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How to factory reset google home mini to remove all the glitches


The Google Mini Speaker is adorable, small, and capable of controlling all of the smart devices in your home. The arrival of Google Nest Mini has had an impact on the Google Mini Speaker market, but you can’t dismiss it completely. If you want, the Google Home Mini deals can encourage you to put one in every area of your house.

However, if you discover that the Google Mini is not functioning properly – for example, it isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi or isn’t playing your favorite music – it is necessary to factory reset the Google Home Mini. Wait a minute, were you planning to give it away? STOP! After the reset, the speaker will return to its original state and will function normally.

All of your Google Mini settings will be erased if you reset them. Your personal information, as well as the information associated with your Google Account, will be reset to default settings. To reconfigure the machine, you must start from scratch.

There are two versions of the Google Mini, but there is a straightforward way to distinguish between them. To identify your gadget, turn it over and inspect it. You have the second version Nest Mini if your device contains a wall-mounting screw. If there is no mounting screw, however, the device is an older Home Mini.

In this article, we’ll go over how to factory reset the Google Home Mini and the Nest Mini. We’ll also go through the fundamental differences between the two variants.

If you’re having problems with your Google Home device, keep reading. Moreover, you have a quick idea of what this article has to offer.

What is the difference between Google Home Mini and Nest Mini?


If no significant improvements were done, there would be little purpose in producing the second generation. The Nest Mini, unsurprisingly, has some improvements. Do you want to discover more about them?

Let’s discuss the differences in detail;

  • Design

Both generations share a similar design, but the Nest Mini is differentiated by the addition of a screw mount on the back. It enables the device to be wall-mounted.

Due to the wall-mounted capability, the Nest Mini is more versatile in terms of positioning. Unlike Home mini, for which you have to use an external accessory to hang it on the wall.

According to our research, the Nest Mini is far more eco-friendly than the Home Mini. It’s a solid component since it’s made up of 35 percent recycled plastic. The fabric is also made from recycled bottles.

  • Control

The Google Home Mini has a real microphone mute button, and you can adjust the volume by tapping on both sides of the device.

A microphone mute button is also included on the Nest Mini. The volume tap controls, on the other hand, are located on the top of the gadget, near the LED lights. In addition, the Nest Mini contains an ultrasound detector that detects your hand as it approaches the gadget. That, too, assists you in pausing.

  • Sound

The Google Home Mini is the right choice for you if you want an entry-level device to meet your sound and music needs. However, when compared to other gadgets in the same category, the sound quality isn’t that good. The Home Mini is ideal for providing background music and answering queries.

Nonetheless, you would not want to listen to music on this gadget every day.

The hardware platform of the Nest Mini has been significantly improved by the producers. In comparison to the previous generation, the bass response has been enhanced by almost 40 percent.

  • Features

As previously said, producing the second generation would be pointless if no significant adjustments were made. Three microphones have been put in the Nest Mini by the manufacturers. The Google Home Mini, on the other hand, has only two microphones.

Due to this factor, the responsiveness to the voice becomes better and faster.

All the improvements are great but what will you do if the Google Home Mini isn’t functioning properly? Reset is one of the only options for you. However, you should learn how to do it correctly.

How to reset Google Home Mini?

The reset button is fixed at the bottom of the speaker where the power cord or cable is attached. Well, you might find it difficult to locate it as it is a small circle.


How to reset the speaker?

  • Step 1

You need to hold the reset button for around five seconds until you hear the warning sound. The machine itself would tell you that ‘You are about to completely reset Google Home.’

  • Step 2

After this, again you need to hold the reset button for another ten seconds. You need to do it until you hear another sound.

  • Step 3 

You need to leave the reset button and wait patiently for the device to reset and restart.

The methods for resetting the Google Nest Mini are very identical to those for the first version. However, because the design is a little different, it’s also vital to learn how to use it.

How to reset Google Nest Mini?

  • Step 1

To shut down the microphone, slide the microphone switch on the device’s side. When you turn off this component, the Google Assistant will tell you that the microphone is powered off. Furthermore, the LEDs on the device’s top will turn orange. It’s yet another sign that the device is switched off.


  •  Step 2 

Next, press and hold the very center of the top of the speaker. After a few seconds will pass by, you will hear a warning sound by the Google Assistant that ‘you’re about to completely reset this device.’ Keep your finger in the same position.

  • Step 3

After 10 seconds, you will hear a sound. Once you do it, remove your finger from the top of the speaker, and wait till the device resets and restarts.


Sometimes, there are some problems with the Google Home devices due to which it lags in performance. However, you should not worry about it.

Once you learn how to factory reset google home mini or Google Nest mini,  all the issues will be resolved.

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