How to Upload Multiple Photos to Instagram?

How to Upload Multiple Photos to Instagram?

Uploading several photos to your Instagram stories or posts is a time-saving method that enables and maximizes your involvement with your followers and helps to build overall coherent content. You can add several images to your Instagram Stories or perhaps on your timeline in various ways. For each one of them, we will provide you … Read more

How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor?

How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor

The advent of laptops has made lives considerably easier. Portable and lightweight, laptops grant you the flexibility of working anywhere, at your own pace and time. Whether you use your laptop for school, business or gaming, there may come a time where you’d want to take it up a notch and use it as a … Read more

How to Clean a Monitor?

How to clean a monitor Do it the right way with the help of this perfect guide

It doesn’t matter whether you have mischievous children at home or a wet-nosed pet, there are chances that your monitor may get irritating stains and smudges on it. Fingerprints and dirt won’t do much damage to your gaming monitor; however, you would find it relatively harder to crack your favorite headshot while playing the notorious … Read more

How to reset Google Home?

All you need to know how to reset Google Home

Adding Google Home to your smart-home setup may provide you with an opportunity to get much more out of your TV, Chromecast, and other smart devices. With great sound, responsive microphones, and other smart features, ranging from home control to language interpreter, Google Home brings you a bang for your buck. If you have messed … Read more

How to Stream PS4 to PC?

How to stream PS4 to PC All you need to know to stream PS4 games on your PC

If you want to know how to stream PS4 games to PC, we have got you covered. We all have been there. There is always someone else watching TV when you finally get the chance to use PlayStation 4. There is no reason to get angry or fight. Sony has upgraded PlayStation 4 to allow … Read more