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How to save a Picture on Mac? Tips and Techniques You Should Know

Ever wondered how you can save a picture on Mac? But that should be easier, right? Not if you are switching from Windows to iOS. Things may become a little bit tricky. It is also a possibility that you only got access to a MAC for a brief period of time. Certainly, in such situations, you would be needing to know the basics of how to save a picture on a Mac.

Let’s get down to business so you will learn how to save a picture on Mac:

  1. Use your internet browser – it could be Safari, Chrome, or Firefox
  2. Look for a picture you want to save. Most of the time you can download many pictures just off a webpage. But some pictures have copyright protection attached to the picture and such a picture should not be copied/downloaded.
  3. After spotting the picture, place the cursor on top of the picture and right-click the mouse. A pop-up will appear near/over the picture.
  4. The pop-up will be a menu with many options most internet/computer users are familiar with. One such option will be “Save Image As.” Once you click on this option, it will prompt a person to select a location such as a folder on the laptop/machine to where the picture will be downloaded too. And when you select (or if the location is already selected) a copy of the picture will be downloaded to that location.
  1. Find/search for the folder/drive where you want to save the picture when the pop-up window appears.
  2. Click on the “Save” option. This option will be on the lower-right side corner of the pop-up. This instantly saves/copies the picture into the folder selected. Furthermore, you will always have an option to give it another name or number or the combination of letters and digits so that you can easily identify it later on or go for a search accurately if you forget where you had saved it.

How to save a Picture on Mac from an External Device?

  1. You have to plug in your external device via a USB cable to the Mac.
  2. On your MAC, open the photo app. The photo icon will look like a colored flower with big petals on the outer circle and sharp-pointed petals in the inner circle, which is on a white button. This app will be located usually in the Application folder.
  3. On the left sidebar will come the name of the external device you have just attached to the computer. The device will be under the heading “Import”. Click on the device that could be your iPhone or a USB. You will see folders. Select a folder and click on it. It will open and show all the files in it. One file will be the picture you want to save onto your Mac.
  4. If you open the photo app, but the sidebar does not appear, click the Menu bar at the top of the screen and select “View Sidebar” in the menu.
  5. Select the picture you want to take from the external source, a blue checkmark will appear on the bottom right side of the picture you have selected to copy/save onto your computer.
  6. Click on the import button that is on the top right side of the screen. It should state “Import 1 Selected” and these words will be in blue. As you click the blue button, it will import/save/copy the selected picture from the external source onto your computer into the photo app. This is where you can find the picture whenever you want it.

In a similar manner, many videos and all kinds of pictures and images can be captured onto your Mac computer. But unfortunately not all videos and images can be downloaded. This restriction is based on the websites you are visiting and policies that are made and placed between the website and users. For some reason or the other, a website does not want certain types of connections to download any material from their website.

Sometimes this is for their protection against viruses and sometimes there are viruses going through their websites to customers. This would discourage further visits by customers and spook away other customers.  In such a case, a visitor should just bookmark the website for a future visit and try his/her luck again. It works to the visitor’s advantage many times.


Now you know how to save a picture on Mac yourself. It is as easy to save pictures on Mac as it is on any other system. Basically, all machines are designed keeping the user experience in mind and this is the reason why a lot of tasks that may appear confusing at first are really easy to perform.

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