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Samsung Galaxy A71 Review 2022


It would be not wrong to say that Samsung has launched their new mid-range smartphone for the younger generation who are interested in creating TikTok – an audience who spent most of their time while consuming high video content. Well, is this phone the right choice? We would be compiling every detail in this Samsung Galaxy A71 Review.

From the start, Samsung aimed to produce smartphones for the mid-range segment in their Galaxy A series. Back in 2019, seeing the massive success of its relaunched A series where the Galaxy A40 was crowned as the best seller in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom, it has simply provoked Samsung to manufacture more smartphones in the same category.

According to our research, Samsung Galaxy A71 is perfect for the mid-range market. We believe it is the best version when it comes to – an efficient battery life, a good set of cameras, and a big screen which is preferred by most people.

You might be wondering that a big screen and good quality cameras are a great combination. Well, how does it work collectively?

This Samsung Galaxy A71 Review will discuss the complete specifications of this well-known smartphone. Moreover, we will be highlighting the pros and cons, and why it has gained such massive popularity over time.

Read on, maybe you will find a new gadget for yourself.

Specification Table


6.7-inch, Full HD
Super AMOLED Plus
Infinity-O Display


Rear: Main: 64 MP, F1.8
Depth: 5MP, F2.2
Macro: 5MP, F2.4
Ultra-wide: 12MP, F2.2

Front: Selfie: 32MP, F2.2


163.6 x 76.0 x 7.7mm


Octa-Core (Dual 2.2 GHz + Hexa 1.8GHz)


6/8 GB RAM
128GB internal storage
Micro SD slot up (512 GB)

Sim Card

Dual Sim (3 slot)


4,500 mAh
25W Super-fast charging

Biometric Authentication

On-screen fingerprint


Prism Crush Black, Silver, Blue, Pink, Haze Crush Silver


Samsung Galaxy A71 review: everything you need to know

There is no doubt in saying that there is tremendous potential in the market with strong competitors available. However, Samsung has been successful in maintaining customer loyalty and the majority of people who are interested in Android phones, show their firm interest in this reputable brand.

Samsung Galaxy A71 might suit your expectations or you wouldn’t like it completely. Nevertheless, it is too soon to make a prediction. Understand all the key factors of this smartphone and then make your decision.

Let’s discuss all the significant elements of Samsung Galaxy A71;

–      Price and Availability

Samsung is one of the global leaders in the smartphone industry. Due to this reason, their mobile phones are available in the majority of states. Samsung sells the Galaxy A71 in two different editions: one is the 4G edition which is widely used in the United Kingdom, India, and other Asian countries. On the other hand, the 5G edition is quite popular in the North American market.

The 4G variant is powered by a Snapdragon 730, available with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage. It has a retail price of $380. However, this edition is not appropriate for the United States. In America, you get your hands on the 5G edition.

This variant is powered by the Snapdragon 756G, 6GB RAM, and 128GB storage. Well, that is too cool for a mid-range smartphone. You can purchase this edition for $445.

Moreover, you can have both the editions in Prism Crush Blue, Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush Silver, and Haze Crush Silver. Color is one significant factor, which attracts the Android community.

You can buy Samsung Galaxy A71 on AMAZON!

–      Design and Display

Samsung has always been praised for creating some striking smartphone designs. The previous year, sparkling designs were part of the Galaxy A series; however, this year they have made slight changes to it. You would notice a criss-cross pattern underneath the back that shows as if light reflects from it. The pattern is broken into quadrants and every quadrant has a different level of hue which makes the overall result even more dynamic.

Yes, again Samsung has used a polycarbonate back in its phone; nevertheless, it is not that evident and you cannot recognize it at first glance. The slope back design will make you feel that the back is made up of glass; however, Samsung has used plastic in it. Secondly, the weight of the device is a clear indication as it is not that heavy.

Although the size of the battery is 4500mAh, the smartphone is only 179g. Samsung has been sensible enough to use polycarbonate for the back as it keeps the mobile phone protected and is considered durable.

Samsung has made a significant change in its camera housing. Previously, the designs of the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy S10 Lite were having the same authentic Samsung camera housing. However, Samsung has changed its unified design and Galaxy A71 is manufactured with the rectangular camera housing.

The Galaxy A71 is produced with thin bezels in the front. Moreover, a new-hole punch out for the front camera has been added to the phone. Yes, the punch out is large yet it is not that distracting. Usually, the mobile phones available in the market have even bigger size front cameras.

Samsung has made sure to keep the fingerprint reader in the Galaxy A71. However, the company has removed the 3.5mm jack from its variant, but the analog port can still be found in the phone. The power and volume buttons have been attached on the right side of the phone and they are placed at the right height – it doesn’t become difficult for the user.

You will find a single speaker at the bottom of the phone along with a USB-C port.

The manufacturing company has placed a 6.7-inch FHD screen in the phone which is a Super AMOLED Display. The panel is no different from the Samsung A70 but it is not something to be worried about. The factors such as good sunlight visibility, bright colors, and great viewing angles are still present. The screen is protected with Gorilla Glass 3 which was also present last year.

The curvy design makes it relatively easy to hold the phone. According to our research, the Galaxy A71 has the second-largest screen after Galaxy S20 Ultra (6.9-inch) which Samsung has ever produced. However, the smartphone is designed in a way that you would not feel insecure while holding it.

There’s an option available in the Galaxy A71 which helps you adjust the color balance in your phone. You can simply manage the color balance by entering the Vivid mode through settings. Every Samsung has various customization options, and Galaxy A71 is no different. However, the notification LED is not present on the phone.

Well, you do have to worry about it as the Always-on Display shows the overview of pending notifications. Instead of waking up the screen, you can have the highlight of the notifications through the ‘Always on Display.’

It is nearly impossible to find such a good screen under this price bracket. There is no doubt that the refresh rate is relatively lower but the screen quality is sufficient. Overall the design of the Galaxy A71 is top-notch.

Hardware and Battery

One significant reason for the Galaxy A70’s popularity is the chipset used in the smartphone. The Snapdragon 675 chipset amazed its users with its speed and internal hardware. Similarly, the Galaxy A71 comes with a Snapdragon 730 which is seen as even more powerful. It is surprising to see this chipset available in the mid-range category. Usually, this chipset is available in the Google Pixel 4a.

The Snapdragon 730 with two Cortex A76 cores was released nearly two years ago. The smartphone also has the Adreno 618 GPU, the Hexagon 688 DSP, handbuilt with an 8nm node. Once the node shrinks or contracts to 8nm, the battery life of the Galaxy A71 becomes strong. Moreover, it improves the performance also. This is one core reason, it is recommended for gamers.

According to our test, the Galaxy A71 didn’t lack much and didn’t slow down. Heavy intensity games work fine with the new smartphone. When the Galaxy A71 was compared to phones such as – POCOX2, Mi Note 10, and other big names from the smartphone industry, it did well against them.

The Galaxy A71 comes with 128 GB standard storage and 6GB RAM. On the other hand, if you want to have a smartphone with more pace, you can opt for the 8GB RAM variant.

An SD card slot is present in the mobile phone. You can increase the storage up to 1TB. Moreover, you can place two sims simultaneously.

Moreover,  the interesting part of purchasing the Galaxy A71 is, it is powered with a 765 chipset. This is because the phone comes with a built-in 5G modem. Well, if you wish to purchase the Galaxy A71 in the United States, just remember you are getting an outstanding device.

Nevertheless, the smartphone has to face bad reviews for its fingerprint scanner. Yes, it does react on time but it somewhat takes more time than other competitors.

The battery is another vital element of the Galaxy A71. The smartphone is powered with a 4500 mAh battery, which can help the phone to stay up for a day. You do not have to worry about the battery life while you play your favorite game. Moreover, you can carry it anywhere with you without worrying about the charger.

Furthermore, the smartphone comes with a 25W fast charger in the box. The phone can be charged up to 50% within the first 30 minutes and can be charged full within 1 hour 20 minutes.


The Galaxy A71 has a 64MP primary lens which is accompanied by 12MP wide-angle lens, 5MP portrait lens, and 5MP macro lens. Well, that is cool for a smartphone that lies within the mid-range segment,

The camera interface is similar to the Galaxy S20 series. All the shooting modes are visible in the ribbon. Moreover, you can add several other shooting options in the ribbon as well. According to our research, the camera works superbly well with daylight shooting – offering vibrant colors, and a good range.

The 12MP wide-angle works perfectly as well. Even the tiniest details are quite clear in the picture taken through it.

To sum it all up below is a comprehensive summary of the Samsung Galaxy A71 review. This part will clear out any confusion and will aid you in forming your decision.


Why should you buy a Samsung Galaxy A71?

Why shouldn’t you buy a Samsung Galaxy A71?


If you desire to have a phone with regular updates

Not considered as a compact phone


If you wish to have a phone with a modern design and exclusive screen

The fingerprint sensor is not that polished


Excellent battery life


 What are the PROS & CONS of purchasing the Samsung Galaxy A71?





The 64MP camera works fantastically with daylight

Speakers are too quiet


Due to Snapdragon 730 chipset, the performance is exquisite

Unnecessary preloaded applications


Superfast charger


What are the likes & dislikes of the Samsung Galaxy A71?





Gorgeous design

The macro camera doesn’t work appropriately in low light


Robust internal hardware

The fingerprint sensor is slow


One UI 2.0 is the exclusive element


Customer Reviews

The Samsung Galaxy A71 has got mixed reviews from its valuable customers. According to them, the striking design and the large screen attracted them towards the phone. Moreover, people who are interested in gaming praised it for its performance.

On the other hand, there is a group of individuals who are finding it difficult to charge the phone. Several reviews suggest that the phone’s USB C port doesn’t work appropriately. Moreover, the ‘Always on Display is not so good in this specific model.


The gaming and the TikTok culture is on the rise and people are looking for the right devices, which suit their preferences. According to our research, the Samsung Galaxy A71 comes with a big screen and durable hardware, which is sufficient for both the above-mentioned purposes.

Let’s hope this Samsung Galaxy A71 Review gives you a complete insight into the smartphone and helps you during your decision-making process.

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