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Samsung galaxy book flex Review 2021

Making serious impressions with its appealing look and long life of the battery!

The Samsung Galaxy Book Flex is the corporation’s recent effort to differentiate itself in an area where it has had very few positive results: Windows Operating System PCs. Overall, this touch and type laptop combines brilliant functionality with several innovative applications, with overall positive outcomes.

The Galaxy Book Flex is among the greatest feature-packed devices you can purchase online or from any certified outlet store, featuring a brilliant fifteen-inch touchscreen, stunning performance, as well as eye-catching color. It gets Samsung firmly further into the PC discussion. Furthermore, its handy Qi-charging touch-pad provides the type of one-of-a-kind feature that we would love to have rival laptop manufacturers utilize.

The all in all specs of Samsung Galaxy Book Flex are:

  • Display: 6″ QLED (1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • Memory: 12GB of RAM
  • Ports: 2x Thunderbolt 3, 1x USB-C micro-SD reader, headphone jack
  • Price: $1,399
  • Processor: 10th Gen Intel Core i7 (Ice Lake)
  • Size: 14 x 8.9 x 0.6 inches
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Weight: 4 pounds

Well, this was just a quick overview of each feature. To better understand if this machine is for you, you will need to analyze it in detail. Therefore, below we will look at each of the features in detail so that you can make an informed decision.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex – Configuration & Price

The Galaxy Book Flex is offered in 2 dimensions, each with a specific configuration. Our experts tried the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex in fifteen-inch, which is presently available for $1,114 bucks – reduced from $1,399 bucks. This computer includes a 10th Generation Intel Core i7 also called Ice Lake CPU, 12 Gigabytes of RAM, as well as a 15.6-inch QLED 1080p touchscreen.

The second configuration: Galaxy Book Flex with thirteen-inch, its younger sibling, is typically priced at $1,349 bucks, although Samsung has this on discount for $864 bucks. This, again, features the Ice Lake Core i7 processor, 8 Gigabytes of RAM, 512 Gigabyte Storage, as well as a 13.3-inch QLED 1080p touchscreen. Both of these are vintage and have the attractive Royal Blue polish.

The Galaxy Book Flex was released in May of 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex – Design

Colors are working miracles for Samsung. The Royal Blue Galaxy Book Flex, like the Red Galaxy Chromebook, is a standout. The metal Galaxy Book Flex frame, such as those of the Chromebook, captures the lighting radiating out of it creating a range of colors.

The Galaxy Book Flex is thinner as well as lightweight in contrast to the Dell XPS 15 (0.50.7 inches broad, 4.5 pounds), being 0.6 inches chunky plus it weighs 3.4 pounds.

Since this laptop is a versatile touch and type, the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex’s touchscreen can be rotated 360°, hence, you can use it as a tablet as well as a propped-out screen or tent configuration. Given that Samsung includes its S-Pen, we were hoping for a sturdier hinge on this Galaxy Book Flex. Unfortunately, once we attempted to scribble lightly on the 15.6-inch touchscreen, we detected a slight wobbling. Fortunately, the touchscreen is hefty enough that this was not an issue while using the Galaxy Book Flex through landscape mode.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex – S-pen and Ports

The Galaxy Book Flex’s speedier Thunderbolt 3 USB-C connections are located along its right edge near the point where its start button as well as S-Pen connection. Upon its left-hand side, this includes a normal USB-C connector, an audio port as well as a micro-SD card reader.

Samsung additionally included a USB-C to HDMI converter and a USB-A to USB-C switch. Furthermore, despite we expected to lose each of these little components, they are nicer than actually nothing at all.

Its S-Pen, which tapers just a bit, seems a little out of place on this computer. After we removed it from the PC, it displayed a series of prospective instructions on the monitor. This offers capture and reading notes, drawing a zone for something like a screenshot with the S-Pen, and sometimes simply marking the touchscreen. The artistic students, who prefer to sketch, scribble, or take notes using their hands instead of their keyboard, will like the opportunity this laptop presents.

The nicest thing we’d state regarding the S-Pen would be that we love how Windows 10’s display capture gimmicks operate.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex – Display Features

The Samsung Galaxy Book Flex’s 15.4-inch QLED display is truly remarkable, competent in delivering tremendous luminosity and rich colors. We noticed the gleaming gold of a popular monument that the team raced around, rich greens in hillside bushes where other vehicles went by, as well as a vivid scarlet inside the double-Decker coach that Vin Diesel battled John Cena over atop of while streaming the F9 teaser on this laptop.

When we took the Galaxy Book Flex outdoors for just a little period at the playground, we noticed that its Outdoor Mode was quite handy. The display of the Galaxy Book Flex seemed a little dull in direct sunlight though. However, after activating this mode by pressing Fn + F10, the touchscreen restored much of its vibrancy, including text being more readable and colors seeming more bright.

Outdoors Mode, on the other hand, could not compete with the brightness for entertaining purposes. As we attempted to view the F9 teaser out there on a porch, the extra light didn’t render Michelle Rodriguez much sharper as she got trapped throughout the reflection.

The Samsung Galaxy Book Flex generates 158.2 percent of its sRGB color gamut plus around 381.2 nits’ peak luminosity, as per the color calibrator. When you are using the outdoor setting, the brightness rises to 536 nits. If you want brighter and much more vivid laptops, check out the

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex – Cam & Audio Features

Talking about the audio quality, we tried listening to some songs on this laptop. Upon listening to “Rebellion” by Arcade Fire, we noticed that this laptop can easily fill up a medium-sized room. Our medium-sized room was filled with strong and clear vocals and accurate violin strings. After that, we tried listening to “Cherchez La Ghost” by Ghostface Killah, and the laptop produced the same premium audio output.

Heading over to the webcam quality, the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex has a 0.9- MP webcam equipped in it. This webcam is capable enough to take Zoom Meetings and video chatting but it’s not capable enough for making serious professional videos. It is funny how now having a perfect webcam has now become a tradition for laptop companies. We think we all will have to wait for a seriously long time for some laptop manufacturer to rise from this trend and install a badass webcam in their device. For now, it is what it is.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex – Touchscreen, Keyboard, and Touchpad

After hitting a score of sixty-five words per minute on the 10fastfingers typing test, our experts realized that the real problem doesn’t lie behind the keys of the keyboard, it is due to the layout of the keyboard. The keyboard’s layout is similar to the Apple MacBook Pro’s butterfly keyboard, and yes, it’s troublesome. We could only achieve 80% accuracy through this keyboard.

We normally get a good eighty word per minute average from whatever laptops with an accuracy average of 93%. The real culprit here is the Fingerprint reader of the laptop that is situated under the “back” key and because of this, half of the space for the “right side shift key” is simply gone. Due to this minor change in the layout, we kept pressing the wrong key and that is the reason we couldn’t type perfectly.

Both Apple and Samsung should understand that changing even the minor layouts on the keyboard can majorly affect the overall typing experience. It is true though that via this slight layout change, it has now become pretty simple to find the fingerprint reader, but, come on Samsung, you could have placed this sensor right next to the Asterisk button just like you did with Samsung Chromebook Flex.

With 4.7 x 3.1 inches, the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex has one of the biggest touchpads. It provides quick and seamless navigation. In Chrome, the frosted-red rectangle (which contrasts with the cherry red keyboard strip) quickly recognized our 2 fingers swiping as well as 3 finger movements. We wished that this touchpad would not be so broad since we constantly found ourselves right-clicking it unintentionally. However, it appears to be simple enough to become accustomed to over time.

Likewise, the Galaxy Book Flex’s 15.6-inch touchscreen detected our touches and swipes quickly and precisely when we navigated through the Home screen and accessed the Pulldown Menu.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex – Performance

The Galaxy Book Flex’s Tenth-Gen Intel Core i7-1065G7 Central processing unit with 12 Gigabytes of RAM enables extremely efficient multitasking. As we divided the display across Twelve Chrome tabs, containing Google Docs plus Giphy, also a 1080p YouTube movie, there was no stuttering even with Slack running in the background.

The Galaxy Book Flex scored 19,137 in the multi-core test of the Geek bench 4.3 overall speed benchmark. Although it is less expensive than the XPS 15 (Intel Core i9-9980HK chipset and 32 Gigabytes of RAM), it still does not leave a bad impression on the Galaxy Book Flex, because the XPS 15 version we reviewed had a bulkier Central processing unit and more storage.

In 26.54 seconds the SSD 512 Gigabytes of the Galaxy Book Flex copied 4.97 Gigabytes of documents which again is notably sluggish than:

XPS 15 (1TB SSD) at 10 seconds

Spectre x360 (1TB SSD) at 12 seconds

The Galaxy Book Flex achieved 52 fps on Moderate visuals at 1080p, while the Spectre x360 (Intel Core i7-8565U Central processing unit, Nvidia GeForce MX150 Graphics card, 16GB of RAM) outperformed it by 118 frames per second.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex – Qi Charging touchpad & Battery life

Our laptop battery testing (web browsing at 150 nits in light), the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex was successful, covering a duration of

  • → 15 hours & 44 minutes as normal.
  • → 13 hours and 14 minutes having outdoor mode activated.

The XPS 15 with 4K non-OLED: 8:48, 4K OLED: 8:07) along with the Spectre x360 OLED (7:46) didn’t last as much as the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex lasted.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex – Heat

Even Under pressure, the Galaxy Book Flex remains frosty. Our thermal gun showed elevated readings that dropped outside the 95-degree safety limit after watching live fifteen minutes of 1080p video in the Samsung notebook. Its underbelly (the most heated location for a laptop) varied from 84°F to 92°C by the outgoing wind, and its 74°C touchpads and 82°C keyboards were warmer. These readings might confuse you but trust us, these readings are considered cool for a laptop.

Our Verdict

We have been quite thrilled than before during this Samsung Galaxy Book Flex review. Excellent battery life as well as solid 10th Gen Core i7 efficiency mixed with a 15-inch work-filled notebook, while S-Pen adding a creative edge.

In this respect, you will find perhaps a lighter and much more vivid display on the OLED XPS 15. But, the outdoor settings make the Galaxy Book Flex crisper. You will yet be overpaying for Dell’s laptop at a minimum of $345 bucks or more, and lose the battery life. The $1,399 bucks Samsung Galaxy Book Flex seems to be a decent deal in comparison with the aforementioned $2,547 bucks super-fast XPS 15.

Ultimately, the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex is among the finest notebooks for creative people looking for a large palette for their future masterpiece.


  • Amazing overall battery life
  • Factory fitted S-Pen
  • Lighter in weight than XPS 15
  • Striking attractive blue design


  • Hinge could have been stronger
  • Fingerprint reader causes inconvenience in typing
  • QLED display pales away to OLED panels

Buy it if:

You have everything to do with aesthetics: A really beautiful piece of equipment is the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex. If you merely just need something to flaunt off in a cafe when civilization officially opens, this may be an ideal piece of equipment for you.

You watch lots of flicks and television series: This is indeed a fairly excellent pick if you’ve been searching for a tablet mainly for consuming content. The screen is among the greatest we have ever encountered on a notebook plus, although the clarity of the audio is not quite perfect, certain headphones could be used to rectify it.

You demand an extended battery life. The battery capacity on the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex is the best we’ve seen in a Windows laptop x tablet. This notebook will effortlessly last throughout the entire day, therefore if you despise taking a charger around yourself, this computer may be ideal.

Don’t Buy it if:

Your primary work is typing. The shorter Right Shift button is the deciding factor here. This is among the most troublesome keyboards we have ever used, and it destroyed our typing session. Be cautious if you’re grabbing anything for work or school.

You desire something that has a solid feel about it. The joints upon this Samsung Galaxy Book Flex are simply too weak for anyone to feel comfortable roaming around with this gadget.

You are on a strict budget. The Samsung Galaxy Book Flex is a premium gadget in the marketplace at $1,399 bucks. However, you can find a portable device that is equivalent – but the picture quality is something you will have to compromise.

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