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Survey Says iPhone SE 3 Will be the Main Phone for 24% iPhone Users

Survey says iPhone SE 3 will be the main phone for 24% of iPhone Users – Do we ACTUALLY have a 5G phone for as low as $429?!

With Apple’s first event for the year 2022 that took place earlier in March, it was expected that the company would launch iPhone SE 3 along with the 5th-gen iPad Air and Macs. In addition, many did forecast that the new iPhone SE will be the main iPhone for most iPhone users. Let’s see how much of these predictions were true.

Survey says iPhone SE 3 will be the main phone for 24% of iPhone users, and 16% plan to keep it as an additional phone or as a gift. The survey was reported by SellCell, in which they interviewed 2500 iPhone users about their thoughts on the latest version.

Given the affordable rates of the iPhone SE 3, it is expected to be the next best present for the recurring holiday season. Moreover, according to the survey, it will probably be more popular among young adults and children due to its high affordability, ironclad security, and privacy.

Around 11% of the respondents will trade in their iPhone 11 with the SE 3 as the latter one has missed out on important features like 5G, the survey noted. iPhone SE 3 provides all the latest features you expect from the fanciest iPhone model within a lightweight and affordable package, to use in 2022. Therefore, the trade-in sales are expected to be driven more by iPhone 11 users.

An iPhone 11 in good condition will likely go for more or less $300 which is great for those planning to buy SE 3. Furthermore, the report estimated 25.5% of the iPhone users would buy the 2022 iPhone simply to upgrade to a new version, 15% will solely buy it for 5G and the rest of the 11% for the compact size.

Nearly 66% of iPhone users intend to keep their current phone, 9.3% are waiting for the iPhone 14, 4.1% think SE 3 is too compact, and 3.1% say it’s not high-end enough.

A few months back, it was predicted that the new iPhone SE 3 would make billions of Android users switch to the iPhone due to its 5G capability, A15 Bionic processor, and modest price tag.

From now on, SE 3 will be the only compact size iPhone the company will be launching as rumors have it that Apple will stop producing minis from iPhone 14 onwards.

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