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How to use Filters on Instagram Stories, Posts, and Reels?

With the recent Instagram update, many individuals found that the camera layout of Instagram has become a bit complex. Not only this but searching and applying filters levitated the complications as well.

If you don’t know how to use filters on Instagram, then we are here to help. By just sticking to these steps, you will get to know how you can easily put filters on your Instagram daily posts, reels, and stories.

But first what is an Instagram filter?

What is an Instagram Filter?

You may have a filter option in your mobile camera as well, so you must know what a filter does. It enables you to make some necessary adjustments to a picture. The same happens with Instagram filters. Instagram filters were first launched in 2011. At first, it offered its users the facility to use limited filters to alter images, but things have changed now.

Instagram lets its users use multiple ways to edit images like arranging borders, contrasts, brightness, and the tilt effect. The simple and easy layout of the application makes it even convenient for users to apply filters just by swiping left and right on the screen.

But this easy peasy convenient way might get confusing for some. For the sole reason, you landed here.

Adding Filters to Instagram Videos, Stories, and Photos

When we say it’s incredibly easy to edit and filter your image, then you must believe it. It’s probably the easiest thing in the world to add Instagram filters to your stories, videos, and posts. No matter what you are planning to post today on your Instagram profile, we bet it will take a maximum of 3-4 minutes to apply a filter.

Following are some ways through which you can explore and apply some of your favorite filters leaving the conundrum of how to use filters on Instagram?

Adding Photo/Video to Your Instagram Story

Step #1: Take a Picture or Select from Existing

The first step is to open the camera on Instagram by swiping right or tapping on the plus icon placed on the bottom of the application. Select a picture, video, or shorts that you want to apply a filter from your gallery or take a picture from the camera.

Step #2: Selecting a Filter

Once you have selected the photo for editing, the application will show you editing options on the screen. The icon on the bottom-middle of the screen will show some filters. Start swiping right and left until you get your desired effect. If you do not find the appropriate filter for your image, select the microscopic icon (appears as the last option in the default filters) and explore some new public filters.

Step #3: Uploading Video/Post on the Story

Once you are satisfied with the filter on your video/image, tap on Done from the top right corner. Adding the post to your story is another easiest thing. Just select Your Story option from the bottom and voila!

Applying Filters to Instagram Posts & Carousel Posts

Applying filters to post and carousel posts on Instagram while uploading is as easy as they are for your story edits.

Applying filters to your posts on Instagram can add value to your posts and increase engagements at the same time. If you are a small business, blogger, or influencer it is important to know how you can add value to your Instagram posts by using filters.

Look at the following steps to add filters to your Instagram posts and carousel posts.

Step #1: Plus Icon

Remember the plus icon we mentioned above? Tap on it and select picture(s) from your gallery to make a carousel or take one to upload as a post. Now when you have made your selection of photo(s), move further to apply filters.

Step #2: Tap on Next

Tap Next present at the top right corner of the screen and select the image you want to edit (if it is a carousel post, else you will have edit options on the screen when you select image). Here you will have further edit options at the bottom of the screen. Once you select a filter a bar of adjusting the intensity of the polarization and the saturation of the filter will be shown here as well. Increase or decrease them based on your preference.

Step #3: Share the Post

After adding filters and making necessary adjustments, tap Done to move to the next step. Now you will be asked to add a caption and enter a location to your post. Plus you can also tag your friends and share it to multiple other platforms as well. On adding all the details and editing your post, tap Share present at the same top-right corner.

Adding Filters to Your Instagram Reels

Just like YouTube and TikTok, Instagram has also introduced reels in its application. With this feature, you can upload entertaining short videos of 15 seconds known as Insta Reels. It is the most interesting feature since Instagram released its updated version.

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Applying filters to Instagram reels has quite a similar process as it is for Instagram stories. But how to apply filters to your reels and upload them to your Instagram profile? Look at these steps:

Step #1: Look for Create Mode

Look for your profile picture at the top left corner of your feed screen. Tapping here will open your camera. Tap on create an option to make a reel for your Instagram.

Another option is to look for the reel explorer page and select the camera option at the top right corner and open a reel creator mode.

Step #2: Tap on the Smiley Face

Returning to our main query, how to use filters on Instagram reels? Tap on the smiley face and explore a world of filters. Select the most desired one and apply it to the Instagram reel.

Step #3: Start making a Reel

Start recording after selecting the preferred reel filter. Once you are done with recording your reel, check if your selected filter is looking fine for the entire reel before publishing it to your Instagram profile.

Organizing Filters for Your Instagram Reels/Feed/and Posts

Undoubtedly Instagram is an incredible application with lots of options for posts, stories, and reels publishing. Even though applying filters to your posts would bring a new life to your posts/stories/videos, it can be really tiring to select filters sometimes from a range of filters.

For this purpose, Instagram has provided an option to its users to filter out, arrange, and hide certain filters so that they can find their favorite ones effortlessly.

Now, look at these steps to manage and arrange these filters for your stories/videos/posts on the go.

Step #1: Select Manage

First, capture or select an image from your gallery. Select next to land on the filter screen. Scroll till the end to have the manage filter option. This option is specifically designed for managing filters.

Step #2: Hide or Rearrange Filters

In order to rearrange your filter list, tap, hold, and drag the three-lined icon on your left side to move up and down to arrange and rearrange the filters.

To hide a filter, tick the circle placed on the right side of the filter. Once the color of the filter and circle fades away, this means that the filter is now hidden.

Step #3: Tap Done

Once you are done with rearranging and hiding the filters, tap on done placed at the top right corner of the screen. This will save your preferred filter settings.

Ending Note

For individuals who have just started using Instagram may not find it that much easy as it is for the new generation. This may be the reason because many of them find the Instagram layout a bit distracting and complex and this is why they are unable to apply filters to posts/videos/reels/carousels.

We hope that we have explained every tiny detail you may need to know about how to use filters on Instagram posts, stories, and reels. For this, it is also essential that you keep your Instagram application updated so you can explore trending filters and features in your application and add valuable content to your profile.

Follow the mentioned steps and enjoy applying filters to all of your upcoming posts and reels and surprise your audience.

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