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How to Save Videos from Twitter on iPhone; Screen Recording, TVDL Shortcut, and Third-Party Website

Twitter has been a source of sensational memes and headlines that people seem to gravitate towards. The headlines and memes come in both forms, i.e., the text, and the visuals. Needless to say, anyone who is an avid Twitter user would fancy saving them to their smartphones, just in case they need to come up with their own version of a tweet, or for other humorous purposes.

That is where this guide on how to save videos from Twitter on iPhone shows up, where you will learn multiple ways to download videos from the renowned and universally-used social media app and carry it in your smartphone storage.

Now, if you are wondering if the iPhone offers a sort of default option to save videos from Twitter, the answer would be negative. You can only save them using third-party applications, unlike the images, which you probably know how to save better than us.

So let’s get started and learn how to save videos from Twitter on iPhone, and by the time we finish it, you would already have saved a handful of them.

How to Save Videos from Twitter on iPhone Using Screen Recording?

That’s the most frequently used method of saving videos to your iPhone from Twitter and that most memers and tweeps use to keep up with the trend. If you are not familiar, you might have seen people posting Twitter videos on Facebook, and other social media apps, that, on their end, have a frame where the control center from iPhone, pops up from the bottom before the video stops.

That’s what screen recording is about, and that’s what the saved videos from Twitter on iPhone look like. Here is a step-by-step process to learn how to do so:

1. Head to the ‘settings’ app on your iPhone and spot ‘control center.’

2. From there, scroll down and find ‘Screen Recording.’

3. If it’s already added, you wouldn’t see it at the bottom, but right after you enter the control center. If it’s not added, tap the green button next to it, and it will be added to your control center.

4. Now, if you are using an iPhone with a home button or Touch ID, swipe from the bottom edge to open the control center, otherwise, from the upper edge.

5. In the control center, you will see a ‘dot’ icon representing the screen recording as shown below.

6. Tap on the icon, and within three seconds, your iPhone will start recording.

7. Once it has started recording, you will see a red dot beeping in the top-left corner of your phone screen; go to the Twitter app, and play the video you wish to save with the audio on.

8. The screen recording will record both the video and the audio, though you will have to compromise a bit on the quality of the recording.

9. Once you have finished recording, open the control center once again, and tap the recording icon, and it will automatically save your recording in Photos.

This method is best for those who can compromise on the quality of the saved video; instead, care more about keeping it on their smartphones and sharing it with their circle and staying way ahead when it comes to being up to date with worldwide trends.

How to Save Videos from Twitter on iPhone Using a TVDL Shortcut?

Now, this option is for the people who are quality-conscious and would love to possess the video in top-notch quality on their iPhones.

Here’s how to save videos from Twitter on iPhone using the TVDL shortcut:

1. Open the ‘Safari’ on your iPhone, and type the following URL,

2. Right after it loads, you will see the option ‘Get the Shortcut.’

3. Tap on the option, and in the next window, tap ‘add untrusted shortcut.’

a. Untrusted doesn’t mean it would harm your device, it is just a system precaution. You can ignore it, and move forward with the process.

4. Now head to your Twitter app, and open the video you want to save.

5. Under video tweet, tap the share icon, and then ‘Share via.’

6. It will slide up a list of supported applications including the TVDL shortcut.

7. Select the TVDL, and tap ‘Okay’ in the next window.

8. The shortcut will ask you the desired video quality, it will range from low to high, and proceed accordingly.

9. Now in the last dialogue, it will ask for access to your Photos library, grant the access, and it will save the Twitter video on your iPhone.

10. You can find the video in your Photo gallery in the same quality you requested.

This method is one of the easiest after-screen recordings, as you only have to do a few tweaks and you will have yourself the video from Twitter that you wanted, that too in excellent quality, so much so that you will rejoice every time you watch it.

How to Save Videos from Twitter on iPhone Using a Website?

You may find this method quite easy at first, but this is rich in ads and cookies that is why we kept it in the end, and not at the start. Anyways, if you are not intimidated by the ads easily, you can use this option to download videos to your iPhone from Twitter.

Here is how to do so:

1. Go to Twitter, and open the tweet consisting of the video that you want to save.

2. Tap the share icon, and find and tap the ‘Copy link’ option to copy the link to the tweet to your clipboard.

3. Once you have copied the link to your clipboard, open your browser or Safari, and type in

4. There you will see a field, paste the URL to the tweet that you have copied here.

5. Tap ‘Download MP4,’ and it will open a few ads on your screen that you can avoid by clicking ‘Right Click here and Choose Save Link As.’

6. Finally, click ‘download’ in the next dialogue, and your video will start downloading.

7. Now, you can keep track of the progress of your download from the download section on your browser or from the notification center.

8. Once it is downloaded, tap on the notification, and it will open the video, where you will again press the share button.

9. It will trigger a pop-up, where you will see ‘Save video’ tap on it, and your video will be saved to Photos.

Unlike the previous option, this method doesn’t let you choose from the low, medium, or high quality, but only from the MP4 or MP4 HD quality, which compensates more or less for the fluctuation.

Can You Save Videos from Twitter on Android?

Yes! You can definitely save videos from Twitter on Android, and the methods are more or less the same. You only need to download any Twitter video downloader from Play Store, and follow the instructions below:

  1. Once you have downloaded the application, head to the Twitter app, and tap the share button under the video you want to save or download.
  2. It will slide up a pop-up, where you will select ‘Share via’, and in the next window, select the application that you have installed from Play Store.
  3. It may ask for some permissions, grant them, and your video will start downloading immediately.
  4. The video will be saved to your gallery, offering you full control on however you want to use it so you can make as many memes as you want.


Our article today focuses on How to Save Videos from Twitter on iPhone including a total of three ways to do so. You can either save them using the screen recording option, the TVDL shortcut, or through a third-party website that we listed in this guide. The procedures for all of them are more or less the same. However, some methods don’t offer you the liberty of saving the videos in your desired quality, which may keep you to the only option that does, i.e., the TVDL shortcut.

As for android, you can save videos from Twitter on Android too. Unlike Apple, there are no specified applications or websites to download them, you can choose from hundreds of video downloaders available on the Play Store, and follow the instructions provided above. Note that some video downloaders require you to paste the copied URL of the video tweet in their application, and then begin the download process.

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