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How to Turn on Google Docs Dark Mode

Many of us are accustomed to using Dark Mode across all devices and applications. Well, can we somehow take this concept and apply it to Google Docs? Of course, we can. if you want to know how to enable dark mode on google docs, you are at the right place because here, we are going to shed light on how to use it across browsers and apps of PCs and smartphones.

Exploring Google Docs Dark Mode

As you all know, dark mode is a User interface design element of gadgets that transforms the ambient UI lighting from the typical bright/white tone to a darker / blackish tone. Based on the gadget as well as the app this color goes between grayish to dark black. This reduces the contact region of the blue-white direct illumination released by gadgets. Google Docs Dark Mode offers to minimize blindness and soothe the distress in the eye. This in turn will help to increase productivity.

There are numerous word processing alternatives commercially available, the best renowned of which is Google Docs & Microsoft Word. Both of which have advantages and disadvantages, however one similarity between the two is that they are used by many people daily.

With the constantly rising workload and job duties which are (to be honest) exhaustive and demanding, it takes time and effort sometimes until later hours, perhaps sometimes early in the mornings. This not just stresses people out psychologically, but notably damages their eyesight and overall physical health. The light intensity released by the gadget stresses your eyes. As a result, Dark Mode in apps was introduced to counter this fatigue.

How to Get Dark Mode

Google Docs, among similar apps, cannot modify the appearance. As a result, setting it to Dark mode straight through the Docs app is not permitted. However, this hardly prevents you from reaping the perks of the Night theme.

When it comes to Google Docs, there are 2 methods to modify the appearance, both of which involve installing a browser plugin or extension. To select the extension, you will need to visit the themes section of your web browser configurations.

Below, our experts have included instructions for doing so through the Google Chrome browser.

Google Docs Dark Mode On PC (Google Chrome)

Launch the browser and look for 3 vertical parallel dots beside your profile picture present on the far right area of your screen. The three dots will display a drop-down bar with one of the choices being Setting.

Head to Browser – to – Customization Three Dots – to – Settings

The setting menu that you just accessed has the option to flip your light mode to the dark one. So, it’s simple, just go to the Settings, then Appearance, and lastly Theme.

As soon as you click the Themes button, it will give you a new tab with lots of options and alternatives for you to download from.

A plugin/extension to your browser itself may be purchased or downloaded free here. As a result, by simply activating or deactivating the plugin, you may switch between dark or light styles for each of the websites you visit. Or even a particular plugin for Google Docs Dark Mode can be downloaded too.

The search matches will show up on the right side, along with a summary as well as an icon to assist in downloading the desired plugin.

After you choose an extension that perfectly meets your style, tap on the plugin. This opens up a comprehensive overview with pictures. You can click the description area to see all the pictures shown. This gives users a solid understanding of the way their browser will be getting modified by the plugin.

So, this is a very plain and easy method to enable Dark Mode.

Installing Dark Mode Plugin

Alright, so if you have found the best extension for yourself, now just click Add to Chrome to load and run the selected extension. You will notice that the downloading starts immediately. The plugin will be shown as a button on the browser when the installation is finished. You can manage and configure the extension by tapping on the button. You may either turn on or turn off Night Mode or Dark Mode with a single click of the mouse.

If you observe, in the above picture we have used the Dark Mode Suite since it features a dedicated toggle button for dark mode plus it is pretty simple to use.

In 2021, you will find a lot of dark mode plugins and application tools which are specifically created to cater to special apps. So, you can individually toggle the dark mode for each tab rather than automatically changing every tab or site running in your browser.

To download these app-specific dark mode extensions, you again have to access the theme store of your browser by heading to the browser settings and navigating to the Appearance section.

We searched for the specific dark mode extension for Google docs. But, it is entirely up to you. you can find dark mode for websites like Facebook, Twitter, and even sound-cloud too!

After you put the keyword in the search bar, the search results will show up on the right side of the screen. From here, you can simply pick the one that best suits you. upon tapping the extension of your choice, a comprehensive menu with a brief overview and some screenshots of the extension’s user interface will show up.

Once you decide on your favorite extension, just give Add to Chrome a click and your download will start. Just as we discussed before, the extension will appear as a button or an icon on your browser’s taskbar.

See the above picture? By downloading any of the extensions you can easily control your dark mode and use it as per your need.

Getting Google Docs Dark Mode on Android Phones

Here’s something to make up your day. To use Google docs Dark mode is very simple on android smartphones in contrast to using it on your PC browser. While you have to search, select, download, install and enable the Dark mode on your PC with an extension. On smartphones, it is a piece of cake.

Run your Google Drive application on the smartphone to shift to dark mode on the Android smartphone.

Upon the left upper side, you will see 3 parallel lines that seem like a hamburger. Hit these lines and then choose Settings. Features such as Dark Lights as well as the system standard settings may be found in the themes section. When you click Dark, the template will immediately transition to Night mode or Dark mode.

To sum up the process, go to Google Drive – to – Horizontal lines – to – Settings – to – Choose Theme – to Dark Mode.

Getting Google Docs Dark Mode on IOS Phones

A key feature generally not offered in all gadgets by Apple is the choice of switching up to dark mode in a specific application. They release device-specific upgrades; therefore, it may take some time for your phone to be listed in an upgrade. Having said that, going to the night theme on your iPhone or iPad is a very straightforward process.

Click options under the hamburger icon on Gmail, which gives you a choice of alternatives. Pick general settings from these. Pick your theme and get the dark one. This will activate the Night theme in the application.

To sum up, the process, go to Gmail – to – Settings – to – General Settings – to – Theme – to – Dark

And, whenever you feel like switching back to your default light theme, just follow the same steps and select Light in the theme section. And you will be good to go.

Getting Google Docs Dark Mode on Firefox

If you are a Firefox browser fan, you can use Dark Mode too! Just read the steps given below to enable google docs dark mode on the Firefox browser.

  1. Launch your Firefox browser then navigate to the 3-bar navigation –> Select the Add-ons choice.
  2. Select different themes from the left main settings panel
  3. The “Dark” theme may be seen on the right-hand side. To use your Firefox Dark theme, tap on the Activate option.
  4. Launch the Dark Reader application in Mozilla Firefox and next select its Add To Firefox.

  5. Now, upon the pop-up below, hit the Add box.
  6. Next, whenever you launch Google Docs, you should see things like this:

Final Thoughts

Google Docs employs the bright layout by default, however, its dark mode is perfect for using with your smartphone at nighttime or in low-light conditions. Aside from adopting the blue light filters or changing the intensity of brightness on your display, dark mode is a good technique to decrease eye fatigue without depleting your device’s power.

We use the Google Docs Dark Mode plugin all day long, even during our team projects too, because it isolates the page colors from the UI. This allows us to fully concentrate on the task at hand. So, getting the dark mode is a huge benefit if you have to function and work in a gloomy environment frequently, for both you and everyone around you.

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