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How to Delete a Discord Server Through Different Devices?

It may be wise to trade ownership or remove it completely if you are bored of using your discord server. Well, here is how to do it and be done with it.

Whatever your problems are, if you are sick with your Discord server and wondering how to delete a discord server, it may well be best to withdraw control or remove it completely. So here is what you must-do if you want your Discord server to be deleted forever.

Transferring Discord Server Ownership

Alright so, before you consider the dramatic approach of shutting a Discord server, consider whether there is an alternative way to share duties of your account. You can sometimes hand over the Discord server’s ownership to some other individual, handing them complete authority over future changes, edits, and moderation.

This means you would no longer be having absolute control over your server. For example, if you subsequently wish to create additional users, moderators, or administrators, you will only be allowed to do so if the newfound owner authorizes you. You will additionally be unable to remove your server after that since only the fresh server administrator would have the authority to do so.

1st Step

The first step is to switch server ownership, launch the Discord pc client, or go to the Discord official website. When you’ve logged in, head over to the top-left and pick your server username, then click the option that says “server settings”


2nd Step

After accessing server settings, you will come across Discord’s Server Settings Menu. Now, simply look for the option which says ‘Members’. It’s pretty easy to find, it is located in the list of ‘User Management on the left of the menu.


3rd Step

You’ll see a directory of server members in the following category. Drag your mouse over the account you want to assign authority to, and click the 3 dot menu button present on the right side.

Click on the Transfer Ownership box from the drop-down options.


4th Step

Discord will prompt you to acknowledge that you wish to switch ownership. Whenever you are certain, move your mouse over the bar, then hit the Transfer Ownership box to complete your process

Once validated, the newfound owner’s title will appear throughout the Discord users list with a crown beside it. Your accessibility will be limited based upon the server responsibilities you held previous to the transfer of ownership.


Although you cannot revoke the changes, the successor of the account might revert ownership to the original owner. That’s only doable if they want to. Before transferring ownership, be certain that you are very certain of your decision, as you will not be allowed to retract it.

How to Delete a Discord Server from PC or Mac?

If you are certain that you’d like to remove your Discord server permanently, the procedure is easy for computer users. These procedures apply to both Discord on the website and the Discord pc client for Mac and Windows.

1st Step

To initiate, the first step is to launch the Discord application or web page and log in. Select the server’s title, then select the Server Configuration box from the drop-down column.


2nd Step

Select the Delete Server button inside the Discord server control panel.


3rd Step

You must verify that you wish to continue before you completely erase your Discord server. For doing this, enter the whole id of your server and confirm by clicking Delete Server.

From now onwards, you will not be permitted to revoke this step, so be completely certain before you finalize your decision.


The server will then be removed from Discord after getting approved by the owner. Any server users (even you) will lose access to it, deleting all exchanged chats and material.

How to Delete a Discord Server Via Mobile Phone?

Users may also erase their server through the Discord application if they like to access Discord on an IOS, Android phone, or tablet gadget. The very same rules will apply; users will not be allowed to recover their Discord server after it has been erased, so they have to be sure before they go ahead and continue.

Firstly, launch the Discord application on your smartphone device to delete your Discord server. To enter the navigation panel, hit the hamburger menu symbol which is present on the top-left corner.


Choose the server icon by tapping on the left side if you are not linked up to your server. Click the 3 dots start menu beside your server title on the upper end after you are online and live on it.


Under your window, a list will be shown. To view your Discord channel configuration, hit the Settings button.

Now, make sure to click the 3 dots menu button on the right-hand side corner of the Discord server control panel.


Click Delete Server from the drop-down box to commence the server termination procedure.

You must confirm your desire to remove your server. If you are confident, press Delete to affirm your decision.


Discord will remove your server after it has been confirmed. all server users will be eliminated, as well as any stored or uploaded material.

Discord Alternatives

Always remember, it is not possible to undo the deletion of your Discord server. When you have chosen to remove the Discord server, think about options such as transfer of ownership initially. After you remove your Discord server, you might discover that alternative networks, like Slack, are more appropriate for your requirements.

It’s simple to create a new Slack online profile and begin using the service. Once you’ve connected to a network, you can begin conducting Slack conversations and send personal texts to your coworkers and buddies. However, remember to set up two-factor verification on Slack to ensure your account’s security.

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