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Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo Switch OLED Model

Although it isn’t the “Pro” edition we were hoping for, there is still plenty to like about this enhanced version. Here’s everything you have to comprehend!

We have heard a lot of speculations about a “Pro” variant of the famous Nintendo Switch hybrid system during the last 2 years. Speculations became loud enough in 2021, we were almost certain it would be released well before the end of this year. We seem to have been simultaneously right and wrong about our predictions, as the Nintendo Switch OLED variant is now available.

Although that is an improved edition of the first Switch console, it lags well below the Pro-level edition we expected. Having said that, there is quite a bit to like regarding the Switch’s enhanced edition.

So, if you want to know more about the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, you have landed at the right place. Read this post and by the end, you will know enough about the basic features that this gadget offers.

Nintendo Switch OLED Console: What is it?

The Nintendo Switch OLED edition, which will be released on July 6, 2021, seems identical to the standard Nintendo Switch that was released in March 2017. It is a multipurpose console that quickly transitions from portable to TV mode. The Joy-Con controllers on each end of the system are identical to those found on the standard Switch. It supports all of the standard Switch titles and shares the same CPU, batteries, RAM, and many other specifications.

Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo Switch OLED Model

But, Nintendo updated and improved a handful of the device’s functions to improve it. This puts the system above the standard Switch as well as the handheld-only Switch Lite. However, because it hasn’t changed that significantly, it isn’t a Switch Pro nor Switch 2.

That’s the 2nd time Nintendo has made changes to the Switch. The very first time occurred in August of the year 2019. The firm then upgraded the central processing chip on the console from the Nvidia Tegra X1 to the Tegra X1 Plus. This has the added benefit of improving battery performance. However, Nintendo did not believe that this modification was important enough to warrant a new title, thus the updated version is still advertised as a Nintendo Switch.

Probably, Nintendo is currently working on a real “Pro” variant of the Nintendo Switch. Yet, it’s indeed possible that the majority of those speculations were about the Nintendo Switch OLED edition, so we suggest you not hang your hope for a Switch Pro anytime in the foreseeable future.

The Changes in Nintendo Switch vs OLED model?

The advent of its OLED display is by far the most noticeable change for this edition of the Nintendo. The classic Switch features an LCD screen that generates rationally inferior pictures This OLED screen is about 7 inches bigger than the basic Switch. Its initial display was 6.2 inches.

Sadly, the bigger monitor does not come with a screen resolution increase. The upgraded Switch’s screen, just like the previous Switch, delivers 720p resolution itself as well as 1080p resolution whenever it is connected.

Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo Switch OLED Model

However, there are indeed a handful of minor noteworthy improvements. The inbuilt storage space has been increased to 64 Gigabytes, which is double the size of the previous Switch model. It additionally boasts an improved hinge that covers the whole backside of the device plus it also features customizable stopping spots, that will ease a major issue for on-the-go players. Nintendo further claims that the sound from its undocked system is better, although it does not clarify how that is achievable.

Furthermore, the supplied dock has an Ethernet jack integrated into it. Formerly, this feature required the purchase of an attachment, thus it sure is a pleasant addition.

When You Can Buy and How Much

The Nintendo Switch OLED will become available around October 8, 2021. The expected selling pricing will be around $349 bucks. That is only $50 bucks extra than the old version of Nintendo Switch as well as $150 bucks higher than an old Switch Lite. Around July 15, 2021, pre-orders for the device will begin so keep that in mind.

This updated variant will be available in the latest color scheme, featuring white Joy-Con as well as a white connector. A variant with the traditional Neon Blue as well as Neon Red Joy-Con plus black dock will also become available.

The Nintendo Switch OLED variant is usable with all existing Nintendo Switch video games as well as approved peripherals (like Joy-Con).

But be cautioned: getting this after it launches will almost certainly be quite tough. The persistent global chip crisis, along with the Switch’s enormous success will end up making Nintendo the must-have Christmas present.

Ending Note

Receiving each of these upgrades (such as the additional 64 gigabytes memory) only for $50 bucks higher than the original version is a fantastic deal, one that we think would be a no-brainer for anybody wanting to purchase their very next Nintendo Switch OLED. However, for many of you who are perfectly thrilled by having a regular switch and have no desire for a new one – especially since incredibly basic features such as integrated Bluetooth headphone compatibility remain unaddressed. Assuming you usually play games on television, you’d essentially be spending on a slightly nicer dock as well as some extra memory space, as the OLED and kickstand plainly add nothing to the HDMI-fed 1080p docking display.

This is not to downplay how lovely the new screen is; rather, it was to emphasize that the contrast between embracing the Switch world versus updating inside it is noticeable here. The display may well be sharper than what we got now, however, it’s hardly much of a leap forward that your old Switch becomes obsolete as a result – and because it isn’t the long-rumored “Switch Pro,” games won’t perform any superior across one edition or another. We’d do it in a heartbeat if there was a way to pay $50 and have these additional capabilities added to our current Switch.

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