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How To Use Xbox One Controller On Pc? It’s simple

Doesn’t Matter If You Want It Wired or Wireless, Here Is How to Do It!

If you want to play games on a PC or laptop and love using a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard, you may utilize an Xbox One controller. Also, because Windows 10 automatically recognizes the Xbox One controller, installation is a cool breeze.

Although, based on the type of Xbox One controller you have and the method you wish to connect with, the way you connect your controller to your PC may differ slightly.

We’ll walk you through connecting through USB, Microsoft’s wireless dongle, as well as Bluetooth. We will also assist you in determining if your controller accepts Bluetooth connectivity or not, since many Xbox One controllers do not.

How To Use Xbox One Controller On Pc – Through USB

Without wired access, the easiest way to configure any Xbox One controller using a USB cord is by far the simplest way to connect to a PC. For Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox 1 Elite controllers, this method works out pretty easily.

The Micro USB port is included in all versions of the Xbox One controller. This enables you to immediately connect it to a Computer using a Type A micro USB-to-USB connection. And, while the attached Xbox One controllers may instantly be recognized by Windows, you do not need to do anything further.

  1. Power on your Windows computer and connect your USB cable to it.
  2. Take the other end of the USB cable and connect it to the Xbox One Controller.
  3. To enable your controller, hit the Xbox logo. If the logo flickers and afterward disables temporarily, you may have a low battery or the cable that you use may only charge rather than transferring Try using a different Micro USB cable if you know your controller is packed with battery juice.
  4. Once it gets linked up to your PC, now you can enjoy your games. The good thing is that the Xbox One controller gets automatically connected to Windows You can play the games that support the controller input.

How To Use Xbox One S Controller On Pc – Through Bluetooth

It is essential to know that the original Xbox 1 controllers did not come equipped with Bluetooth support, still, some newer versions of the controller can support a Bluetooth connection. If you need to know whether your controller supports Bluetooth connectivity or not, just click here.

Also, make sure that your windows are updated to the Windows 10 anniversary update or any version that came after it.

So, whenever you are ready, just follow the below given simple steps:

  1. Turn your Xbox One controller on by simply pressing down the Xbox logo.
  2. Now, you need to turn on the Bluetooth of your computer. You can do so by switching it on through the Bluetooth settings or by simply through the Action Centre.
  3. Now that you have turned your Bluetooth on, you need to get it ready for the pairing. Go to the menu which is called ‘Bluetooth and other devices. You can find this menu by accessing the settings, then go to the devices, head over to the Bluetooth. Or, you can simply type Bluetooth in the search bar available in the settings menu.
  4. Next, you need to hold the connect button which is on your Xbox Controller for about 3 seconds. This button can be found on the front side of the controller.
  5. The Xbox Wireless Controller may be detected automatically by your PC so that the devices can match. Click “Pair” from the Bluetooth menu prompt if that happens. If not, keep reading the next steps.
  6. When you are in the Bluetooth and other devices menu, simply click on the + sign, this will add the Bluetooth device.
  7. Select “Bluetooth” from the new “Add device” box. You may choose the ‘Everything else’ option to connect Xbox controllers on laptops with an integrated Xbox wireless adapter but this starts a search for the devices available so be careful and doesn’t get confused.
  8. Choose your Xbox controller from the list of devices that are available for Bluetooth connection.

How To Use Xbox One Controller On Pc – Using The Xbox Wireless Adapter

Well, initially your Windows 10 comes equipped with the ability to work with Xbox wireless adapter. Whenever the device gets connected, the specific drivers needed for functionality automatically get installed so the whole process is simplified and very user-friendly.

Worth noting: Follow the Bluetooth connecting procedures for the Xbox Wireless Adapter on your PC – but choose “All else” at step 7.

  1. Link your Windows PC to your Xbox Wireless Adapter and then let drivers launch and install automatically.
  2. Try to ensure that the best connectivity is possible when the adapter is linked to your PC by keeping the controller in the line of sight of the PC.
  3. Press the Xbox logo in the middle of the controller to upload your Xbox One controller.
  4. Search the Xbox Wireless Adapter and tap the button
  5. Press your Xbox One Controller’s Connect button. It is available near the micro USB Port on the front of the device. This symbol is marked by the following: “((()”
  6. Make sure your controller’s Xbox logo blinks. This shows that they are connected. The connection is complete when the logo and LED of the USB adaptors are both sturdy.

Configure and Update The Xbox One Controller

These days, it’s not only the games that hit us up with updates. Controllers do that too! While your Xbox controller does not need to be updated necessarily, the process is rather straightforward if you are interested.

  1. Search for Xbox accessories and open the Windows Set up and open the app.
  2. Note from the Windows version that the app works with the upgrade on Windows 10 only. (anniversary update)
  3. Plug up a micro-USB cord to your Xbox One controller.
  4. To check that a firmware update is available for your controller click on the “More Options” button.

You can also use the Accessories app to set up features such as trigger and analog stick sensitivity if you have an Xbox One Elite controller. The two profiles the controller provides can be saved in different combinations. So, this is how to use Xbox One controller on pc. We hope this helps you.

Happy gaming!

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