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How to Delete Windows.old folder in Windows 10 — 3 Ways to delete that – What is the Good & Bad of deleting it?

We get that you had a windows update that doubled the space the Windows had already been occupying, and now the Windows itself is asking you to get rid of all old files or extend the space. That’s a tough moment, but not when you can learn how to delete windows. old folder.

However, you should know that deleting the windows. old folder would no longer let it be possible for you to switch back to its previous version but will clear a gigantic chunk of space from your laptop or personal computer.

Thereby, we would say that you first give the newer version a try, and if you then find it meets your standards, you should delete the older version. But if not, you’ll at least have an old version to get back to, which you’ll, however, learn to delete in this step-by-step guide.

But first, let us learn the good and bad of deleting the windows. old folder from your computer.

The Good and Bad of Deleting the Windows.old Folder?

The Good and Bad of Deleting the Windows.old Folder

As we said above, it is absolutely fine to delete the windows. old folder from your laptop or PC. However, deleting that folder would result in one bad and one good result. It is because of the windows. old folder contains the files of previous versions of windows, and they can be indispensable if you don’t like your new version of windows and want to switch back.

But since you are deleting the previous version of windows, you won’t be able to downgrade and will have to wait until the fixing update arrives from Microsoft, this is the bad thing about deleting the folder.

But, on the contrary, if you are enjoying using the latest version of windows, and find no faults or performance issues, you can delete the windows. old folder. Doing so will free up space on your computer, and make it even faster. You’d be able to download more things, more movies, more games, make the most of that freed space off the old windows files, this is the good thing about deleting the windows. old folder.

How to Delete Windows.old folder using Disk Cleanup?

How to Delete Windows. old Folder Using Disk Cleanup

The easiest and most efficient way to get rid of the windows.old folder is through the disk cleanup. No hassles, no barriers, or complexity, just follow the instructions below, and you’ll soon see the storage bar being drawn backward.

But before you proceed, we’d once again warn you that you’d no longer be able to downgrade to the previous windows version, if you delete the windows. old file.

Now that you are sure, let’s learn how to delete the windows. old folder from your laptop or PC.

  1. The first and foremost step is to press the ‘Windows’ Button on your keyboard, and start typing ‘Disk Cleanup’.
  2. Once you have searched for the ‘Disk Cleanup,’ press ‘Enter’ or ‘Click’ to open the program.
  3. It will then pop up a dialogue box, asking you to confirm the disk you’d like to clean up.
  4. As you choose Local Disk C, the program would open a window listing all possible temporary or trash files.
  5. You won’t find the old windows files in the first place. See the ‘Clean up system files in the lower-left corner, click on it.
  6. It will again ask you to confirm the disk you’d like to clean for the system files, select ‘Local Disk C’.
  7. The program will take a bit or two to extract the files, and will pop up another window listing the system files.
  8. Now you can see the old windows files, which have also maximized the space that you’d get after deleting them as compared to the first listing.
  9. Once you click ‘OK’, it’ll ask you to confirm the action and would take some time to wipe the files off your computer. That’s one way of deleting the windows. old files from your laptop or PC. There is one more and quick way of doing so.

How to Access Disk Cleanup the other way?

How to Access Disk Cleanup The Other Way
  1. Just click on ‘This PC,’ where you will see all the local disk drives in your computer.
  2. Right-click on ‘Local Disk C’, and click on ‘Properties’ from there. You will then see this window.
  3. Notice the ‘Disk Cleanup’ button at the lower right corner? Click on it.
  4. The rest, however, will be the same as above. It’s because since you are opening the Disk Cleanup for a targeted drive, it won’t ask you to select one from the dropdown, nor will you see such a window.

How to Delete Windows.old files without Disk Cleanup?

How to Delete Windows.old Files Without disk clean up

It is always good to know the alternatives because they make you feel like a pro, or if you have been called upon to fix such problems at your neighbor’s house, you’d come out impressing everyone.

With that being said, here is another way to clean the windows.old files from your computer.

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ Button on your keyboard, and start typing ‘Storage Settings.’
  2. Press ‘Enter’ or ‘Click’ to open the settings. Now if you have updated to the 21H1 Windows 10 version, you’d see the following sort of window on your screen. But if you are running the older versions, you should see a little different interface.
  3. Either way you have to find the ‘Free up space now’ button, which you’ll find at front in the older versions, and in the newer versions, keep following the instructions.
  4. Right below the Storage toggle at the top, you should see ‘Configure Storage Sense or run it now,’ click on
  5. Once you have clicked on the button, you’d see the following window, which, at the very end, will have what you are looking for, the ‘Free up space now’ button.
  6. Because we had cleaned up all the system files, the cleaner only cleaned 99 MBs of data, which could have been recently generated. Otherwise, you’d see another checkbox here, stating ‘Delete previous versions of windows,’ just tick it, and you’d be good to go.

How to Delete Windows.old folder using Temporary Files?

How to Delete Window old Folder Using Temporary File (1)

The last alternative on this guide is to delete the windows.old folder is through the temporary files. While all other alternatives are easy and efficient, this method here could sift things for you.

Here’s how to delete the windows. old folder with the help of temporary files.

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ Button on your keyboard, and start typing ‘Storage Settings.’
  2. After you have landed in the storage settings, you should see the Windows loading the storage usage category-wise.
  3. From the list above, you need to select ‘Temporary Files.’
  4. As we mentioned above, we had already cleared the Windows.old files, which is why you can’t see a checkbox named ‘Previous Windows Installation(s).’ But since you have not deleted them, you will definitely see one.
  5. The checkbox will be unmarked by default, mark it, and click the ‘Remove files’ button at the top of checkboxes, and it’ll delete the windows.old files along with the files you have selected.


These three ways are the simplest and most efficient of all you could do to delete the windows.old folder from your computer. However, where deleting the folder will give you a huge chunk of space, it’ll make it impossible for you to switch back to the previous version, which will have you wait for the next update, hoping to fix what you didn’t find befitting in the newer version.

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