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How to Update to Mojave – Best New Features and More

The latest version of the Operating System by Apple for Mac is here and it is free and easy to install.

At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference of 2018, the company changed the name of its operating system for Mac. First, the name of Northern California’s beautiful mountain range was given to the MacOS but now, Apple has decided to change it to the famed desert of Golden state. After giving the names of the mountain ranges like; El Captain, Yosemite, High Sierra, and Sierra – the newest version of the Mac operating system (10.14 version) has been named after California’s Mojave Desert.

As of now, you can upgrade your Mac Operating System to macOS Mojave free of cost! This version offers its users a basket full of new and exciting features. The features that we loved are; Dark Mode, Stacks, new and enhanced Finder, and much more.

How to Update to Mojave OS?

Once you’ve prepared your Mac for Mojave upgrade, you can download and install the new operating system. To do so, launch the Mac App Store and navigate to the Updates section. Since its debut, MacOS Mojave should be at the top of the list. To download the update, click the Update button.

Alternatively, you can also press the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen, select About This Mac, and then select the Software Update button, which will launch the Mac Program Store app and prompt it to scan for updates. Also, the Purchased tab of the Mac App Store allows you to watch the progress of your upgrade so you can check how much of it is done.

After your Mojave OS has finished downloading, all you need to do is follow the steps of the installation wizard to get your Operating system up and running. Also, for future Mojave OS updates, keep in mind that Apple has moved system updates to a new location, previously it was located in the app store.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

New Exciting Features

The macOS Mojave upgrade was not hidden from the public. The new version has functionality that you will notice right away, such as the ability to allow a dark mode and the appearance of applications you might be familiar with from the iPhone OS. Here are a few excerpts from the many new features that are being offered now.

  • Stacks: The Mojave OS will group or perhaps ‘stack’ different file types into one place automatically to free your desktop.
  • New apps: the iPhone apps that we all love are now coming to the Mac operating system. Like the news, voice memos, stocks, and home.
  • Group FaceTime: with the new operating system, now you can chat with 32 people at a time on facetime
  • Dark Mode: the dark mode changes the theme from light to dark color. It includes everything – even the menu bars and finders.

Security and Privacy Improvements offered by Mojave

The new operating system by Apple offers new solutions to the user’s privacy and security. The IOS 12 and the Mac OS Mojave have joined forces to bring down the nosy annoying websites. Also, one of the most important updates would be the Mac OS’s ability to stop the apps from accessing your Mac’s web camera and the mic. This update will surely catch the attention of a lot of people because everyone wants their data to be stored in a safe place.

Stay tuned and keep looking to know about more exciting upcoming features by Apple!

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