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Nintendo Switch Pro leak suggests 4K-enabled console on cards

The new Nintendo Switch Pro is all set to release later this year. There are speculations that the console may feature support for 4K HD resolution, and OLED technology. It means that the Nintendo Switch lovers are in for a better user experience.

If the Nintendo Switch Pro leak about next-gen specs and 4K capability is believed to be true, then the console users can imagine how powerful it would be. Maybe it would be a blessing in disguise for the users, and the company as well.

Even though the President of Nintendo USA has debunked the rumors about releasing a 4K-ready console, claiming that they are working to enhance Nintendo Switch Lite, the industry pundits have predicted otherwise. They have claimed that the new Nintendo Switch Pro with next-gen features will be released as soon as the second half of the current year, or early next year.


A Nintendo insider has claimed that he is confident about the company introducing the new Nintendo Switch Pro in the second half of the year. Although the company has not confirmed any development, the release of a new console with 4K features is on the cards.

The rumors are ripe that the new Nintendo Switch Pro could come with strong features, including potential support for dual-screen and Nvidia’s deep learning and super sampling (DLSS) technology. This will surely enhance the console’s performance and visual quality. Although this is not the first time that Nintendo will release a dual-screen device, it would be interesting to see how it complements the 4K technology.

It is also rumored that the new Nintendo Switch Pro will feature a 1440p resolution screen. That’s a big leap. The current console has a 720p resolution.

According to a report, published in Bloomberg has put the weight behind these speculations. The source claims that Nintendo has asked the game developers to upgrade the new console so that the users can enjoy playing games in 4K HD resolution.


Economic Daily News, another popular source, has also claimed that Nintendo is still working to bring out a new 4K-enabled console this year.

The Nintendo Switch has been in the market for four years now. But it is still lagging behind its competitors, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation in terms of performance. With the new Xbox Series X/S and PS5 – with next-gen features – already out in the market, the release of the new Nintendo Switch Pro will provide the company the opportunity to compete better with its counterparts.

The analysts have claimed that if the new Nintendo Switch Pro is released on time, it will outsell PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

As far as the price is concerned, the new Nintendo Switch Pro will be available for $399.

As far as the market share is concerned, PlayStation leads the way with 63.03%, followed by Xbox with 36.96%. Nintendo on the other hand lags behind with a 0.02% share.

Nintendo needs to catch up fast with both Microsoft and Sony. Otherwise, if the situation prevails, the company will lose big time on the market share.

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