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How to log out of Discord: Why do you need that?


As a gamer, let’s confess it, the Discord account is extremely important and special for us. The Discord account works as Skype for the gaming community and they have their chats and data secured on it. You surely do not want anyone to intervene. To do that, let’s learn how to log out of Discord.

There is no doubt in saying that you might lose your precious Discord account due to carelessness. Furthermore, if you lose it, it would be a great challenge and hassle for you to recover it. Instead of assuming, your first step should be logging out.

After you log out, you can be sure that your Discord account is not being hacked or used on any other device. However, many people believe that there is no way of doing that.

Does it mean we cannot log out simultaneously from every device we use for our Discord account? Well, that is not true. There are some basic steps to do it and you can achieve this goal in a short period.

This article will work as a guide for how to log out of Discord along with the different methods for logging out from personal computers and smartphones. Moreover, an argument related to pros and cons will be talked about as well.

But before that, Know why logging out of Discord is important to protect yourself and your data.

Why should you learn how to log out of Discord?

There is a possibility that your Discord account is active on someone else’s device. What will you do in that aspect? According to our research, it is essential to log out your Discord account from every device or gadget; otherwise, the consequences can be significant.

Let’s discuss some of the major drawbacks of not logging out;

  • You might lose important information

Discord works as a perfect platform for gamers to connect. There are scenarios when you might forget to log out from the device. Just imagine your important information can be accessed by the next user and he/she might delete it.

In this case, you would not be able to recover it and will surely regret your careless decision.

  • Blackmailing

Personal information cannot be shared with anyone but if you forget to log out, an anonymous person will have access to it. He/she might change the credentials and ask you for money. Well, anything is possible.

Moreover, you might be having some sensitive information in the application, which you wouldn’t share even with your closest ones. The next user who has access to your account might blackmail you based on that information.

What are the easy methods of how to log out of Discord?

Instead of bearing the consequences, you need to learn and progress. There are two methods of logging out of Discord and both are quite simple and easy.

  • Change your Discord password

If you doubt that you have logged in to some other device that is not familiar to you, just change the password of your Discord account before someone gets into it. This is because once you change your password, you get logged out from all other devices.

If anyone tries to leak into your account, he/she would be required to enter your new credentials. It is quite similar to other social media platforms such as – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This means it wouldn’t be a hassle for you to change the password of your Discord account.

  • Enable/Disable Two-Factor Authentication

There is a set of individuals who tend to keep the same password for every platform’s account. Maybe that credential might be too important for them or they have a memory loss problem. Well, in this case, you do not have to worry as there is another method of securing your account.

You can simply turn on or enable the Two-Factor authentication for your Discord account. Once you have activated the two-factor authentication, every time you will put your secret password for logging in, a six-digit code would be required as well. Moreover, when this process is initiated, the technology automatically logs you out from all other gadgets or devices.

By following this easy method, you will be able to achieve your main objective and secure your Discord account simultaneously.

What if you have already launched the two-factor authentication? Well, you do not have to take any stress as you can still log out from other devices. All you have to do is first disable the two-factor authentication feature and then enable it again.

To know more about logging out of your Discord account have a look at the step-by-step guide with screenshots attached for better understanding.

How to log out of Discord from an Android?

It is rather challenging to log out of Discord through an Android but with PC or iOS. For some individuals, the process becomes confusing. The Android Discord has a ‘Log out button’ instead of ‘Logout direct option’ which makes it a tricky procedure.

If you are unfamiliar with the logout icon on the Android application, you can simply follow these easy steps to carry out the process;

  • Step 1

First, you need to select the ‘settings’ icon to open your profile settings.


  • Step 2

Once you enter the profile settings, you will be able to locate the Logout icon on the top right corner of your screen. This icon is just at the side of the three-dot icon. You simply need to click or tap to log out from your Discord account.


How to log out of Discord from an iPhone?

Not everyone is an Android user. There is a vast majority who are using iPhones, this is why we are here to help and explain the entire process in simple steps.

Do not make it confusing for yourself, rather follow our mentioned steps and keep your discord account protected from being hacked or being intervened by an anonymous person.

  • Step 1

The application of the discord account is the same in Android. Moreover, the user interface is similar as well. Once you enter the application, you need to click or tap on the profile button to open the settings.


  • Step 2

The second step is quite easy as you only need to scroll down to find the log-out option in the settings and get done with the deed.


Above we have already discussed multiple ways to ensure you have logged out of your Discord account and all your information is protected. Before we conclude this guide, have a quick glance at the pros and cons table of logging out of the DIscord account to make an informed decision.

What are the PROS & CONS of logging out of Discord?

1 To keep it secure from an anonymous person from intervening in personal data You might forget your credentials and lose your account
2 The information doesn’t get displaced
3 Able to track in what devices you have logged in to your Discord account


If you wish to keep your account secured and safe, you can simply choose from the two methods mentioned above. It doesn’t matter whether you change your password or use two-factor authentication, it tightens the security of your account.

Let’s hope this discussion of how to log out of Discord helps you understand the complete methods and eases your way.

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