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How to Screenshot on Samsung Tablet? How can you take a long screenshot?

Screenshots have been known to make life easier, from securing sensitive or valuable information to ruining one’s dignity, there is hardly anything that a screenshot, if taken timely, can’t do. Either of those reasons could probably be why you are here, learning how to screenshot on a Samsung tablet.

We’ll ensure your arrival here doesn’t face disappointment through our list of potential methods or ways to screenshot on your Samsung tablet that will make you feel like a pro. You can easily leverage those screenshots to your advantage and carry out numerous purposes.

Before we start, we’d like you to know that like there are different variants or models of Samsung tablets, there are different ways of taking screenshots on all of them, with a few exceptions of similarities. With the newer models, Samsung kept on equipping them with modern technology, allowing some to capture the screenshot with a palm, some with a status bar button, and some with its edge panels.

As a result, we will not be listing all those methods because it can take a while to dig into every one of them and then list them here. But, we’ll surely explain that one uniform method that you can apply to every single Samsung tablet launched to date.

How to screenshot on Samsung Tablet?

How to screenshot on Samsung tablet

Since all the Samsung tablets use an android operating system, there is one uniform method to all of them, and that is built-in in every android version.

Here’s how to screenshot on Samsung tablet.

  • You must already have the image, app, or text open to take the screenshot.
  • You now need to place your fingers on the power button and volume-down button.
  • Right after you have placed your fingers on them, press the buttons at the same time.
  • Your Samsung tablet should take the screenshot.
  • Let go of the buttons.

How to screenshot on Samsung Tablet? Long Screenshot / Scroll Capture

How to screenshot on Samsung tablet Long Screenshot Scroll Capture

Note: This feature only works with the latest Samsung tablets.

Long screenshots or scroll capture is a feature in the latest Android versions, allowing you to capture the hidden content of the screen. For instance, you will be able to capture the whole page of the document that won’t fit to your tablet’s or smartphone’s screen.

Here’s how you can take long screenshots on Samsung tablets or scroll capture the content.

  • Go to settings, and navigate to the ‘Advanced Features or Settings.’
  • From there, select ‘Screenshots.’
  • You should see a toggle for ‘Screenshot toolbar.’
  • Enable the toggle, and your ‘Screenshot toolbar’ will be enabled.
  • Now take a screenshot using the method described above.
  • There will appear a black ribbon at the bottom of your tablet’s screen.
  • Tap the second option from the left until you capture the screen to the desired length.

This way, you’ll capture a long screenshot on your Samsung tablet, which you can find, edit, and share with the two methods described below.

Where can you access the screenshot?

There are multiple ways you could view or access the screenshot you have just learnt to capture on your Samsung tablet.

Right after your screenshot is captured, the system will notify you from the notification bar. You can tap on the notification to view the screenshot right away or you can edit it with the ‘Edit’ button on the notification itself.

If the edit button is not there, you can edit it after the screenshot is opened, from the top right corner of the screen.

The second way to view the screenshot is by hopping into your Samsung tablet’s gallery. There you will see a folder named after ‘Screenshots.’ Tap on that folder, and all your screenshots will be found there.

How can you share the Screenshot?

How can you share the screenshot

Like viewing the screenshot, there are two ways you can share it. First of all, there is a way from the notification panel. In the notification itself, there will be a button ‘Share,’ as you tap on it, the system will slide up a range of applications capable of sharing the screenshot.

You will find all the usual applications including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, among any other specific social applications you use. Click on the desired app, and you’ll be able to share it as you follow the prompts.

Another way to share the screenshot is accessing the gallery, finding the screenshot — now the share button will either be at the front, or within the ‘ ⠇’ button by the side — press the share button, choose the desired app, and follow the prompts ahead to share your screenshots.


We hope that you have learned how to screenshot on Samsung tablet, along with the scroll capturing. The methods are very simple once tried. There are further additional methods varying from model to model, which may prove to be difficult at first, but as you get used to using them, they will mean no hassle for you.

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