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Tips on How to Get Free Wi-Fi Anywhere

It’s strange how we sometimes take Wi-Fi for granted-until we are stranded somewhere with no public access to the internet, and the limit for our data plan has exceeded.

You need internet connectivity to book an Uber, to contact someone and let them know about your whereabouts, or simply to access Google Maps and find your way out. When you are traveling, Wi-Fi comes in handy. It helps you remain connected with your colleagues and loved ones. Therefore, today we will be sharing some tips on how to get free Wi-Fi anywhere.

Request for a Mobile Hotspot

If you see someone near you using mobile data, whereas you have completely run out of your package, the best thing to do is request them to turn on the hotspot in their phone. If they don`t mind sharing, you both will be able to access the internet on your phone.

Be Smart-Look for a Café or Global Store

Of course, there are times when you might not be comfortable asking any stranger for help, but you still need that internet connectivity desperately. Under such circumstances, there is another trick on how to get free Wi-Fi anywhere.


No matter where in the world you are travelling, there are certain restaurants and cafeterias that always offer free Wi-Fi. Some international chains that offer free Wi-Fi services, include McDonald’s and Starbucks. Besides, there are some shops where free internet is available for public use. All you have to do is to locate one, enter the store, do some window-shopping and use the Wi-Fi without having to spend a single penny.

Turn to a Public Hotspot

As far as the question, how to get free Wi-Fi anywhere, is concerned, the easiest and most common way is to approach the hotspots for public internet access.

The best part about these locations is that they do not have any requirements for you to meet in order to use their Wi-Fi whereas certain cafeterias and restaurants may require you to purchase something from them before sharing their Wi-Fi password with you. The reason is that such areas tend to host tourists and travelers in particular and manage to earn revenue, hence offering them complimentary Wi-Fi. It doesn’t seem like a big deal. Examples include airports, bus stops, museums, and other tourist attractions.

If you happen to be at such a place, we would advise you to use the free Wi-Fi services even if you have a valid data plan. Keeping the mobile data services on throughout will leave you to bear excessive charges.

Why do that when there is a better alternative?

Visit Communal Spaces

There are certain communal spaces that you don’t tend to visit without a specific purpose. Take libraries, for example.

The only time you come to think of libraries is when you need to study or work on an important project. How many times have you considered entering one quietly to meet your internet needs when you need access to free Wi-Fi?

Nobody is going to question your visit, no one is going to judge you even if they find out the reason for your presence. There you go!

Other such places where you might sneak into without having to avail the most obvious services include cinemas, shopping malls, and hotel lobbies.

Be Tech-Savvy, Use an App

There may be times when you are completely unaware of your surroundings. This might be either because you are new to that area, or you are travelling to a foreign country.

Under such circumstances, the struggle is how to find out about the already available free Wi-Fi services. There might be many available nearby – you just have to figure out exactly where.

The best way of locating them is by using a Wi-Fi finding app. The problem is that even most of these apps need internet connectivity to function.

However, you would be surprised to know that there are certain apps that can work without the internet. Some of them are:

  • NetSpot
  • WeFi
  • Avast Wi-Fi Finder

Besides, there are communities like Instabridge that connect internet users from around the world. Having around 3 million members, it allows users to share Wi-Fi passwords with others who might need it to use the service in a particular locality.

Using any of the above-mentioned apps, or those similar to them is a very useful answer to the question how to get free Wi-Fi anywhere.

However, you must remember that accessing free Wi-Fi is not completely safe and therefore, you must carefully choose the network you are connecting to. There is always the risk of accidentally connecting to a fake public Wi-Fi. These are created by hackers and named similar to famous public areas so people think it is being offered by them. Linking to such Wi-Fi services may lead hackers to access all your personal information. In fact, they can even install malicious software on your device that will allow them to access data from it later on, as and when they wish.

Even with legitimate public Wi-Fis, the danger always persists because they are usually not encrypted, so sharing sensitive data such as bank account details and confidential information should be avoided.

However, accessing free Wi-Fi is the need of the hour and cannot be avoided in modern times. One solution is to install a VPN, the other being to stay cautious and mindful of the information you share on the public internet.

We hope you find the above ways of how to get free Wi-Fi anywhere useful the next time you need access to one.

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