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The iPhone 14 Release News left the Fans in Shock – Apple tipped to stick with the 5nm Technology

News leak for iPhone 14 release shocked the iPhone users

After the release of the iPhone 13, rumors have it that the next iPhone, which probably will be the iPhone 14, will have an entirely new design, including a punch-hole display and supersized budget model. However, the news leak for the iPhone 14 release was less shocking than a secret twist which changed the plan … Read more

WhatsApp for iOS improving Status functionality for Business Accounts

WhatsApp improves status functionality for Business accounts

Did you know about WhatsApp for IOS improving status functionality for Business accounts? The recently launched Version, which was initially out for beta testing, allows users to view status updates of certain business accounts on WhatsApp, according to WABetainfo. It further said that the WhatsApp update allows “viewing status updates directly within Business info. … Read more

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is developed especially to be compatible with the New Windows

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio is built to be compatible with  Windows 11 operating system. The design is modest, however, the manufacturers believe that it could give serious competition to the Mac. On Tuesday 5 October, the tech giant launched Windows 11 which coincides with the latest surface laptops. An amazing time to launch an all-new … Read more

How Artificial Intelligence is impacting Hearing Aids across the Globe?

How artificial intelligence is impacting hearing aids across the globe

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the world for the better. Like everything else, scientists are more inclined towards incorporating artificial intelligence into the newly formulated machine techniques and mechanisms. With the mention of artificial intelligence, one might imagine all the high-tech robots seen in Hollywood flicks, well in reality the artificial intelligent devices are quite … Read more

Sony is planning to produce its own chips in Partnership with TSMC Japan amid a Worldwide Chip Shortage

Sony and TSMC

According to reports Sony is continuously in talks with TSMC Japan to build a microprocessor chip in partnership at the manufacturing plant in Taiwan. The factory is aimed to be in operation by 2024 and is willing to produce microprocessor chips for multiple games, consoles, and a variety of other electronic goods. The Japanese government … Read more

It seems like Android Phones engage in Significant Data Collection and Sharing

Android phones engage in ‘significant’ data collection and sharing

A range of Android phones engage in significant data collection and sharing with Facebook, Linked In, Microsoft and Google, leaving no opt-out option for its users – revealed an academic research study. Dr. Paul Patras from the University of Edinburgh and Prof Doug Leith from Trinity College Dublin conducted the research on six different phones with … Read more

8 Ways You Can Get a Free Laptop for School (Legit)

get a free laptop for school 1

When you are a college freshman, a high school junior, or a youngster, chances are that you are aware of the benefits of getting your PC, laptop, or tablet for an independent exam period. Desktops and laptops may be pretty pricey, plus there certainly is an excellent option for juniors who simply cannot afford PCs. … Read more