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How to delete albums on iPhone: Everything you need to know


After poor battery-life issues, the iPhone has always been targeted for its limited storage capacity. Well, once we start running out of storage, the first solution we come up with is ‘how to delete albums on iPhone.’

You might think that the storage capacity is sufficient enough according to your usage and it might be nearly impossible to fill. However, you just need to add a few games, click some pictures, and capture some videos; you will find yourself back to square one. Well, that’s the harsh reality of an iPhone user.

One valuable solution is to buy an iPhone with greater storage capacity. Nevertheless, not everyone can afford one. What can they do then?

You might have several photo albums in your iPhone and you want to delete them. According to our research, it is a great way to free up space in your smartphone and remove unnecessary clutter.

This article will discuss how to delete albums on an iPhone, why we should delete photo albums, and its pros and cons.

Scroll down and read, you might be able to fight against the storage problem.

Why should you delete photo albums on your iPhone?

There’s no harm in clicking random pictures and keeping them secured in your mobile phone. Nevertheless, on some occasions, third-party applications make their room and create their photo albums in the gallery. This is pretty common with apps such as – Instagram and Twitter.

You might be thinking that we can simply delete other irrelevant images from our phones instead of removing the entire albums. Well, when these albums are created, the pictures in them take much storage as they are relatively large files. Technically, the more images or pictures, you will post on the internet through those mediums, the size of the album would increase simultaneously.

You need to ensure that you remove those albums from your phone to create more storage capacity. 

Why can’t you delete some albums on your iPhone?

Just like you cannot delete some pre-installed applications on your iPhone, similarly, it is impossible to remove certain photo albums. For example, the iPhone recently launched an update in their iPhone’s camera roll that detects people’s faces and places.

Well, this album might be of no use for you but unfortunately, you cannot delete those ‘People’ and ‘Places’ albums.

You cannot mess around with the iPhone’s personalized camera roll. It is a pre-installed application that cannot be removed. Moreover, media-type albums such as – panoramas, and videos cannot be deleted either.

Things you should remember before you delete albums on your iPhone

Before you rush to delete photo albums on your iPhone, make sure to remember the following;

  • Back up

You must create a backup on your personal computer before you erase your favorite photo albums for the sake of storage. Once you delete the album without any backup, you cannot restore them ever.

  • Learn how to connect your iPhone with MAC or another computer

Sometimes, it becomes a difficult process for an iPhone user to connect his/her phone with the MAC or any other computer. However, Apple has explained the entire process in a simple manner. You can click the link and learn the steps.

Moreover, to connect with Windows or OS, you can check out this guide.

  • Transfer your files

It’s a long process to copy/paste individual files and at some point, it might become an exhausting task for you. What can you do then?

To speed up the transfer process, you can simply copy the entire photo album at once while syncing your iPhone to your computer using iTunes.

How to delete albums on iPhone?

To delete unwanted photo albums from your iPhone, you need to follow the basic steps. Firstly, you’re going to click the ‘Photos’ icon on your mobile phone, and then tab ‘Albums’ at the bottom of your screen.

Later, you need to click the ‘See All’ option which can be found next to the ‘My Albums’ header. After you can see all the photo albums on your iPhone, you need to tap ‘Edit’ which appears on the right corner side of the screen.

album 1

After you tap ‘Edit’ on the right side of the screen, the ‘red minus’ button would appear on the upper left-hand corner of every album. Finally, you can press the ‘delete’ option, to remove the unwanted albums from your iPhone. Once you have completed the task of deleting the albums, you can simply tap ‘Done on the upper right corner of the screen.

album 2

What are the PROS & CONS of deleting photo albums?

1 Get rid of extra storage cost Cannot sync photo albums with other devices
2 Keep images that are required – extra images can be deleted You might lose your favorite pictures
3 Remove confusion – once you delete the entire album, the album would be removed from other synced devices as well  




Why is it necessary for you to delete photo albums on your iPhone?

Before you make any such choice, you need to understand the real advantages of it. Maybe you might regret your decision later. Pictures are some of the coolest memories, which you might want to cherish forever. However, the storage issue will provoke you to delete them.

Let’s discuss the possible reasons for deleting photo albums on your iPhone;

  • One major reason – storage capacity
  • Keep limited important pictures
  • iPhone starts lagging – once we free up the space, the phone will become smooth

Is deleting photo albums the only way to increase storage on your iPhone?

Photos or pictures can never be recreated. Instead of deleting photo albums from your iPhone, you should look for other alternatives to free up some space.

Let’s discuss why you should avoid deleting your photos;

  • No backup might result in frustration
  • You can delete irrelevant applications which you don’t use
  • Clear the ‘others’ folder


You shouldn’t worry about the storage capacity of your iPhone, as a valuable solution is valid. Instead of deleting multiple applications, you can simply remove the excessive photo albums that you visit quite rarely. This way you will be able to manage storage easily.

Let’s hope this article regarding ‘how to delete albums on iPhone?’ clears all your doubts and confusions and helps you delete unwanted photo albums

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