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How to Turn off iPhone 12 in the Simplest Ways?

Are you unable to turn off your iPhone 12 or 11? Stop pressing that side button. It won’t turn off your phone as it used to in previous generations.

After the release of the iPhone 13, the prices for previous generations have dropped to an extent. The decline in the prices triggered the sales for iPhone 12 as well. However, some seem to not be unhappy with their purchase. All the iPhone 12 and 11 users have been complaining about one common problem, which is their iPhones don’t turn off.

Thereby, we have listed ways for how to turn off iPhone 12 for new iPhone users or those who recently have upgraded from iPhone 8 or X.

How to Turn off iPhone 12?

You can turn your iPhone 12 with two methods. Let’s begin with the easiest one.

Method no. 1

Press the button situated on the right side of your phone with any of the volume keys. Once you press both the keys simultaneously, you will feel a haptic vibration. Then, a slider will appear on the top part of your screen showing two options; “Slide to power off” on the top and “Medical ID and an Emergency SOS” slider on the lower side. Swipe left to right on the top one to turn off your phone.

Methos no. 2

The first method is the easiest one and works perfectly well in all cases. However, for some reason, if your side keys won’t press (which usually happens if you buy a refurbished or second-hand iPhone) or due to some software issues, the second method will help you turn off your phone.

Go to Settings, press General. You will see options like “Date & Time” “keyboard” etc. Scroll down to find the “Shut Down” option. It will be present right below the Reset button.

How to Force Restart an iPhone 12?

Even though iPhones are one of the smartphones that freeze the least, you may encounter some issues if you delay updates or download unauthorized apps. But there is always a solution to every problem. A hard restart can resolve such issues.

With the launch of the iPhone X, Apple has introduced a sequence of buttons for force restart. Press the volume up button and release, then press the volume down button and release. Lastly, press the side button and hold. A power menu will appear. Now instead of swiping from left to right keep holding the side button until you see the Apple logo on your iPhone screen.

A hard reset won’t affect your phone or erase data. However, if you do it more often, you might face some issues in the long run. So it is better to fix the bug that is causing your iPhone to lag and forcing you to force restart often.

How to Turn on your iPhone?

Whether it’s iPhone 12 or iPhone 8, the turning on method is the same for all. Just press the key on the right until an Apple logo appears on your screen. If it does not work, then it might be because your iPhone has a dead battery. And if you encounter the same problem after charging your iPhone then there is a possibility that your iPhone is in DFU mode.

How to Turn on your iPhone using a charging cable or wireless charger?

Other than using conventional methods, you can turn on your iPhone 12 using your charger. Just connect the cable to your iPhone and plug in your charger to a power source. Or if you have Apple’s wireless charger then put your phone on it and in a few seconds, your phone will turn on itself.

Restart an iPhone using AssistiveTouch

Very few people know about AssistiveTouch for restarting iPhones as the method is a bit complicated. However, you might find it useful when nothing else may work for you. The digital option is buried deep down in the settings but it is worth the effort.

How to start?

  • Go to Settings
  • Press Accessibility
  • Press Touch
  • Turn on the toggle for AssistiveTouch
  • Press the on-screen AssistiveTouch feature
  • Press Device
  • Press More (if it shows)
  • And finally, tap the Restart option.

Restart via Voice Control

Thanks to last year’s iOS update, with iOS 13 you can now reboot your iPhone 12 with a simple voice command bypassing Siri.

To start with this feature, first, you need to make sure that your Voice Control feature is enabled. Head to Settings, tap Accessibility, then tap Voice Control. In the Voice Control menu, you will see a toggle for Voice Control, if it’s off then it means you have not been using it. Turn the toggle on and return to the home screen. A blue mic will appear in the top left corner of your screen. The mic will turn blue when you bring the phone closer to you. Once it’s blue, command “Reboot Device”. A pop-up confirmation menu will appear asking are you sure you want to Restart your iPhone?”, tap “Restart” and your device will be set to restart within no time.

Force starting an iPhone using alternative methods is not always the best option. You must troubleshoot the actual problem which is stopping your iPhone from turning off via normal methods.

How to turn on Recovery Mode on iPhone 12?

Follow the steps below to turn on Recovery Mode on your iPhone:

  • Connect your phone with a laptop using the charging cable. If it’s your first time connecting your phone to the laptop then you will have to tap the Trust this device dialogue that pops up. Enter your passcode to authorize the pairing.
  • Now, press the volume up button on the left side, hold it for a second, and release. Perform a similar step for the volume down key.
  • Press the side button until a “Connect to Computer” dialogue appears on your screen.
  • If you are using a Mac, a Finder window will appear to confirm that your phone has been put on recovery mode.

Once your phone is on recovery mode you can either opt to Restore or update iOS.


If you are looking for a clear-cut method to turn off iPhone 12, we would suggest going for method 1. However, if you want to explore more options then you can check the remaining ones. They will help you in emergency situations.

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