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How to delete your YouTube Video?

To know how to delete a YouTube video can come up handy if you want to clear out your YouTube channel from unwanted videos. If you want to learn how to delete your YouTube video, you have landed at the right place.

Why do some videos just get deleted?

Many times, videos are deleted or removed, reasons can vary. Many will be justified; some are for reasons just unknown to a majority of YouTube account holders. Hate speech or racism-related videos etc. are removed or censured and demonetized. Demonetized means an account holder cannot make money anymore through his/her videos

By YouTube itself

There may be different reasons for YouTube to delete videos. Some of the reasons may include:

Usually, if there is any violation of the terms and conditions associated with the channel or account holder, then the video is automatically deleted or removed.

  1. The video that you have uploaded violates the YouTube Community Guidelines. It will be removed instantly. Videos depicting people or animals suffering from violence or, close-up videos of people/animals getting killed by natural causes, as well as movies, songs, etc. that are copyrighted are not allowed.
  2. Videos that contain hurtful remarks that target any particular religion are not allowed to be uploaded on YouTube. You should always follow the YouTube guidelines.
  3. In case, if another account holder claims with some proof that the video is his/hers, if so proven, then the video from your channel will be deleted/removed. When such actions are taken by YouTube, you will get an email telling you which video has been removed from your channel and why.
  4. The uploader of the video has deleted it himself/herself, and the system must comply with the account holder’s wishes

To avoid any video or a collection of videos on your channel getting suddenly deleted can only be guaranteed if you do not log into your YouTube account through any public Wi-Fi hotspot, workplace, medical facility etc.

Hackers nowadays can get access to your YouTube ID and password. People working at the back, controlling the systems can access your browsing history on public computers.

How to delete your YouTube video yourself?


If you want to delete a YouTube video yourself, follow these steps:

  • Using your Google ID, log into YouTube
  • On the top-right of the screen, get to the drop-down menu: that is in your initial/pic, select My Videos
  • A list of all your videos will be displayed. Each video will have a check-box to its left
  • Just tick the box to delete the video you want removed/deleted. Then go to the top of the video list again and click on the Delete Button on the top of the list

This is one of the easiest ways to delete any video from your YouTube channel.

If this does not work

If you are using a mobile, you should use the following steps to delete a video from your YouTube channel

  1. Sign-in into your Google account. Then open YouTube. The first step is very important. You will not see your initial if you just open YouTube.
  2. Now, at the bottom right corner of the YouTube screen, you will see a library. Tap on it and a menu will open up
  3. A list of items will appear in a drop-down menu showing history, My Videos, watch later etc.
  4. You have to tap on My Video. A list of videos listed in chronological order will appear. Either you know the date it was uploaded or then you will have to scroll down as the last/latest video will be on top of this list.
  5. On the far right of the video screen, you will see three vertical Tap it. It will prompt a menu offering a number of choices to Add to Watch Later, Add to Playlist, Delete, Edit etc.
  6. Just tap Delete that is usually in the middle of this menu. Another small menu will appear with the heading Delete Upload? And it offers two options: OK/CANCEL
  7. Tap OK. The selected video will be instantly deleted

Another approach from a desk-top

  1. Go to your browser and open YouTube. Sign-in with your Gmail ID. The sign-in option is present on the top right corner of the screen
  2. Click on your Profile Icon that is on the top right of the screen. The tap will prompt a drop-down menu
  3. Creator Studio will be shown in the drop-down menu. Click on it to open your channel’s creator studio. This allows a person to manage all the videos uploaded
  4. When the channel’s creator studio opens up a new menu, tap on video manager in this menu
  5. As you tap the video manager, you will get a few options
  6. One of these options will be Videos. Click on Videos. A list of all the uploaded videos will appear
  7. All videos are in chronological order. The latest video uploaded will be on top. Scroll down to find a video if you do not know the exact date. All videos uploaded will be here for sure. Unless deleted/removed by YouTube.
  8. With each video, there are two options; ‘Edit’ and an Arrow Head” pointing down. Tap the arrow-head and a drop-down menu will appear
  9. The Delete option will be at the bottom of this menu
  10. Tap on Delete and the video will be deleted from your channel

Now, you have learned how to delete your YouTube video from your channel, if you are using a mobile phone or a desktop.

Remember, once a video is removed for whatever reason by the account holder that being you, it cannot be reinstated.

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