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Learn How to Clean a Motherboard and Make it Dust-free

It is very important to learn how to clean a motherboard. It is one of the important parts of a computer. To maintain its performance, you should clean it periodically, once a year. You should be very careful while cleaning the motherboard of your computer.

It is not very difficult to clean a motherboard, provided you carefully follow the steps mentioned in this article.

In this article, we will help you learn the process of cleaning the motherboard of your computer. Check out the following step-by-step procedure.

The Few Considerations to get clear about

  1. To ensure that you properly shut down the computer. It should be completely powered off, and most importantly unplugged. This should be done initially, later on, you might have to connect it and start the computer to make sure the computer is working perfectly fine
  2. You should use isopropyl alcohol to clean the motherboard of your computer. Only this alcohol is recommended for such delicate work. Using this liquid is strongly recommended because not an electrical conductor, and dries up quickly
  3. After you are done cleaning the motherboard, allowing it to dry before plugging it into a power source. Remember liquids are great electric conductors. Check all the parts to ensure each component is dry
  4. If your computer is covered by a warranty, then it is strongly advised that you consult the manufacturer about cleaning the motherboard. Using the recommended alcohol may render the warranty void. Let the manufacturer assist you with some technical know-how, and use a cleaning solution that the manufacturer recommends
  5. You should clean the motherboard at least once a year. A motherboard can be damaged by dust particles, water droplets, etc.

This happens when the dust covers the component parts and the wiring for a long time. so, once a year is good enough

  1. But if it is too complex and tricky for you and you do not want to take a chance, it is better to get professional help.

Note: A very easy way that still requires some care, and two other ways not at all recommended.

You can use a blower to clean the motherboard of your computer. Just blow over the motherboard, but do not hold the blower too close to the motherboard.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner. This could produce static electricity or a magnetic field, and both are dangerous to the motherboard that houses a lot of sensitive electronic components.

Using a tissue or cotton is not recommended either, as you will have to apply some pressure that might damage the sensitive components. Many components are lightly soldered to the motherboard and it would not take much pressure to loosen them up. Also, fibers of such materials can be left behind, causing a short circuit.

The Necessary Steps How to Clean a Motherboard

The slightest of negligence while cleaning the motherboard of a computer can lead it to malfunction. Therefore, you should be very careful.

  • Shut down your desktop computer. Then unplug the main plug from the socket. Disconnect all the cables, cords, and wires connected to the monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.
  • Disassemble the computer and take out the motherboard. Examine the board and check for the Clean the dust, cobwebs, stains, or any other particle that you deem is hampering the performance of the motherboard
  • Use a compressed air can or a blower first. This should be enough for this first phase to blast off dust particles present in the duct. You can use a soft brush to remove cobwebs, small particles of plastic
  • Dip cotton swabs in the alcohol and use it to remove the remaining dust particles from the motherboard
  • You can pour the isopropyl alcohol directly onto the motherboard to wash off dirt, only if the motherboard is non-functional. Otherwise, such a step is not recommended.
  • Now allow the motherboard to dry up thoroughly. The isopropyl will evaporate. All the cleaning of the motherboard should be done at room temperature
  • Reassemble your computer, and it will be ready to work


If you are a computer enthusiast, you should learn how to clean a motherboard the right way. But you must be careful while getting the task done.

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