given to the new box-packed Samsung Galaxy Note 20 as well as Note 20 Ultra across America. The security fix was also provided until December 2020.
  • → Samsung has issued the safety update of Android to the Note 20 models by November 2, 2020. The upgrade, unfortunately, did not add anything more.

Apart from this given below are the answers to your most asked questions.

  • The model I wanted is out of stock. What are my alternatives?

Ans: You may purchase the Galaxy Note20 5G from a retail dealer. Tap upon “Where to Buy” on Samsung’s official website to discover the nearest dealership or the provider outlet having the product in inventory to purchase in your area.

  • What’s the Samsung Trade-in scheme?

Ans: Samsung offers immediate credit for the trade-in smartphone, allowing you to save money right away. Put data regarding the trade-in smartphone throughout your purchase, and Samsung reveals the immediate credit amount that may be applied to the cost of your product while your purchase as well as at the checkout. You should therefore finish the trade-in after 15 days of receiving your new device. According to specific situations, Samsung’s engineers verify the trade-in device to certify the trade-in price.

  • What is Samsung Care+?

Ans: Samsung Care+ offers technical help and installation help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even some fixes for falls, spillage, and natural wear and tear. If you have any other questions, read out Samsung’s commonly asked Samsung Care+ inquiries.

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