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PS4 won’t connect to WiFi and keeps losing connection? Here’s the 100% working fix!

WiFi connection is an issue that is not specific to one device or place, but it becomes equally frustrating for each different device depending on how urgent or important your need for the internet is, at the moment. This article will focus on PlayStation and its wireless internet connection issues. If your PS4 won’t connect to WiFi there could be a list of generic as well as specific problems, both with either your internet connection or your PS device.

Previously we did one article on how to fix the issue if your PS4 won’t turn on . This article will help you figure out either option and check what works for you in your situation. It can be frustrating to have your internet not connect and work effectively when you need to have a stress-free time on your PS. Try out the solutions listed below and see if they work for you.

Check if the WiFi issue is specific to PS

The most generic problem identification here could be that your WiFi is just not working, on all devices. If you have not thought of this one already, try checking for it now. Check any and every other device you have to see if WiFi is working on them, whether that’s your phone, laptop, or any other device you have around. Make sure you are not confusing different network connections together, and check for the same connection in different devices to check if the issue is with your PS or the WiFI connection itself. This is the first step towards eliminating likely problems that could be causing the disruption.

Check the PlayStation Network StatusOften overlooked aspect of when you can’t get WiFi to work on the PS is when the issue is with your PS Network. It gets looked past because people don’t make the connection before concluding the problem must be with the WiFi. Go on your PlayStation Network and check if it is working fine and if you are online. Or go to your PlayStation Network page on another device to check its status, and make sure it’s green. When the PS Network isn’t working, whether the WiFi is working or not doesn’t make much of a difference. Therefore, before getting a headstart on repairing your WiFi, router, etc. make sure of the PSN first.

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Try Restarting your PS4

If you think the problem could be connectivity issues within your PS console, try powering down your device completely, waiting a few minutes before turning it back on to give it a jumpstart. Turn everything off, not just restarting or putting your system to sleep before turning it back on. Restart it after a while and try connecting the WiFi again now. Here you can also try disconnecting and reconnecting your WiFi network back again to restart that connection as well. Sometimes people put in wrong passwords unknowingly, and that becomes the main reason why the connection won’t go smoothly. Try the restarting, reconnecting method back-to-back for this step and see if it solves your problem. 

Check your Router & Ethernet Connections

Another problem can be neither your WiFi connection nor the PS itself, but the router device you are using that makes your wireless connection possible. Try turning the router on and off, trying switching it on and off from the main wall outlet. Reboot the modem and the router here in the same way you did with the PS4 in the step above, wait a while before it restarts and gets running again. If you have not worked with the hardware part of your internet connection before, take help from your service provider’s manual. Wait and check if the connection is restored on your PS4. If it is possible to do, try moving your console nearer to your router, so that there are as few barriers to the connection as possible. You can also switch your router for a stronger one that carries signals better than the one you are currently using after making sure the current router is the problem.

Similar to WiFi, the wireless connection, the issue behind why the PS4 won’t connect to WiFi can also be the ethernet connection you use. Try plugging out your Ethernet cable and plugging it back in another port, just in case the problem is with the port that your internet is connected to. This one is specifically for those who are using the wired connection via Ethernet instead of WiFi. 

Try Switching your WiFi’s Channel Number

Another router-based solution is to change or switch up your WiFi channel number to a less crowded range so that you can get a bigger share of the pie, i.e. the speed of internet afforded to you via your device. This can work better after you have done trying to re-enter your WiFi password into your device.

 Try Changing the DNS Settings on your PS4

Another one is to change the DNS settings on your PS4 so that your WiFi can pick it up. The DNS on any device that can be connected to WiFi involves the process of translating domain names into IP addresses that can be picked up by the server. You can change your controller’s DNS settings through the settings option. You have to follow the order of, Settings>Network>Set Up Internet Connection>Use WiFi or Use a LAN Cable(if you are connected via ethernet.

Here you can either choose your WiFi network within the ‘Custom’ or go for ‘Automatic’. Here follow this order of actions, Do Not Specify>Manual>Primary DNS and you will reach the point to change both your primary and secondary DNS easily. Select ‘Automatic’ and ‘Do not use’ in the next steps after you are done changing the DNS, and check your internet connection now.

Contact your Internet Service Provider

If any of the issues do not seem to be coming from your system and the console, and you cannot figure out the issue with your WiFi connection, it’s time to ask your service provider to check what might be up. Sometimes the professionals can diagnose things better than us and if none of the above solutions work, that would be the time to reach out to someone from your internet service provider and get your connection checked and why it is messing up with the PS.

Factory Reset your PS

This is the final option to all of these solutions not working out for your problem. Reset your console to its default settings just in case the system is too overworked to connect to the WiFi. Make sure you have tried everything before this step is considered, just so you know you are not doing the reset without reason.

That is all for the solutions if you have a PS4 that is sitting idle because it cannot connect to the internet in your place. Other than solutions behind why your PS4 won’t connect to WiFi, there are several other guides and reviews that we have detailed for you, you can check them all out on the website as you please.

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