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How to Factory Reset HP Laptop? 2 Ways You Can Restore Your HP Laptop Back to its Factory Settings?

A declined performance is not restricted to just HP laptops, it can be any brand of laptop that starts underperforming and gets victimized by the technical or software bugs. Fortunately, where there is a will, there is a way. You can reset those laptops to bring back their faded performance or to prepare them to sell away.

Now you can reset almost any laptop if it is running Windows 10 because it has an instant reset procedure that guides you through the whole process and results in the same performance or condition as the time you first bought it.

Our guide today on how to factory reset HP laptops will be focused on two different ways to achieve the results. That’s right, one method is through the Windows settings app, the other, however, is through the recovery mode.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop through Windows Settings App?

Resetting your HP laptop using the windows settings app is one of the simplest ways to restore its performance back or give it a newly set up touch. Here is how to factory reset HP laptop using the settings app:

1. First of all, make sure your laptop is plugged in for charging.

2. Now press the windows button, and start typing ‘Reset this PC,’ which will bring the following results.


3. You can either click or press enter to choose the result, which will take you to the following window.


4. As you see, under ‘Reset this PC’ lies the button ‘Get Started,’ click on it, and it will prompt the following window.


5. Here, you can choose if you wish to keep all your files as you reset your HP laptop, or you want to remove everything there is. Your personal files will remain intact if you choose ‘keep my files,’ but will be removed along with the apps and settings if you choose ‘Remove everything.’

6. Now, whatever option out of these two you choose, it will ask you whether you wish to download the windows from the cloud or install it locally. If you select from the cloud, your laptop must have 4GB of vacant space.

7. Once you have answered all the questions and are all set up, it will confirm for the last time your action for resetting your laptop. Click ‘Reset’ to confirm it.

8. The system will ask you multiple one-answer questions in the entire process, and may also shut and boot your laptop numerous times. Don’t worry about it as it is a part of the process.

9. The entire process will take some time to complete and reset your HP laptop, you can look after your other tasks while you wait.

How to Factory Reset HP Laptop Using Windows Recovery?

This option comes in handy with those HP laptops that won’t fully boot but die amidst the process.

Though it is a bit technical, it can be executed if you pay proper attention to following the instructions below:

  1. To reset your HP laptop using this method, your laptop needs to be switched off.
  2. Disconnect all the external hard drives.
  3. Switch on your laptop and repeatedly press the F11 key to boot the system into recovery mode.
  4. As you enter the recovery mode, you will see the ‘Choose an Option’ screen, where you have to select ‘Troubleshoot’ out of all the options.
  5. Under troubleshoot, find and click ‘Reset this PC,’ which will again give you the choice of keeping or removing all your personal files from your laptop.
  6. If you are selling your laptop or giving it away, removing all your personal files makes for a sensible move.
  7. Rare are the chances that your laptop may ask for the recovery key, but if it does, you can check out your Microsoft account as there is always a list of recovery IDs. Pick one, and enter it in the box.
  8. Now click ‘Reset’ for the last time, and sit back for a while to let your laptop get fresh as new.

Updating the Drivers might keep you from resetting your Laptop

At times, your windows drivers start underperforming due to not being updated. In circumstances as such, the only solution to bring back the old performance is through resetting the laptop, which is incorrect to an extent. You can also give updating the drives a shot. Though it doesn’t guarantee fixing your issues, it might turn out to be pivotal.

Now some drivers are automatically updated by windows, and some require doing it manually. To update your drivers manually, press the windows button, and start typing ‘Device Manager,’ enter to open the manager, and right-click on the device that you think needs to be updated.

As you right-click, you should choose ‘update driver,’ the windows will ask you if it should search for the driver online or on your laptop. Choose the latter, i.e., on your laptop, and install the drivers manually.


There are two ways you can reset your HP laptop, one using the windows setting app, as it has the standard resetting procedure, and the second through the windows recovery mode. While both the ways are rigorously instructed in this guide, you should first consider updating your windows drivers as they might solve the problem you aim to solve by resetting your laptop.

Possibly the driver that’s not updated doesn’t support automatic windows updates. For that reason, you should go for updating it manually and spare yourself all that time you could have lost while resetting your laptop to its factory settings. For other similar guides and product reviews check out our Shop Carmel website.

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