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How to Delete Instagram Post forever? Can We Archive Our Posts Instead?

Instagram, one could say, is indeed a social media platform unlike any other. Rather than text, the network is just about completely based on the exchange of clips and pictures The aesthetic twist is what has made Instagram the social and cultural force that it is nowadays.  “Instagramming” has become a verb now, so we know that this network is big now.

Instagram was purchased by Zuckerberg back in the year 2012. In 2021, it has become an element of everyday routine having around a billion active profiles.  No wonder why everybody seems to be Instagramming these days, from local companies to large enterprises, news companies to cultural institutes, superstars, artists, and entertainers, not to forget the cottage sector of influencers who have popped up in its shadow.

So, if by any chance you are new to Instagram and don’t know how to delete an Instagram post that you shared accidently, we have got you covered. Here, you’ll also get to know about how to delete your Instagram post from your smartphone app and from your computer too, so stay tuned!

Instagram allows you to publish images and clips to a news feed as well as express your lifestyle with your friends and followers, a pastime that over one billion folks worldwide indulge in every single day. It is a fantastic approach to keep track of important occasions, such as anniversaries or birthdays as well as special dinners or vacations overseas.

So, what happens when you accidentally publish stuff on Instagram, it could be something you never intended to, or perhaps you eventually realize that you don’t want a certain post to show on your profile? In literally a couple of easy steps, you can erase your Instagram post permanently.

You may alternatively archive your posts rather than delete them. It means that your posts are only accessible to no one else but only you. There is no method to retrieve a wiped post, although archived posts can be restored.

Key Points

The all in all key points that you need to keep in mind are:

  • → To take away any Instagram post from your account, hit the “Delete” button that appears next to each of your pictures.
  • → You may archive any Instagram picture in the same way, however archiving would just conceal your picture from viewers rather than erasing it.
  • → Whenever you remove a photo from your Instagram there is no method to restore it; you must create a new post.

Here’s how to delete an Instagram post on your IOS or Android smartphone.

How to Delete Instagram Post from Smartphone App?

Follow the steps given below one by one.

Step 1 – Launch the Instagram application on your smartphone and click the profile symbol in the lower right side part of your app’s display.

Step 2 – Navigate to your personal Instagram account page, where all your pictures show up collectively, now click the picture you wish to remove.

Step 3 – Press the 3 dots present on the topmost right side of your display on the image display.


The 3 dots appear in a straight axis over your picture, on the right side of your profile name.

Step 4 – Now, simply click the Delete button from the pop-up box that shows up.


To remove your post, hit the topmost choice, the red “Delete” box.

Step 5 – Hit “Delete” once more in the following pop-up box to completely wipe your photo, and you are good to go!

How to Move Your Instagram Post to Archive?

So, remember that whenever you put your posts in Instagram Archive, it doesn’t get deleted. It just changes the privacy so that a particular post is only visible to you. Here’s how you can archive your Instagram post:

Step 1 – Launch Instagram then tap the profile button on the lower right side of the app.

Step 2 – Click the image you wish to archive off your photo feed.

Step 3 – Towards the right side of your Instagram username, click the 3 straight dots.

Step 4 – Under the pop-up window that displays, click on “Archive.”


Although it is not possible to undelete a post, it is possible to un-archive it. Just touch the post which is in the “Archive” tab and hit the “Show on Profile” option at the right-hand upper edge of the display. This restores the post as well as responses. And, yes, your hard-earned ‘likes’ on the post will be restored too.

How to Delete Instagram Post from Your PC?

Additionally, you can learn how to remove Instagram photos without even using 3rd party plugins on a laptop or PC browser. The very same approach may be applied to any computer operating system.

Have you been refreshing your Instagram profile? Do you need to remove Instagram photos that are simply not relevant anymore? Did you guys know that now you may remove Instagram posts from your personal computer? Yep, you may permanently wipe away your bad Instagram picture straight from your MacBook or Windows PC without using the Instagram application from your cellphone.

If you are searching for such deletion alternatives for the Instagram webpage on a laptop, you will not be able to access the delete box unless you execute the following instructions. Here are the exact procedures we took lately to clean up our Instagram profile

Step by Step Guide


So, normally whenever you visit any Instagram picture and attempt to erase it, the delete button is usually not present in the main menu.

Alternatively, the given below is the step by step method to remove an Instagram picture via a desktop:

1st Step – Open Google Chrome on your laptop.

2nd Step – Log in to the Instagram account. For example,

3rd Step – To access more choices, hit the right-click then choose Inspect. This should launch the Chrome developer interface.


4th Step – When you are in the developer interface, select the Toggle device menu button.


5th Step – From the drop-down menu, choose any device, such as the iPad Mini, then adjust the scale to hundred percent.


6th Step – Now, Refresh your Instagram user profile.

7th Step – To switch, hit the Feeds button.


8th Step – To see additional possibilities, tap on the 3 dots.

9th Step – Hit the Delete button.

10th Step – Ultimately, to ensure that you wish to erase your Instagram picture, hit the Delete option.

That is all. Your unintentional Instagram image will then be removed from the Windows desktop version of the app. As previously stated, users will be allowed to delete their posts from every browser without the need for some additional software. So, this was How to delete Instagram posts permanently from your smartphone or pc. Make sure to let us know if this works out for you!

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