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Kroger waits for FDA approval for Gauss COVID-19 Rapid Antigen at-home Test Kit

Going for the COVID-19 test may seem dreadful and scary, but thanks to the technological era we live in, Kroger – an American retail company is about to introduce the rapid Antigen COVID-19 at-home test kit.

Gauss, the company behind the product, has decided to collaborate with Apple to provide the test results to the COVID-19 affected patients.

Once the FDA approves the Gauss COVID-19 Rapid Antigen At-home Test Kit, it will be available publicly. Although Kroger is still waiting for approval, they have already designed a distribution plan, so that as soon as they get the approval, the kits can be distributed to the people.

Kroger plans to make the kits available for selling online. It also plans to make it available at 2,200 pharmacies and 22 clinics across the US. Other than this, AppleInsider has also contacted the retail company to share more details about their distribution plan.

Until now, Gauss has produced 1.5 million testing kits that will be available to the people once Kroger receives the EUA. Moreover, the company has claimed that it can produce 30 million kits each month.

The Gauss COVID-19 at-home testing kit consists of a swabbing kit and an application, exclusively available on iPhone only. The buyer will also get a step-by-step guide on how to use the kit and how to get the sample via nasal swab. Once you get your sample, place the cassette under your iPhone’s camera for it to detect and give you the results.

The app will not only share the results with the users, but it will also share it with other public health agencies – in compliance with the HIPAA rules.

When the kit was clinically tested, the results showed that it was 93% accurate as compared to the current PCR testing standard. With the testing of the kits successful, the founder and CEO of Gauss Surgical, Siddarth Satish believes that people need reliable and quick home testing kits.

The development, if materialized, will help accomplish the mission to test as many American citizens as possible each day.

The new way of testing at home is another technological benchmark to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The AI-driven COVID-API systems are proof that technology has been a blessing for the world. The API system and exposure notification system are helping healthcare organizations to keep track of the spread of the virus in larger populations.

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