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PS5 Restock Updates – Your Guide to buying a PlayStation 5 – Hurry up! The Clock is ticking

It’s been more than a year since PS5 was launched, yet so many unfortunate gamers are unable to grab it even today due to its low supply. As per the reports received, Sony has stopped the PS5 supply until March next year. While it is hard news for those who want to buy, here are some PS5 restock updates – Your guide to buying a PlayStation 5.

After tracking the PS5 supply trend for over a year, we can confidently say when it’s going to be available and from which stores you can grab them. All you need to do is just carefully read this guide and bookmark this page so that when the time comes, you will know where to raid.

Other than keeping an eye on Sony’s website, it would be safe to check Walmart from time to time. If you are a Walmart Plus member, you can benefit by getting early access to the stocks than non-members.

Amazon, Target, Walmart, Gamestop, and Best Buy had PS5 in stock in recent months, though they went out of stock in an hour or less.

Instead of checking out resale websites, we recommend sticking to only the ones mentioned above. Resellers who managed to sweep away PS5 consoles are now charging a fortune for it. However, with more inventory to come in 2022, it’s not worth paying exorbitant prices to third-party sellers.

Check out the retailers below who have managed to re-stock PS5 previously, most probably. They will have them re-stocked again any time soon.


For some strange reason, Amazon restocked PS5 on Oct 26, right after the end of Prime Day. Even though it was unannounced, it went out of stock within no time. So keep checking the Amazon website for such random drops. Also, don’t fall prey to retail outlets charging over $499 for PS5 and $399 for Digital Edition.


Walmart last re-stocked PS5 on November 9. Maybe, the traditional Nov 5 PS5 restocking trend is back? Even if you couldn’t grab any in the first supply, stick around. Most of the time, the retailers make second and third batches available on the same day.


GameStop last restocked the PS5 on Oct 26. For the past few months, GameStop has been offering PS5 occasionally. Do check their website once a week to be on the safe side. Wednesday and Thursday would be your best bet.


The last restock for PS5 at Target was on Nov 12. After sticking to the Wednesday and Thursday re-stocking schedule, gamers saw a strange drop of PS5 on Target’s website on Monday. That means you cannot rely on their previous re-stocking trends if you want to grab a PS5 this year.

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