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iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone XS Max

Apple is producing iPhones since 2007 and has gathered a major market share in the mobile industry. It is considered a reputable and reliable brand for people across the globe. iPhone marked its success in the market with the model ‘iPhone 3G’; however, the main dispute happened in the recent year which is iPhone 12 pro max vs iPhone XS Max.

Apple saw a loophole in the market where gamers were searching for big screens. The brand came forward and launched the iPhone XS max to cater to that target audience. If you’re looking for a larger display of premium quality, the iPhone XS Max is the ideal choice for you. However, this phone is not affordable for everyone.

Recently, in the year 2020, iPhone launched another model by the name iPhone 12 pro max, and the screen got bigger. From a 6.5-inch display, Apple increased it to a 6.7-inch display in this brand-new variant.

Nevertheless, many people were not satisfied with the price tag attached to it. They believe that more or less iPhone 12 pro max is quite similar to the iPhone XS max. The dispute has been there for months now and can only be justified by pondering over their specifications.

This article will compare iPhone 12 pro max vs iPhone XS max and showcase the major differences between both the variants produced by Apple. Moreover, we would provide you with our opinion on whether this would be a good choice for you.

iPhone XS Max

Back in September 2018, when Apple launched the iPhone XS max, it was considered the largest smartphone ever produced by the company. With the great 6.5-inch display, it looked beautiful in the owner’s hand.

However, back in 2019 and 2020, the limelight was snatched by iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 due to its even larger display of 6.7-inches. No matter what, the iPhone XS Max is still one of the great phones ever produced by Apple due to its strong body, fast cameras, and long-lasting battery.

When Apple launched this variant, it surpassed every Android flagship in terms of quality and even the price tag attached to it. However, Android phones were produced with even bigger screens but Apple never moved to that extent. They believed that the size of the iPhone XS max is ideal for the user’s pocket.

If you crave gaming on a premium screen and good quality gadget, the iPhone XS Max is the ideal choice for you. Yes, this phone misses out on the night photography which iPhone 12 pro max offers, but still is a good machine for people searching for similar perks on a limited budget.

Let’s discuss the price, design, and other specifications of the iPhone XS max to see whether this phone is extraordinary for you.

iPhone XS Max Price

When this phone was launched, no other smartphone was even nearer to its 512 GB version. iPhone XS max set its league of purchasers. However, today Androids are produced with an even bigger price tag but the price of the iPhone XS max should be considered a lot for a headset.

It was one of the premium phones ever produced, so most likely the price had to be high enough too. When the iPhone XS max came into the market, it was for $1,099 for the 64 GB variant. However, if you opt for the 256 GB variant it would cost you around $1,249 due to its larger internal storage.

On the other hand, several other new models have been produced by Apple recently. iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have captured the market tremendously. So, it would not be possible for you to find a new iPhone XS max in the market. Most probably, you’ll get your hands on a refurbished version which would cost you around $600-800.

iPhone XS Max Design

According to many iPhone XS max owners, the phone is not found comfortable while holding it. The rounded sides of the phone or headset make it thicker.

No one would like to drop a phone of such a big size and cost. It should be held securely. While comparing it to its competitors, iPhone XS Max is thinner than those but still not considered safe in hands.

According to experts, Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9 (6.4-inch display), Sony Xperia XZ3 (6-inch display), and OnePlus 6T (6.41-inch display) are found more comfortable to carry.

It is important to understand the reason behind it which is the tapered edges. All the Android phones have been sensible enough to taper their rear edges, to make their phones look sleek and slimmer. On the other hand, the iPhone comes with a back which makes it difficult and awkward to hold.

Nevertheless, the device might look bigger in your hand but is providing a huge display for your use. Apple has been sensible enough to squash such a bigger display under the 6.7-inch screen. The steel frame body around the screen of the iPhone XS Max keeps the mobile phone secured from dust and water.

Before the launch of this phone, it was tested in several different kinds of liquids, for example, saltwater, milk, wine, and whatnot.

iPhone XS Max Display

When you hold iPhone X and iPhone XS Max simultaneously, you will be able to figure out the major difference between the offering of both screens. You will be able to notice the room iPhone XS max is offering for an exclusive gaming experience.

Apple took a significant step to enlarge their screen from a 5.8-inch display to a 6.5-inch screen for the iPhone XS Max. However, this is not something to be shocked about as Apple has been producing bigger screens in the plus-size saltwater models.

Moreover, when movies such as Avengers: Infinity War were tested on the phone, the result was impeccable. No matter if the person was watching a dark scene or a scene full of light, the quality of the display remained firm and stable. The colors and contrast didn’t fall apart.

Apple was always blamed for the resolution it was offering in its phones. However, the doubts were cleared with 2688 x 1242 resolution in the iPhone XS Max. This means that all the images and videos you will watch will be crystal clear to your naked eye.

Nevertheless, Apple isn’t providing the QHD resolution the way Samsung GALAXY S10, Samsung GALAXY Note 9, and other Androids are offering but still is considered as a premium quality screen.

iPhone XS Max – iOS 12, iOS 14, A12 Bionic Chip

When the iPhone XS Max was launched, it arrived with the built-in operating system of iOS 12. Several changes were made to the process and additional features were added to it. For example, grouped notifications and multitasking windows.

Moreover, another exclusive feature of Screen time was spot on for the people who think they spend their good valuable hours in front of mobile screens. This feature notes down the exact time you spend on every application. Isn’t it cool?

However, the phone didn’t restrict itself to the built-in operating system. Due to the development phase and the introduction of new iPhone models, the iPhone XS Max was upgraded to iOS 13 back in 2019 and then to iOS 14 in 2020.

Along with the software update, a good set of features were added to iPhone XS Max. Options such as dark mode, app library, widgets, and much more.

On the other hand, when the thumbprint was removed from the iPhone X and the later model, some of the users were not happy with it. To compensate, Apple made the gesture inputs easier to learn so that they can operate their device without any hassle.

iPhone XS Max Battery Life

The battery pack has been a major concern for all iPhone users globally. Due to the small battery, the iPhone was unable to cope for long hours.

To fight against this problem, Apple installed an A12 Bionic chip in the iPhone XS max. Due to it, extra hours of battery life were added. This battery pack offers 3,174 mAh greater than the 2,691 mAh which is installed in the iPhone 8 plus.

Apple claims that iPhone XS Max is offering an additional 90 minutes of battery time if compared to iPhone X. This is a clear indication that the XS Max battery can last for a day with moderate or slightly high usage.

However, the battery might drain at a quicker pace if you’re playing heavy games on your phone such as PUBG.

iPhone XS Max Camera

The telephoto camera was available in the previous versions of the iPhone; however, the wide-angle steals the show. F/1.8 and F/2.4 apertures create a significant difference.

When you look closely, iPhone X and XS max cameras are more or less similar in shape and size. However, quality surely differs in the upgraded model.

The feature of Smart HDR distinguishes it from the iPhone X. This upgrade makes sure that the picture is lit from all ends and no side remains darker. Moreover, the dual-camera function ensures that iPhone XS max performs well even in low light.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The premium of Apple-produced phones is incomparable to its competitors in the market. Apple has come up with more vibrant and glossy colors for the iPhone which makes the gadget look more alluring. If you are a person with deep pockets and want to buy a magnificent machine for your daily use, the iPhone 12 pro max is the perfect choice for you.

iPhone 12 pro max is considered to be the best phone ever produced by Apple. Although it is a bigger screen than the previous models, people don’t mind carrying it.

According to experts, images and videos have become clearer on this screen. Color tones and even the darkest shades are impeccably handled by this mobile phone. If you’re willing to enjoy a good movie on a phone instead of a desktop screen or television, the iPhone 12 pro max is the ideal option.

Moreover, people who are involved in filmmaking are suggested to purchase this phone. Technology is surpassing every minute. So, instead of carrying a heavy camera, specialists suggest getting an iPhone 12 pro max. This phone offers 4K and 60 frames per second which are sufficient for every movie maker.

If you’re searching for a one-device solution, the iPhone 12 pro max is the right choice. The wide display, magnificent camera, longer battery hours make it a complete package. If you can afford this phone, nothing can get better than this.

Many other Android competitors such as Samsung GALAXY S21 Ultra were produced around the same timeline, but iPhone 12 pro max didn’t let it capture a major market.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Price

Usually, every new model of iPhone is launched in September of every year. However, after 13 October 2020, Apple announced that a new variant of the iPhone would be hitting the market in a span of a few weeks. On October 23, 2020, iPhone 12 pro max was introduced to the mobile market.

The gates for pre-order were opened on November 6 and people went crazy even after seeing the massive price tag attached to it. Just like the launch price of the iPhone XS Max, this phone was also launched at the same price of $1,099.

If we compare the down-sizing pricing of the smartphones, iPhone sustainably holds its prices. Even on May 21, iPhone 12 pro max holds relatively a great price when compared to its competitors. However, as the year will move forward, Apple will surely offer discounts for its consumers.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Design

Previously, it was the iPhone XS max which was the largest phone ever produced by Apple. However, the introduction of the iPhone 12 pro max changed the game entirely. The 6.7-inch display was the largest screen produced by Apple.

Just like the iPhone 5, this phone also has angular sides and edges. It is quite different from the iPhone 11 pro max which has curved edges. However, the angular edges are not approved by many iPhone owners. According to them, phones are not comfortable to hold.

One of the attributes which provoked people to purchase this phone was the vibrant and glossy colors. Apple made sure to come up with colors that suit major personalities and are liked by everyone. Colors such as graphite, gold, silver, and pacific blue.

When compared to iPhone 11 pro max, this phone is considered to be thinner. Nevertheless, the angular edges of it make it look thicker in the hand.

One thing that might trigger you and that is the brand-new iPhone box doesn’t carry a charger anymore. Well, you need to purchase a charger separately and pay extra bucks for yourself. It would cost you around $19-20.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Display

Just like the addition of OLED displays offered in iPhone 11, 11 pro size salt, and 11 pro-Max, iPhone 12 pro-Max has it too. If you are searching for bright color reproduction, this phone is the ideal choice for you. Anyone willing to switch from previous model iPhones to the brand new one, so he/she should not wait much.

Images are focused and tiny details pop out on the screen. The extra increased inches widen the user experience while he/she watches his/her favorite movie or plays their favorite game.

In the latest model, Apple has put a ceramic shield in front of the LED panel to keep it protected from a drop. Well, the power or strength has been multiplied by four times. Moreover, the company claims that the phone is scratch-resistant due to the ‘dual ion-exchange process.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera

One of the significant reasons for the users to move towards the iPhone 12 pro max is the rear camera. The features of wide-angle, ultra-wide angle, and telephoto zoom of 2.5x makes this machine exquisite and incomparable to its competitors.

Some people try to compare the camera of the iPhone 12 pro and Max. However, according to experts if the camera is the main reason for your purchase so you should opt for the iPhone 12 pro-Max.

With more progressive cameras, the sensors have become more reactive too. Through the sensors, the iPhone can grasp light and take clearer pictures of the object or the subject.


Well, it would not be an easy decision for anyone interested in purchasing an iPhone. However, the major decision relates to the price tag like what amount you are willing to invest in a headset. This article will help you find the best solution for yourself and through it, you can check whether which model suits your preferences.

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