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How to Post on Facebook to attract Potential Traffic?

Well, the year 2020 came in with lots of chaos and destruction. Due to Covid-19, our new normal got flipped over to being online and connected to the web 24/7. The shopping trends suffered a drastic change as many brands had to shut off their outlets and had to shift online to sustain their sales. While many businesses went through a tough time, few of them went through exponential growth. The world of social media exploded with incoming tons of users. Many people among those users were the ones who entered the social media universe without knowing anything at all Free .

Still, we have crossed paths with many people who suffer through doubts and questions about how to post on Facebook and other social media platforms. Having 2.7 billion regular monthly subscribers Facebook is currently the biggest social media website on the planet. Considering an engagement ratio exceeding three percent, digital advertising publishing on Facebook is already among the largest platforms out there. This as a fact has opened up lots of marketing opportunities for different businesses.

Even though it began as nothing more than a mere social networking site, it wasn’t far until the biggest marketplace nowadays became the good old Facebook. In all social networking strategies, Facebook has now become a crucial component. You may contact your clients in different interest groups whenever you publish content on Facebook.

Effective social media marketing largely relies on large, continuous material that offers value to consumers on many applications. It is a question of connecting your followers to provide regularly fascinating and relevant material. They’re highly inclined to spread your content if your audience appreciates your content.

Now, how do people tend to share their posts on Facebook? Throughout this piece, we will gradually explain how you can use your Facebook page or Facebook profile to share and promote your content.

You can also get assistance using a solution like Uniclix, their social media manager offers automated Facebook processes for your account like content scheduling and publishing.

We also want to emphasize various factors of “why Facebook is worth your effort” plus “reasons you need to utilize Facebook” to publish and promote your content.

5 Marketing Stats of Facebook You Should Know

Here are the leading Facebook advertising statistics that we believe every publisher must be aware of in 2022 regarding the importance of Fb marketing on the web nowadays.

  • 74 percent of Facebook profiles log in regularly. You must keep this in mind while scheduling your post. Identifying the ideal timing to upload is critical for increasing your share-ability.
  • Facebook accounts for 80.4 percent of shareholdings in e-commerce. Receiving a click via your Facebook account to your website is the objective, right? This stat suggests that more users than other websites are anticipated to engage to your website via Facebook.
  • People with a lot of money prefer Facebook. Fb is the favorite social media platform of 74 percent of earners with high income. YouTube comes in the first place, having 83 percent of the vote. Aside from YouTube, college grads tend to favor Facebook over other sites.
  • The engagement level for Facebook postings is around 3.6%. But, informative articles might increase the reach of your postings.
  • The majority of Facebook account holders are grownups. The majority of individuals using FB are around the ages of 25 to 49.

How to Find What to Post on Facebook?

Firstly, you should have a consistent flow of blog posts across your social media channels, simply like every major social media platform. This is among the biggest issues that organizations currently face, as many company proprietors we’ve met say that they have no idea what to publish on their Social media page or account.

Hence, where do you go to get valuable material to post on the Fb pages?

Utilizing the following approaches, you may determine which content is useful and engaging for your clients:

To obtain comments as well as shares, ask relevant questions.

  • Distribute your blogs.
  • Facebook live events.
  • Interesting polls
  • Share case studies.
  • Share corporate news updates.
  • Share photographs and videos
  • Your Status on Facebook.

You may either do it yourself and search for great material naturally, or you can utilize some free online tools too.

How to Post on Facebook from Your Smartphone?

Open the Facebook application. The one with a logo having white-colored ‘f’ on a dark-blue backdrop).

If you’re already signed in, the app automatically will bring you to the Facebook news feed; if you are not signed in, you will need to enter the cell phone number or your email address plus password to get linked with your Fb page.

1. The “What’s on your mind?” text bar is located right just above Fb status bar.

2. Once you see the blank white space, click on it and a full page for publication will slide right up.

3. On the publishing page, you can use different publishing methods according to your choice. Given below are the options you can use.

  • You can insert content inside the given vacant blank box. See the picture given below:
  • You can adjust your post’s privacy preferences to “Friends” or “Friends except” using the “Public” scrolling down menu.
  • To post the content in a particular Album, you can click the “Album” tab. If you don’t have any Albums on your Fb page, you can effortlessly make one.
  • You may also employ FB’s text-as-a-picture feature, which allows you to quickly type text over custom backdrops and post that as a photo.
  • You can also utilize the “Add to your Post” option which is present at the bottom of the text field to add visuals (music, film, Gif). You can also tag your friends, post an activity or feeling, you can check-in, and can even go live.

How to Post on Facebook from PC?

1. Posting to Fb using your computer is a simple process. just go to and sign in to your preferred account.

2. Next, choose the “What’s on your mind” right atop the Facebook Stories to see the complete posting choices, exactly as you did on your smartphone.

3. You may also include visuals (pictures, gifs, and videos), tag friends, add a feeling/activity, and use a variety of other posting tools. Click the three dots to the right of the blank text bar to see additional choices.

How to Post on Facebook Story?

1. Alright, so first you need to go to an option that says “Create a Story”

2. Now, 2 more choices will pop up on the screen. The first would be the photo story and the second one would be a text story.

3. After this, you can add your custom text or pictures and post them to your Facebook as well as Instagram account!

How to Post Your Facebook Status Update?

Status updates were previously only allowed on Social Media Platforms like Instagram and Twitter, but we can now publish status updates on other social media sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp as well.

If you have been using Facebook recently, you’ve probably noticed that your friends, as well as coworkers, regularly post Facebook statuses at the head of your Facebook news feed and Messenger software.

1. Open up your Fb phone app on your smartphone and select the “Add to story +” feature (the one with your photograph).

2. Now, you can put in your favorite text and the content that you want to publish, along with an image or video straight from your smartphone’s gallery app.

Remember, if you need to post a story update from your PC, you will need to tap on the “add to story +” situated right on top of the Fb news feed.

How to Post on Facebook Groups?

You must post as many of your funny and creative Facebook updates as you can. This involves group sharing too. Creating a group is an excellent method to increase interaction among your fans.

To publish in the Fb group through your PC, follow these steps:

  • From the left-hand menu, click on Groups
  • Select the group to which you wish to post.
  • Type your message in the Write Something! area, including video or photos. You can additionally include a poll or organize an event.

Using your Cell Phone (Android or iPhone)

  • Click the menu button
  • Go over to Groups and choose the group in which you wish to publish something.
  • Create the message in the Write something text area including photographs and videos.

Pro-Tip: Using the custom tools like the Uniclix app, you can improve your community posting. You can post to a single group or several groups at the same time.

How to Post on Facebook Through Uniclix Tool?

Will you be posting on your Fb page daily? Users can try using Uniclix, which allows you to plan, manage and control your social media platforms.

Simply, companies can use their Uniclix interface to generate, plan, as well as automate Fb, Twitter, and LinkedIn status updates.

Make an Uniclix Account (Free)

First, head over to your browser and open up Once you do, just tap on the fourteen-day trial option. Doing this will enable you to try out the social media manager features offered by Uniclix. You can also see everything that the app has to offer.

Link your Social Media Account

Given below are the social media platforms that you can link up with this app:

  • Facebook Account
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Write-up Your Content

  • You may create a post by clicking the New Post option or by selecting a date from the homepage calendar.
  • Choose which social media platforms you would like the post to publish on.
  • Fill in the blank with your content.
  • Just like with Facebook, you may use the bottom options to include emojis, GIFs, as well as graphics to make your post more appealing.

Create and Set a Schedule for Your Post

  • You will see the Schedule button, which allows you to choose a day and hour.
  • You can simply Post at the most appropriate time as per your preference. Once you pick this selection, Uniclix App determines the optimum moment to post based upon your demographic.
  • Click Post Now if you wish to publish immediately.
  • Whatever choice you pick, press the bottom right icon to activate the schedule. and you’re good to go!

Ending Note

The creation of a Facebook marketing strategy may allow you to attract a huge amount of traffic. By offering awesome stuff to your audience through a Facebook page or group, users may easily expand their natural overall engagement. If you are still confused about ‘How to post on Facebook, try checking out this video.

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