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Planning to have a Movie tonight? Here’s How to Stream Netflix on Discord?

In the surge of the pandemic, the world had to shift virtual for completing daily tasks. With this new norm, everything started taking a shift. The present one is not the same world we knew before Feb 2020. Similarly, when people started working from home they got new ideas and innovations to work and relax. And applications like Netflix and Discord started gaining popularity they never had before.

Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or a movie freak, you must have an idea of how the excitement and fun levitate when your favorite people are around. Today, in this guide, we are going to explore new ways to use Discord and Netflix. If you want to know how to stream Netflix on Discord to watch movies together with your friends and families who might get stuck somewhere during the lockdown, then hold on you’ll get all your answers here. But for those who are new to know about Discord, let’s help them figure out what the hype is all about.

What is Discord and How to use it?

Discord is a chat application used in cross-platforms. It was initially designed to help gamers to communicate with each other in a game, but it is now accessible to all.

What makes it difficult for the users is that Discord keeps updating its application. One of the examples is Discord Stage Channels, a Club-house type feature that enables users to interact openly with any platform. To use your Discord application and connect with other applications you need to add them first. This is why it becomes intricate for some and they wonder how to stream Netflix on Discord?

However, it is not something that you need to call an IT expert for this. Just read the next part of the article and start streaming your Netflix series.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord?

To start streaming your favorite Netflix videos on Discord, you will have to consider some technical issues that may arise. One of the major problems that users often face is the DRM – Digital Rights Marketing protection and the black screen that keeps the audience watching movies.

If you have ever connected your Discord account to any other streaming application, you must have ended up on the same issue. The following steps identify the reason for removing the DRM protection and black screen problems. So read carefully and follow each step to have smooth Netflix streaming on your Discord application.

1. Download and Install Discord App on your Mac or Windows

Discord application is available in two versions for the users to download. A desktop version and as an application. Unfortunately, the desktop version of Discord does not support Netflix. Therefore, to stream Netflix on your PC or Mac using Discord, you would need to download the PC or Mac Application of Discord on your computer.

For this, visit the official Discord website and download the compatible version of the Discord application according to the operating system you use.

Once the application is downloaded and installed, login by scanning the QR code from your phone if it is pre-installed there. Otherwise, login through your credentials if you already have an account. In other cases, register and sign up to make one.

2. Resolve black screen issues on Discord while streaming Netflix

As mentioned, it is the most common issue, which Discord users face. When Discord is connected with Netflix, users at the receiving end only view a black screen no matter what there’s playing.

To resolve this issue, you have to turn off the hardware acceleration on your default browser. Further in this guide, we have provided all the information you need to turn off your hardware acceleration for your browser if you prefer to use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

From the TOC above you can land on your default browser and follow the instructions to alter your browser settings.

Let’s start the process with the most common browser Google Chrome:

Steps involved in disabling the hardware acceleration on Google Chrome

  1.  Open your chrome browser and look for three vertical dots present at the top right corner of your chrome browser or just press Alt+F. From here, go to ‘Settings’.
  2.  At the settings page, go to ‘System’ and find the ‘Advanced’ option. Once you open the Advanced options, there would be an option saying ’Use Hardware Acceleration when available’, turn off the toggle presented at the right corner of this option.

After disabling the option, restart your Chrome Browser.

Steps involved in disabling the hardware acceleration on Edge


  •  Find Microsoft Edge from the bottom left Menu option from your Mac or PC (if this is not your default browser). Go to settings from the horizontal three dots present at the top right corner of the browser window.
  •  Once the setting page opens, look for Systems and toggle off the ‘Use Hardware Acceleration when available’ option. Restart your Microsoft Edge Browser. With this audience at the receiver’s end would be able to watch Netflix streams without having a black screen.

Steps involved in disabling the hardware acceleration on Mozilla Firefox

  1. To alter hardware acceleration settings, Firefox users need to select the three horizontal lines from the top right corner of the browser screen. Here, look for the ‘General’ option and select it
  2.  At the general settings page, scroll down to reach the ‘Performance’ option. Here, under the Performance list, uncheck the options for ‘Use suggested performance settings’. With this, another option of ‘Use hardware Acceleration when available’ option will appear, uncheck It as well. Then restart your browser to apply the settings.

Open Netflix on your preferred browser and connect Discord for streaming

Now the most common issue of having a black screen while streaming to Discord has now been resolved. Now you are all set to stream Netflix on Discord with your pals. To set up and connect your Discord and Netflix together, follow the following steps.

Open the browser of your choice and launch Netflix and play the movie, animated series, or show that you have planned to watch together. Once the movie started playing, pause it and launch Discord.

Inside the Discord application settings, look for the ‘GEAR’ to open settings. You can find it easily right next c to your ID name and profile picture in the Discord app.

Here at the settings page, click on the ‘Activity Status’ tab from the left settings panel and click ‘Add it’ present beside the ‘Not seeing your game’ button.

Once you clock on the ‘Add it’ tab, a dropdown menu will appear. This will show all the applications on your PC or Mac running in the background.

Here, you have to select your browser name where you have pre-launched Netflix.

Next, go to the server where you want to play the movie and tap on the ‘Stream’ icon (a monitor) which will appear right above your user ID once you have applied the settings.

You can also do this through a voice channel. Here, you need to use the ‘Share Screen’ option from the bottom left menu and select the browser you are using to play Netflix.

  1. Set the voice channels and resolutions through which you’d like to provide movie hosting. Altering the sound and resolution option will only appear if you are using a Discord Nitro account. If not, then you can only stream in 720p at 30 fps. To be able to stream Netflix on Discord with 1080p/60fps, you need to take Discord Nitro Membership from the same website where you have downloaded it.
  2. After voice channels and resolution configuration, click on the ‘Go Live’ button to share the screen or start the stream in the preferred streaming medium of your choice.
  3.  When you are done with your settings, ask other members to click on the server and press on ‘LIVE’ button from the voice channel options and there you have your very own Netflix Party on Discord without paying a penny for other sharing screens.
  4. It’s that simple
  5. At the end of the show when you wish to disconnect the screen sharing, then click on the red end call button. This will conclude the Netflix show and end the watch party for all the users connected.

But what if you want to switch your Netflix experience from just your PC or Mac to your Android TV or Fire TV Stick? Not to worry at all, we have the solution for this as well.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord and Connect it to Android TV?

To stream Netflix on your Android TV or FireTV Stick via Discord, you need to follow somewhat similar steps we followed before. First, you need to launch Netflix, pause, and start Discord as we did while setting up the sharing screen. Once you set up Discord, you need to connect your TV or PC to it.

The common way that people often use to connect TV and a PC application is by using an HDMI cable. But things have changed now, there is Bluetooth smart TV and not everyone has HDMI cable at their homes. Plus, you cannot chat and stream videos via HDMI cable though.

To enable your device for streaming Netflix on Smart TVs, use Chromecast or Miracast functions already installed in Smart TVs. Here are some steps to follow:

Netflix Watch Party on Smart TV or FireTV Stick

  1.  On your Fire TV Stick, Use the Alexa Button from the remote and say ‘Air Screen’.
  2.  It will show a list of apps named ‘Air Screen’. Download the first one from the list. On Smart Android TV, download the same application through PlayStore.

Air Space will enable Chromecast or Miracast to work properly on your FireTV or Smart TV.

  1.  If your TV already has the ability to run Chromecast and Miracast function properly, then you may not need to download Air Screen. But still, it is recommended to download, you will feel the robust difference.
  2. Once downloaded, your TV is now ready to mirror the PC screen to watch Netflix. But first, we have to apply the whole process again for adding the device to the Discord which enables you to stream Netflix through Discord.
  3.  Set up the watch party on your PC by tapping on the action center from the bottom left corner of your Windows PC. Here click on ‘Project’

Alternatively, you can go for the ‘Connect’ option residing beside the ‘Project’ button for the same purpose. Choose your preferred device to start sharing the screen.

  1. Look at the nearby devices ready to connect to your PC and select the one you want to connect.
  2.  That’s it. Now you are ready to host a watch party through Discord via FireTV or Smart TV.
  3.  With this method, you can also use your PC’s microphone and webcam to talk to your friends and watch the movie at the same time.

Watching Netflix on Discord with Friends – FAQs

Is it possible to stream Netflix on Discord?

Yes, it is super easy to stream Netflix over Discord. For this, you just have to screencast your default browser to Discord. The common problem Discord users face often is the black screen at the audience end which can be resolved by disabling Hardware acceleration. To see the complete process, read the above steps.

How to cast Netflix streaming to Discord?

To enjoy your Netflix streaming experience with your friends, you just have to add your chrome browser to the Discord application, resolve the black screen issue, and click on the screen sharing option from Discord. Following the above-mentioned methods, you can easily allow your browsers to cat Netflix on Discord.

Can you initiate streaming through your mobile?

Unfortunately, you cannot toggle off the DRM as you can on your PC which keeps you from sharing the screen.

Is it illegal to share your Netflix screen through Discord?

As long as you are keeping it to a small group of your friends, then you can surely give it a try occasionally. Other than this, a single-word answer for this question is NO. It is illegal to stream Netflix on Discord for commercial purposes.

Does Netflix restrict users to share screens on Discord?

Of course, as it will prevent users from buying Netflix Screens/accounts. Netflix block screen sharing/casting through Discord. But we have found a working way through which you can add Netflix on Discord and use it for fun without any issue.

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