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How to Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone With & Without SIM — Using Gmail, Move to iOS App, & Google Account Sync

Well, it seems you have just got your hands on a new iPhone, and seeking how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone just tells you why you should have stuck with Android. But hey, that was a joke, probably a bad one.

It is good that you switched to the iPhone, after all the different experiences account for different lessons, and here’s one to add to your iOS proficiency, i.e., how you can transfer contacts from Andriod to iPhone.

First of all, the process of transferring contacts from an Andriod device to an iPhone is the same for all iPhones, be it iPhone 12, 13, or any upcoming device from Apple. Yes, there are multiple methods to do so, and we will be learning all of them in this elusive guide.

With that said, let’s start with the most desired way of transferring contacts from Android to iPhone, which is using either Gmail or Bluetooth. Unfortunately, there is no way you could use Bluetooth to transfer contacts between the two devices.

Why? It is because Apple only allows for inter-iOS devices to function using Bluetooth. As a result, you are left with only one option, which is Gmail. It falls under the category of Without SIM methods of transferring contacts, and here is how you do so.

How to Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone Without SIM?

In general, the methods of transferring contacts from Android to iPhone are categorized into two categories, with SIM, and without SIM. The latter comprises methods like leveraging Gmail, third-party applications, Move to iOS app, syncing Google account, etc.

How to Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone Using Gmail?

Unlike other methods of transferring contacts between the two devices, this method involves making a vCards file, which is later transferred using Gmail to your iPhone logged in with the same email address to which you sent the files.

This method is a time-saver, but given the advancement in both the operating systems, i.e., the Andriod and iOS, there have come many alternatives. However, we will look at them later in this guide; for now, here’s how you can transfer contacts from Android to iPhone using Gmail.

  1. Unlock your Andriod phone, and head to the ‘Contacts’ app.
  2. There you should see a ‘three-dot’ menu in the upper right corner, tap on it.
  3. From there, ‘select all contacts,’ and tap the ‘share’ icon.
  4. The next prompt will prepare all your contacts into a vCard file and will ask you to select the sharing medium.
  5. Select Gmail from there, and send the vCard file to your iPhone.
  6. Once received on your iPhone, tap on the downloaded file, and follow the prompts to add all your contacts to your new iPhone.

That’s as simple as that. People fear it as if it’s very technical, and opt for the alternatives, which isn’t bad, everyone opts for what makes them comfortable, and if you are looking for alternatives, keep reading this guide.

How to Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone Using Move to iOS App?

Move to iOS is Apple’s very own data transferring application that you can only use to set up a brand new iPhone and not a refurbished or second-hand device by Apple. For them, you can opt for the other methods described in this guide.

Before we get to the process, make sure both your devices, including Android and iPhone, have Move to iOS app installed. You can find the respective app in Google Play Store for Android, and on the App Store for iPhone.

Here’s how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone using the Move to iOS app:

  1. Unlock your new iPhone, and run the application.
  2. Follow the prompts until you confront the ‘Apps & Data’ window.
  3. From there, select ‘Move Data From Android,’ and it will show you a security code.
  4. Now open the app on your Android phone, and it will ask you to enter the security code shown on your iPhone.
  5. Enter the code in your Android device, and it will prepare everything on your Android device to be transferred to your new iPhone.
  6. Make sure to mark contacts in the list, and begin the transfer.

That’s it, your contacts will now be on your new iPhone, the same way they were on your Android device. Not to forget, the Move to iOS app may act up during the process, and you may have to iterate the process a few times, but it will do it for you, it will transfer all your contacts, only that you remain patient.

How to Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone Using Google Account Sync?

Syncing and linking your Google account between your Android and iPhone is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. The whole process is quite simple as you only have to enable synchronization and log in with the same account on your iPhone.

Here’s how you can transfer contacts from your Android device to your iPhone using Google account sync:

  1. On your Andriod device, head to Settings > Accounts & Sync (or in some cases Settings > Accounts > Google > Sync).
  2. Spot ‘Contacts’ and tap or switch on the toggle to start the synchronization process.
  3. Now, head to your iPhone, and log in with the same account as your Android device.
  4. You can log in via heading to ‘Passwords & Accounts’ and tapping on ‘Add Account’ from there.
  5. During the login process on your iPhone, spot and enable the synchronization for contacts, and for other files if you want to.
  6. By the end of the process, your iPhone will have all your contacts, which will still be there, on your Android device.

Apart from these without SIM ways of transferring contacts from Android to iPhone, there is one more way you could opt for, which is using a third-party application. To us, the best among the third-party data transferring applications is ‘EasyShare’ that you can get in Google Play Store as well as on the App store.

How to Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone Using SIM

The methods we discussed and learned above were all categorized under without the SIM category of transferring contacts from Android to iPhone. However, this method is no longer functional with Google’s Contact app, you will have to download a third-party application to support you in this method.

To name one, you could use the Copy to SIM Card application.

Here’s how to transfer contacts between the devices using the SIM card.

  1. Insert the SIM card you wish to transfer the contacts to, from your Android device.
  2. On your Android device, open the ‘Copy to SIM Card’ app.
  3. On the main screen of the application, you would see two tabs including ‘Contacts on SIM card’, and ‘Contacts on Phone.’
  4. Head to the ‘Contacts on Phone’ tab, select all the contacts, and tap on the ‘Copy’ button placed in the bottom right corner, and will appear right after you have selected all the contacts.
  5. It will copy all your contacts into the desired SIM card, which you can then take out and insert back into your iPhone.

Note that only Google’s Contact app doesn’t allow for contact exportation. Otherwise, if you are using a smartphone from manufacturers like Samsung, Realme, etc. they have their own versions of contact app, where you don’t have to download any third-party applications, and easily export your contacts to your SIM card. Here’s how:

  1. On your contacts app > Settings > Manage contacts > Export to SIM Card.
  2. Follow the prompts, and that’s it, your contacts are transferred.


These four ways are about how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. You can either develop a vCard file or send it using your Gmail account to your iPhone, or you can use Apple’s own Move to iOS app to access your android contacts on your iPhone.

One more without the SIM method is to use Google Account synchronization and link to your iPhone. Apart from these ways, there remains only one way, which is to transfer your contacts using the SIM card.

However, the Google contact app doesn’t allow you to export your contacts to the SIM, you can use the Copy to SIM Card for that. But if you are a user of RealmeUI, OneUI, or any other user interface that is customized with the brand’s own skin, you can export your contacts to your SIM card from the settings upfront.

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