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How to Update iPhone to the Newest iOS 15.4 – Install now and get a better User Experience!

Updating your iPhone to the latest iOS always feels like a big task, especially when your phone is constantly in use. However, doing so is crucial for your phone’s swift performance because every year Apple launches at least one major OS update and minor incremental upgrades throughout the year to fix bugs, improve the privacy and overall performance of its phones.

With the launch of the latest and the most significant (or so Apple claims) iOS, some of you might be seeking ways how to update iPhone to IOS 15.4. Therefore, we have decided to pen down a detailed guide to help you out with it.

iOS 15.4 Features

Before you ask why should you update your iPhone to the latest iOS, here we have listed some best features of this version:

  • Face ID unlocks with a mask
  • 112 new emojis
  • Apple Card widget on the Home Screen
  • Updates to the iCloud Keychain
  • A new emergency call shortcut – ‘Call with five presses’

Instructions before updating your iPhone

Instructions before updating your iPhone

When you decide to update your iPhone, make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection that allows uninterrupted processing. Also, your phone has to be plugged into a power source for constant recharge as it is the foremost requirement to update the iOS.

How to Update iPhone? – 3 Methods

How to Update iPhone 3 Methods

There are 3 simple methods via which you can update your iPhone to the latest iOS. Check them all out and choose the one that is convenient to you.

How to Update iPhone Automatically?

How to Update iPhone Automatically

The easiest way to update your phone is by letting your device handle it. Following is how you can ensure that your phone has been automatically updated:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Scroll a bit and tap on “General”
  • Tap “Software Update”
  • Go to “Automatic Updates”
  • Now here you need to make sure that the toggles for both the options, ‘Download IOS Updates’ and ‘Install IOS updates’ are turned green
  • If they are not on already, tap them and turn them green so that your phone starts to update automatically

When you turn on this feature, your device starts getting updated while charging overnight.

Note: if you prefer installing the update at your desired time, then turn off the toggle for ‘Install iOS Updates’ and leave the other one on. By doing so, the latest update will download to your device and wait for you to install it by yourself.

How to Update iPhone Manually?

how to screen record on iPhone

Due to any reason, if your automatic update feature stops working, you can install the latest iOS version manually by following a few steps:

  • Again, open the settings app
  • Head to General
  • Open Software Update, there your phone will check if you have any latest updates pending
  • If there is any update available, you will see it right there like, ‘iOS 15.4’ beside the gear icon
  • Tap the ‘Download and Install’ option and agree to the terms and conditions to start installing

Note: If the ‘Download and Install’ option appears in gray, that means you have either unstable wifi or no wifi connection at all.

How to update iPhone via Macbook?

Surprisingly, you can update your iPhone using a Macbook. While we are not sure how it can be helpful to you, we have detailed the process below.

  • Connect your iPhone with your Mac using a USB cable
  • Open a Finder window by pressing ‘Command + N’ simultaneously
  • Select your device (iPhone) once it starts appearing on the Left Sidebar
  • Select the General tab near the Finder Window. Note: click on ‘Back-up’ now before starting updating your phone to prevent any data loss
  • Now, click on the ‘Check for Updates’ option to see if there are any updates ready to install
  • Lastly, click ‘Download and Update’, and your phone will start updating

Note: Make sure your Mac has a stable internet connection and your phone stays connected to the Mac till the update completes.

Why your iPhone won’t update?

How to update iPhone via Macbook

There could be a number of reasons your phone fails to update. We have discussed some of the most common issues with the iOS update below.

  • Poor Internet connection: As we have already discussed, you need to have a strong and stable internet connection to update the latest iOS. When the Wi-Fi is not working properly, you will get the message saying, “Unable to Verify Update’. To deal with the issue, you can either sit closer to your wifi or go to a friend’s place to update your device.

Note: Close all the background activities while your phone is updating as it could affect the wifi’s speed.

  • Not enough space on the phone: Your phone must have some free space to install the new updates. For instance, IOS 14 required 3GB of free space to install, and the older versions required even more. Since IOS 15.4 is the latest update available, it will cost you just 1.25 GB to install.
  • Low Battery: To update your iPhone, you need to have a minimum of 50% battery. The installation will not start if the battery is below that. However, you can put your phone on charge during the installation to combat this issue.
  • Reset your phone and then update: If none of the above solutions works, consider resetting your device. Doing so will revert your phone back to its default settings. You retrieve your data from iCloud and then begin re-installing the update. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue for sure.


Is iPhone 6 compatible with iOS 15?

Not all iPhones are compatible with the latest updates, especially the older models. In fact, some previous iPhone models are not certified as powerful enough to install the new iOS updates. However, if you have iPhone 6 or later, you should be fine to install IOS 15. It is specially introduced for iPhone 13 and the second-latest iPhones.

Is it wrong to not update your phone?

Since Apple constantly works on introducing new features, you will miss out on the chance to improve your phone’s security and have a better user experience by not updating your iPhone. Moreover, your iPhone will be extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Can you skip iOS 13 and 14?

It does not matter whether you follow an order to download the updates. You can skip to iOS 15.4 without installing 13 and 14. It will not have any effect on your phone. However, you cannot downgrade your phone to the previous iOS version.

Does not updating your phone cause problems?

The most common problem you would encounter is a slowdown in functionality. Otherwise, it works fine.

Can you force an iPhone update?

If by force refers to manual download here, then yes, you can. Above we have stated in detail how you can update an iPhone manually.

Will iPhone 6s install iOS 16?

While it is not yet official when the company plans to launch iOS 16, the chances are quite low that it would be compatible with iPhone 6 and further older versions.

End Note

Hopefully, this guide has helped you install the latest iOS 15.4. In case you still have any queries regarding the process, you can check out this video guide. Also, do remember that the iOS updates are for the latest iPhones. If you have an iPhone 5S or older, you are out of luck.

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