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Don’t Know How to Screenshot on Dell? We Have Got You Covered

Do you want to capture a screenshot with your Dell computer or laptop? That might seem a little hard, thus, here we will explain precisely how to accomplish that.

No one imagined that software that allows you to save precisely what is displayed on your monitor could be so easy plus also so useful before the age of screenshots. This post demonstrates multiple methods for taking screenshots on Dell desktops and laptops so, now you won’t have to ask around about how to screenshot on Dell Laptop, PC, or tablet.

But, first, let’s see what a screenshot is:

What is a Screenshot?

screen shot

A lot of folks call it a screenshot, some call it a screengrab, while others call it a screencap – doesn’t matter what label it by. So, a screenshot is a photograph of your laptop’s monitor, it shows exactly what is present on the screen. We can keep telling you about the ease in productivity that screenshots provide in the new generation of PCs. We’ve all heard that a visual is much more interesting and informative than a long essay, and hence the rise of snapshots is absolute proof of that.

Assume you need input from your coworkers on a fresh website page you created. Or perhaps you need folks to glance at a certain brochure you made. Your coworkers may check through it and make a list of all the modifications and enhancements which can be done. Conversely, they might just click a snapshot, note the areas which require changes, and email it along. This option would be significantly more easy and productive.

Screenshots are also useful when reporting any problem. Whenever you report an issue, IT and Web Assistance teams will frequently request a screenshot. Once you submit your screenshot, it is much simpler for the assistance crew to identify what is wrong as well as how to solve it.

Well, that isn’t all. Now let’s assume you are creating your team’s guidance handbook. You simply have to capture a few snapshots then demonstrate them exactly how it’s done.  Why would you even waste your precious time and energy while writing a lengthy essay when you can easily just highlight and edit your snapshots?

In other words, taking a screenshot is now a wonderful tool for private as well as official usage. If you own a Dell computer or laptop but are unable to see how the display on the Dell laptop may be captured, feel free to read this out.

How to Screenshot on Dell?

  • From your keyboard, hit the Print Screen / PrtScn button (to snap your entire display and store it on your computer).
  • At the bottom left side of your computer hit the Start icon then input “paint.”

How to Screenshot on Windows 10?

First, you need to go to your Game bar. To access the Game bar, press Windows + G. To take an entire screenshot of your screen, hit the screenshot box there in the Game bar as well as you can also utilize the standard command prompt: Windows key + Alt + PrtScn. To modify your Game bar snapshot shortcut, navigate to Settings > Gaming > Game bar.

Capturing scrolling screenshots on PC?

There are several methods to take a snapshot on Windows 10. To capture a screenshot, simply hit Ctrl + PRTSC or FN + PRTSC, and you’ll get a snapshot in seconds. There is also a Snipping Tool integrated inside windows 10 that enables you to snap a part of a screen along with pop-up panels.

How can you snap a screenshot of your PC?

  • Select the area you want to grab by clicking on it.
  • Hit Ctrl + Print Screen via hitting the Ctrl button and holding the Print Screen button.
  • Hit the Start icon which is situated in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.
  • Select All Programs.
  • Select Accessories.
  • Select Paint.

How can I capture a snapshot when there is no print-screen key?

Firstly, to view your Start Screen hit “Windows,” then enter “on-the-screen keyboard” and afterward hit “On-Screen Keyboard.” To grab the display and save the picture in the memory, use the PrtScn key. Click on “Ctrl-V” and finally put the picture into the photo editor, now you can save it.

How can you screenshot on your Dell tablet?

Windows 8.1 and 10 provide built-in functionality for capturing screenshots of whatever native application.

  • Setup the display that you need to capture a screenshot.
  • Simply press down your Windows Key and press the Print Screen button.
  • A fresh snapshot in a PNG file will be found in the Screenshot directory beneath the Pictures

Bonus Tips!

You can capture quick Screenshots with the help of Print Screen (PrtScn)

  • First, click on the PrtScn key to transfer the screen to your clipboard.
  • To save your screenshot as a file, just click the Win + PrtScn keys.
  • You can also use the integrated snipping tool included in your Windows.

In Which Folder Do Your Screenshots Get Saved?


Wondering what is the destination of Windows’ snapshots directory? Every snapshot which is taken without the use of third-party apps in Windows 10 as well as Windows 8.1 is saved in the standard preset folder named Screenshots. You may locate it in your folders (Pictures folder to be exact).

Let’s Capture Screenshots While Scrolling!

Go to the display you wish to capture. Snap a screenshot as usual. After taking a screenshot, select Scroll capture (formerly known as “capture more”) among the choices that appear at the base of your display. Continue to press the Scroll capture icon to scroll across the screen till you are finished.

You can also navigate to Google Chrome Web Store then type “screen capture” into the search field. Download the “Screen Capture (via Google)” add-on by selecting it. Once downloading and installation gets completed, go over to the Chrome toolbar’s Screen Capture icon and choose Capture Entire Frame, or just enter the keyboard combination Ctrl + Alt + H.

Locating the Screenshot Folder on PC

To capture a snapshot and also save it to your computer, hit the Windows plus Print Screen buttons at the same time. Your display will temporarily darken, simulating a shutter impression. Navigate to the usual screenshot file folder, which can be found inside “C: Users[User] > My Pictures > Screenshots,” to retrieve your saved screenshot.

Where can I find the Print Screen key?

Print Screen is a button that can be found on your PC or Laptop keyboard, it’s usually found in the very same region as the breaking as well as scrolling lock keys. Both the print screen and the system request keys may use the very same button.

Windows Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is just a snapshot application bundled with Microsoft Windows Vista or higher. It may capture still images of the active panel, rectangular sections, free form sections, and the full screen too. Windows 10 has a unique “Delay” option that enables delayed snapshot capturing.

To access the menu options on Windows 7, use the Esc button first. Ctrl + PrtScn are the keys you should use. This takes a screenshot of the whole screen, even the current menu which is opened. Choose Configuration (in previous versions, click the arrows beside the New icon) next, choose the type of snip that you need, and finally, it chooses a part of the display clip you need to capture.

How can I capture a snapshot using Windows 10 without utilizing the print screen feature?

print screen key

Here is how to just capture a snapshot of the present window.

  • Select the app from which you wish to capture a snapshot.
  • Check that it is in the forefront and not hidden among any open apps.
  • To take a screenshot, hold down the alt key and press the Print Screen button.
  • Launch MS Paint.
  • Ctrl + v will open a new window.
  • This will copy the snapshot of the currently active window into the Paint app.

Moreover, remember that you can tap Alt when hitting the PrtSc key when you only want to grab one current window and nothing else. The whole key sequence catches the currently active window, so be certain that you’re inside the frame that you need to grab before hitting the shortcut key combo. Unfortunately, the Windows modifier button does not function with this.

Which F key corresponds to the Screenshot?

It should be at the upper end, towards the right of those F buttons (F1, F2, etc.), and generally, it is parallel to the arrow buttons. To capture a snapshot of only the currently active application, tap and hold the Alt key (located at each end of the space bar), next hit the Print Screen key and you will be good to go.

What is the best way to snap a screenshot with the Dell keyboard?

To take a snapshot of the display on a Dell PC operating on Windows 7 or higher, use the Print Screen button because that is the easiest option. Click the Alt + Print Screen buttons simultaneously to record the currently open application rather than the full desktop.

How to screenshot on a Dell Venue Pro tablet?

Here is how to snap a picture of your screen on a Dell Venue 8, 10, or 11 Pro tablet. Rather than Windows Key + Print Screen, click the Windows symbol key as well as the volume decrease key — the key pushes must be synchronized for the shortcut combo to function. For a little interval, the display will flicker.

How to take a screenshot on a Dell Latitude e5440?

Press and hold your “Alt” key then hit the “PrintScreen” key at the same time. Next, let go of both buttons. The snapshot will be saved to your machine’s clipboard at this time. Keep in mind that: On certain Dell computers, the combo keys “Ctrl + PrtScn,” “Fn + PrtScn,” or “Alt + Fn + PrtScn” must be used instead.

Changing the save location of Screenshots

With Windows 10, you can very easily alter the standard storage folder for your screenshots. Navigate to the Pictures folder in Windows Explorer. There is a folder called Screenshots inside there. Go over to its Properties menu by right-clicking on the Screenshots file folder. The usual saving destination may be found underneath the Location menu. Select the Move option.

Final Thoughts

So, this was ‘How to screenshot on Dell laptops, PCs, and tablets. Keep in mind that Dell’s laptop and computer can have a few methods to snap a screenshot, however, you can try Markup Hero and make it your favorite software if you truly need to utilize a wide range of options that allow you to grab a screen capture as well as give you more options. Viewing, modifying, editing, as well as posting your pictures becomes a breeze with the assistance of this application. Test it out for yourself to determine whether it’s helpful for you or not.

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