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How to remove a Hard Drive from a Laptop? Basic Steps to Follow

We save our important files on a laptop. With the passage of time, these laptops may become outdated and need to be changed. The same holds true for important files stored in it.

A hard drive needs to be taken out so that the important files stored can still be accessed even if the laptop has come of age. How to remove a hard drive from a laptop is the question that triggers our minds when we need to access the files and save them on another device.

Some laptops have hard drives that are easily accessible, whereas some need to be removed from below the keyboard which makes it a difficult task. How to remove a hard drive from a laptop and then use it again by placing it in another device, is what this article is going to be about.

Steps to Follow:

You must follow this step-by-step procedure to remove the hard drive from a laptop:

  • File Backup

To remove a hard drive from a laptop, the foremost step is to back up your files, in case an error occurs or something goes wrong during the process. The files can be backed up in another drive attached to the laptop externally. The files or the data can be stored online in Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Remove all the External Cables

All the external cables attached to your laptop should be removed. This includes any kind of network cables, phone lines, USB cables, and power cables. Any other cables attached to the laptop should be removed as well.

  • Battery Removal

After the cables have been removed, the most important step is to remove the battery of the laptop. Normally, the battery is attached with one or two latches. You have to press the latch to remove the battery. Once the latch is pressed, the battery will be pressed out and you can remove it.

You need to press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds or more so that the laptop is completely shut down. This is a safety measure that must be taken to prevent getting shocks while removing the hard drive from the laptop.

  • Removal of the main Access Panel

For the removal of the hard drive, the access panel needs to be removed as well. The access panel is either located at one side of the laptop or at the bottom of the laptop, depending upon the product manufacturer and the model you have.

  • Hard Drive Mount

The hard drive mount varies from one model to another. In some brands, the hard drive may be held by a mounting mechanism whereas in some it is held by some screws only. In some brands, the hard drive is also held by a latch. Just by pressing a button, the latch is released, and the hard drive is removed from the laptop.

  • Hard Drive separated from the Connectors

The hard drive needs to be removed from the laptop by disconnecting it from its respective connectors. Once the connectors are removed, you can easily remove the hard drive.

Sometimes a flat-bladed tool is required to remove the hard drive in some specific types of models of laptops. Whereas in some models, there is a tab that just needs to be pressed so that the hard drive is separated from its connectors.

  • Hard Drive Bracket removed

After disconnecting the hard drive from its connectors, the hard drive bracket is still attached to the hard drive which needs to be removed manually. Once it is removed, only then a new hard drive can be installed on the laptop. Normally, the brackets which hold the hard drive are held by four screws on each side of the hard drive. Once the screws are removed, the bracket will be separated from the hard drive.

If you want to remove the hard drive and install a newer one on your laptop, now is the time to place a new hard drive inside the bracket and install it on the laptop.

There can be many reasons as to why a hard drive needs to be removed from the laptop. A hard drive is indestructible. It can get damaged but does not perish. Sometimes, it needs to be replaced because it is beyond repair, and an upgrade is needed for the laptop to continue working efficiently.

We have provided you with a detailed account on how to remove a hard drive from a laptop to help you get the job done. If you don’t follow any of the steps, you may lose your files or data.

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