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Misfit Vapor X Review 2022


Previously, watches were used to keep a track of time. Nevertheless, with the evolving world and its technology, humans have moved towards smartwatches. Well, it can be costly for you but it’s worth it.

While many argue over the inherent strengths and weaknesses of Apple and Samsung smartwatches, Google has uplifted the game by pumping out the superb smartwatch hardware – one of its prime examples is this Misfit Vapor X review.

People do not like to wear it just because it is a classy-looking smartwatch but there are several other reasons for it. Due to it being sleek, comfortable, and uncomplicated, many smartwatch lovers have diverted their attention towards this masterpiece by Google.

Moreover, to overcome the drawbacks of the previous generation Misfit Vapor X, the company has installed a 3100 chipset to enhance some improvements such as – long battery life, and better performance.

However, can the Misfit Vapor X be able to compete against the giant competitors currently available in the market? This article is a complete Misfit Vapor X review. It would cover the specifications, design, price, hardware, and every basic component of this beautiful OS smartwatch.

Specification Table


Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100






Heart rate, NFC (for Google Pay), GPS, Altimeter, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Ambient light







Case, band

42mm round case, 12mm thick, 20mm interchangeable band

Water resistance

5ATM, up to 30 meters underwater


Wear OS by Google ‘H’



Price and Availability

Google decided to launch the latest version of Misfit Vapor X in August 2019. Well, the previous models of this smartwatch have been available in the market since 2017. This new variant is relatively expensive than the previous models.

According to sources, the 2019 Misfit Vapor X was released in the market with a price tag of $279 which makes it $80 more expensive than the first model of Vapor X. Moreover, it is nearly $30 higher in price than the Misfit Vapor 2.

Well, you might consider the price of this product due to the various options available. If you are an Apple lover, you might be interested in purchasing the Apple Watch 3 which is available for $199. Furthermore, the Huawei Watch GT is available at the same price level – $199. You can even find other alternatives in the same price bracket or even less.

Some people might be able to justify the price of the Misfit Vapor X and some people might be interested in the alternatives available.

The Misfit Vapor X is not available globally. This smartwatch is out in the United States, and the United Kingdom. The availability of it in Australia hasn’t been confirmed yet.


You would notice that every significant brand such as – Samsung, Apple, and Huawei have their software installed in their smartwatches. However, the OS watches fit into various smaller brands currently available.

This technology can be found in Ticwatches, Misfit, and Fossil. There is no doubt in saying that TicWatches gained massive popularity and attention due to their lower prices. However, if you are opting for Misfit Vapor X, you might consider thinking twice before purchasing.

If you are interested in sleek-looking watches, you should surely go for the Misfit Vapor X. Due to it being thinner and lighter than any other variant produced previously, it has become a choice for many. Moreover, it is reckoned to be better-looking than any other TicWatches. Well, the design has not changed entirely from the Vapor 2, but it is great.

The case is developed in aluminum, and appealing stems are attached with the silicone straps. No doubt, it is the smartest looking watch available in the market. You might feel that you are not wearing anything on your wrist because the watch is too light in weight.

The silicone strap has lines cut off in it for creating the ventilation points. It makes the strap even more comfortable and flexible. You might not be aware of your heart rate and the calories you burned during the workout. The Misfit Vapor X will give you the exact reading for it. Isn’t it cool? Moreover, you do not have to worry about the watch quality being affected by sweat or water. According to the manufacturing company’s guarantee, you could not just shower while wearing it but you can go swimming as well. You do not have to worry about it being affected by water.

The case diameter is 42mm. You cannot say that the design of this smartwatch is quite different from its competitors but it is sleek-looking amongst the various OS models.

Other than these, the physical controls of the watch are exceptional as well. You can easily control various applications with your smartwatch. Do you know what’s the amazing part? You can scroll through the menus and notifications without even touching the screen.

Two buttons are attached to the side of the watch. They are controlling the features – Google Fit and Google Pay. For example, you can press the button of Google Fit to keep a track of your exercise. However, you cannot customize these functions or shortcuts according to your preferences.

  • Part Aluminum case
  • Weight – 43.2g
  • 4mm thick


The screen hasn’t changed much from the previous versions of the Misfit Vapor. The newer generation smartwatch has a 1.19-inch 390 x 390 AMOLED screen, which is quite similar to the 42mm variant of the Vapor 2.

The smartwatch consists of bold and attractive colors. Moreover, due to the high-contrast OLED, the screen turns black if you see it from a distance.  Just like any other smartwatch, the Misfit Vapor X sets its brightness according to the light available. For example, if you go out on a hot sunny day, you might require ample light in your smartwatch to read notifications – the Misfit Vapor X’s automatic brightness system will do it for you.  You might find it quite useful in the monsoon season of the United States when the black clouds take over.

Performance & Battery Life

The previous model of Vapor had backlashes for slow processors due to its chipset. However, the company decided to consider this problem and come out with a stronger plan. 3100 chipset was installed in the smartwatch to give an incredible experience to its user.

Inside its Snapdragon 3100 processor, there is 4GB storage space and 512MB of RAM. Isn’t it cool? It is somewhat similar to Fossil Sport but not entirely. The 5th generation of Fossil watches is considered to be more advanced.

Nevertheless, if you compare this sporty smartwatch with Diesel on Full Guard 2.5, it will stand out. No doubt in saying that Vapor X is great when compared to its competitors.

If you wish to have a smoother experience, shorter wait times, and less frustration, then Vapor X is the go-to watch for you. There are chances that you may require an internet connection to fulfill certain tasks and it might take some time. However, that is not the scenario most of the time.

According to the experts, if the Misfit Vapor X is charged at full, it can survive for around 14-15 hours. Moreover, it doesn’t require much time to charge itself. The task can be done in an hour or so.

You have to charge it every day for sure. Nonetheless, the battery would not die during the hours when you are out.

Why should you buy Misfit Vapor X?

It is important to understand the good features of Misfit Vapor X before you purchase this expensive machine for yourself.

Let’s discuss the good factors of this smartwatch;

  • It is an elegant yet sporty looking smartwatch
  • It is quite lightweight and comfortable. The band of the watch is designed in a way that makes it breathable.
  • Buttons on the side can be customized to open any app

Why shouldn’t you buy Misfit Vapor X?

However, it might not fit your taste and you would not like this smartwatch. There are several reasons attached to it.

Let’s understand why it couldn’t be a good smartwatch for you;

  • Same hardware as the old one. The manufacturers did not upgrade it to the Fossil’s 5th generation.
  • It is only $15 less than the 5th generation Fossil watch. Yet it doesn’t have the speaker in it.
  • Yes, the battery can last for a day or so. However, it still does not have Fossil’s new battery modes.

What are the PROS & CONS of Misfit Vapor X?

Serial #




Can be connected with the latest Bluetooth update

Relatively expensive than other smartwatches



Doesn’t have the latest chipset installed in it


Battery timing is strong



Sleek and comfortable watch


 Misfit Vapor X reviews by customers

Every product is manufactured for customers and if it doesn’t fit their taste and preference, that specific product would not survive for a longer period in the market. The Misfit Vapor X has developed mixed kinds of reviews from their customers. Some people liked it and some were against its quality.

Let’s put light on the positive side of the Misfit Vapor X. According to the customers, the water resistance and the beautiful appearance of the watch is the highlight of this machine. The majority of the customers are attracted because of these two features. Moreover, many people thought that the quality of the watch is superior in comparison to the others.

However, there is a dark side to this smartwatch also. Some customers did not like Misfit Vapor X. According to these consumers, this watch is relatively expensive than other smartwatches and doesn’t stand out at all. Moreover, people are not satisfied with the screen of the watch. Many people have been against the warranty of this machine and they believe it consists of several glitches.

Are there any better alternatives?

Yes, we cannot deny that there are better alternatives available for smartwatch lovers with limited budgets. According to sources, you can get an Apple Watch Series 3 under the price bracket of $200. Well, it would be great for you to purchase one if you own an iPhone.

Moreover, if you are an Android user, you can surely look out for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. According to specialists, it has better software and it is considered to be more user-friendly than the Vapor X in terms of features and design.

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While seeing the real approach of people, it would not be wrong to say that Vapor X matches the style of the masses and would suit their appearances and tastes. This variant ‘Misfit Vapor X’ is a clear signal that not every Wear OS smartwatch is great.

Let’s hope this Misfit Vapor X Review increases your knowledge of smartwatches. Moreover, making the decision process is easier for you.

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