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iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max | An Interesting Comparison

It may have a similar design to its predecessor, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but the 13 Pro Max has some significant improvements behind the hood that make it the most interesting update in the whole iPhone 13 series.

There is a significant boost in battery capacity, and the 120Hz ProMotion display provides buttery smooth performance. Additionally, there are plenty of additional improvements, such as improved brightness and a similar triple camera setup, but with all-new sensors. Oh, and did we mention the MASSIVE boost in battery life? Although it’s remarkable, let’s start by comparing the iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max – Key Points

  • Design and aesthetics are almost similar; the newest phone is somewhat thicker and heavier.
  • The Notch is 20% lesser as compared to the previous model
  • The Same screen size 6.7”, 120Hz ProMotion vs. 60Hz
  • Apple A15 is faster than Apple A14 on previous models.
  • Significant increase in battery life, which is 2.5 hours more on average.
  • All-new cameras include a faster aperture, while the zoom camera has a 3X zoom in comparison to the 2.5X zoom on 12 Pro Max
  • Sierra Blue is a new color.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max


  • Incredible battery life
  • A brilliant show with vibrant colors.
  • Performance is the fastest.
  • Camera enhancements
  • The highest video quality is available on any phone.


  • The size is a bit extreme, and it is a heavy phone
  • No USB-C makes life more complicated
  • We do not support fast charging.
  • Cinematic Mode needs some more polish

iPhone 13 Pro Max Design and Display

With the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple has introduced a stunning new display. However, Apple has now introduced 120Hz ProMotion for extremely smooth scrolling on the 13 Pro Max, which is the same size and resolution as last year’s screen and resolution of 1284 × 2778 PX. While opposed to the newer model’s refresh rate of 120 times per second, previous iPhone models operate at 60Hz. This quicker rate makes things look smoother when interacting with the screen. A huge deal like this justifies the purchase of an iPhone Pro over a non-Pro device, which will continue to operate at 60Hz.

iPhone 13 Pro MaxQuality and Display Measurements

The Face ID is also present, but the notch on the 13 Pro Max is now 20% smaller, making it less noticeable.

The 13 Pro Max has the same flat edges and the general style as the 13-inch Pro, but it is thicker and heavier due to its larger size and increased weight. That’s more significant than it appears: the 12 Pro Max weighed 228g, while the 13 Pro Max is now 240g. Is this where things go off the rails? When you put this item in your pocket, you can certainly feel it, and it’s not a pleasant sensation.

The bright, glossy surfaces of both phones indicate that they are constructed of stainless steel, which accounts for some extra weight compared to other phones, which are normally built of aluminum. Apple’s Ceramic Shield toughened glass is used on both the front and the camera lenses for greater scratch resistance; this is the only distinction. Their practicality is also the same, since both have an IP68 dust and water resistance certification.

Then there are the new colors for the iPhone 13 Pro Max! The 13 Pro Max doesn’t have as many color choices as the standard iPhone models, and it’s still rather conservative overall. However, there’s a new Sierra Blue variant available that’s pretty attractive! Reviewing three different colors, we have Graphite, as well as a silver and gold option, which is more of a soft champagne color.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery and Charging

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has the highest battery improvement of all the iPhone 13 variants. Because it is the biggest battery Apple has ever included in an iPhone, the effects are amazing!

Taking apart the iPhone 13 Pro Max exposes a 4,352mAh battery compared to a 3,687mAh cell in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which Apple does not post on its website. An increase of over 20%, which is the largest battery improvement since the Galaxy S11 Pro!

If so, how long does it last on a single charge? There is a 2.5-hour improvement in battery life over the iPhone 13 Pro Max, according to Apple’s official figures. Consider how long your battery life will last when streaming video, based on these authoritative estimates:

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery life— 12 hours
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery life — 25 hours

Yes, you’ll get twice as much battery life, which is incredible.

Web surfing tests show that the iPhone 13 Pro Max has one of the greatest scores of any smartphone we’ve examined so far. While you would have anticipated battery life to suffer as a result of the 120Hz refresh rate, that is not the case at all thanks to the amazing implementation by Apple. Battery life has increased anywhere from 20% to 30% in our testing, which is fantastic!

A first for an iPhone, the 13 Pro Max played back non-stop video for Apple over 10 hours in our YouTube video streaming test. It also smashed the previous record of 8 hours 37 minutes set by the 12 Pro Max.

As a final bonus, gamers will be pleased to learn that the battery life on this device also exceeds the 10-hour mark. This is in contrast to the 12 Pro Max’s 8-hour battery life.

You’ll be disappointed to learn that the charger didn’t come with any of the two! A rapid charger will set you back an extra $20 to $30. These so-called “rapid chargers” from Apple, although convenient, fall short of current expectations, with a theoretical maximum output of 20W. Using a 45W Samsung fast charger that we had laying around, we were able to charge the 13 Pro Max in 1 hour and 40 minutes instead of the usual 2 hours.

For wireless charging, MagSafe is still available with rates of up to 15W, which have remained unchanged. Using the Apple MagSafe charger, the iPhone took 2 hours & 45 minutes to be fully charged. 13 Pro Max magnets and their power have remained the same as well.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Cameras

Even though they may seem familiar, the 3 cameras on the new iPhone 13 Pro Max are noticeably larger than those on previous models. This is due to the new cameras using larger sensors.

According to Apple’s advertising, the ultra-wide camera on the iPhone 13 Pro Max catches up to 92 percent more light than the standard wide-angle camera, which sounds impressive.

Daylight hardly makes any difference to the images, which all seem the same.

When shooting with an ultrawide lens, the tendency toward darker photographs is especially apparent. Others will still prefer a brighter appearance, but you may make the case for a darker shot’s more genuine tone. And sure, ultrawide gives you more clarity and less noise; the difference is more noticeable with this camera.

Photographic Style is a brand-new feature for the 13th generation. This is a picture organizer on steroids, allowing you to make local modifications and see the results in the viewfinder as you do them. The iPhone remembers your particular choice and uses it across all of your images if you choose a brighter or different style.

The new ultra-wide camera on the iPhone 13 Pro and Max features a new auto-focus mechanism that enables it to focus as close as 2cm away for fantastic close-ups, so you can now take macro photographs with it as well. You may also capture macro videos using the same functionality for video.

Cinematic Mode, a big addition to video recording on the iPhone 13, lets you adjust focus as you record and even alter the focus of a prior clip.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has the same LiDAR scanner as the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple’s scanner is mostly used for augmented reality, but we have yet to see how fully used it will be, so for the time being, you may safely disregard its presence.

iPhone 13 Pro Max New Apple A15 chip

The new Apple A15 Bionic processor in iPhone 13 Pro Max surpasses the previous leader, the Apple A14 chip in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, in terms of smartphone performance. In terms of performance, the newer chip has more transistors and a broader cache, as well as improvements in AI, GPU, and CPU, GPU. It also provides important camera ISP improvements. Both processors are built on the same 5nm technology.

This means that the A15’s CPU frequency increased by less than 10%, and the cache was also increased to assist with multi-core performance. According to the data, the A15 is quicker, but the A14 is fast enough, so don’t anticipate a significant difference in performance between the two phones for actual use.

The increases in GPU are somewhat greater. In the Geekbench Metal graphics test, the new Apple A15 Bionic iPhone Pros earned 14,216 points, while the iPhone 12 family scored 9,123 points and the iPhone 11 series scored 7,338 points. That’s a rise of about 55%, which is more than you would have  predicted

The RAM in the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the same as in the previous generation, at 6GB. While it falls short of Android’s top models, it seems adequate for the way iOS functions.

mmWave and mid-band & low-band 5G are available in the US, allowing you to take advantage of all the features offered by 5G. The new Qualcomm’s X60 modem is also included in the iPhone 13 series, which is an improvement over the X55 modem seen in the iPhone 12 series. Because it eliminates one difficulty with the older X55 modem’s 5G downlink and 4G uplink bundles, the newer X60 offers reduced latency by bundling 5G downlinks and 5G uplinks together.

Wi-Fi 6e capability was previously rumored but was not included in the 13 Pro Max. Wi-Fi 6e, the new standard, has the potential to more than quadruple bandwidth by allowing consumers access to the 6GHz channel for the first time.


Compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the finest SoC, camera, and ecosystem of applications and accessories, making it a powerful phone. However, as a person with big hands, I find the size awkward and difficult to use for extended periods of time. Even though I am 5’10” and do not have tiny hands, I still find it difficult to grip and operate the phone on a daily basis.

In order to get the most out of your iOS experience, I suggest visiting an actual Apple Store and holding iPhone 13 Pro Max in your hands to see whether or not you can bear its weight. To test how it affects you, try using it for 10 minutes straight to see whether the pain begins to set in right away. It may seem like the phone is digging into your hand after using it for some time.

We hope you liked our review of the iPhone 13 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max. Stay tuned to our website for more tech-informative posts.

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