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Apple Officials iPhone 14 Concept excluding all the iPhone 13’s Drawbacks

Upgrading your iOS device always comes with excitement and a win-win fantasy. This is because whenever a new update releases, it gathers along with new features, user interface, boosts performance, and much more than that. But hang on! Take a moment to think before upgrading your iOS device –is it worth taking a plunge?

As iPhone 13 made its first appearance officially on Sept 14 this year at the Apple’s product launch event, the renders apparently revealed the new incredible look of 2022’s iPhone 14 concept, even before people could rejoice at the new flagship.

Concept video revealed the first look for the iPhone 14 through a video imagining the features and performance that Apple’s manufacturer is likely to add. Obviously, it’s too early to believe or give clearer assumptions that iPhone 14 would likely be the same it is portrayed in the Concept video.

And yes, it’s also hard to negate the beautiful creation from the creators, ConceptPhone.

A video has gained above 311,500 views as per the data available when the article is being written. It targets more or less four-week points of the iPhone design keeping the aesthetic iPhone design in place.

First, it is clearly seen in the video that there will be no notch in the new iPhone 14, which is one of the features that the iPhone has had since the iPhone X. There can be many reasons why the iPhone has not been influenced by other mobile manufacturers for the front-facing camera. One of them is that the company always needed the space to include the intricate Face ID technology. But, Apple would come up with something else as the video shows eliminating the notch in the new iPhone 14.

The concept artist doesn’t seem to be imagining Face ID as the only authentication method. Touch ID is seemingly coming back in iPhone 14 as shown in the video.

Plus, the camera at the back gets completely flat from the default bump seen in the previous flagships. However, the edges of the phone could be thicker to eliminate the bump and incorporate the camera in the body itself.

And the last thing in the list of fictional alterations to the iPhone 14 in the video, is the USB- C port for charging.

iPhone 14 Pro – An assenting outlook

If you are a true Apple enthusiast, then knowing these tweaks upfront will either make you excited or may have triggered some other straight emotions.

However, if not all four, but seemingly two of the tweaks are expected by the concept video creator Jon Prosser, who claimed to come up with the concept of the 2022’s all-new look for iPhone 14.

Earlier from the leaked video that went viral, there was no statement about Touch ID, but he clearly stated that the Lightning port will remain the same as it is in the regular iPhones.

Even Jon is still predicting that there will be no notch in the iPhone 14 and beyond models, but another leaker @PandalsBald said, it may possibly not be happening that Apple would remove the notch completely from its flagships. What he believes is that Apple will continue using the notch in its models for the next launches.

However, it may be an idea behind returning to the time of two-tier designs for the iPhone. Although, people have become quite used to the idea of having the same iPhone features with different model identifications. Well, this may not be the case this time we hope. After all, iPhone 8 and iPhone X were released on the same date and event – the time witnessed.

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