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Wondering How to connect your phone to your TV? Well, we’ve got you covered


If your cell phone offers screen sharing and Miracast but your smart Television does not, you’ll require a portable display connector to link up your smartphone to your Television remotely. Cordless Display Adapters connect to the HDMI connection on your Television and act as a recipient for your cell phone. But, always inspect the Wi-Fi as well as application criteria before buying a wireless screen adapter to ensure that it meets your Wi-Fi system requirement. And well, if you’re wondering how to connect your phone to your TV, you have landed at the right place because here we are going to give you a basic guide about how to do it.

Take a look at the table of contents given below to check out what interests you the most!

Let’s Start!

Wireless display adapters are utilized for most Televisions without Connection to the internet, including Smart TVs as well as conventional HDTVs. Simply connect your remote display connector to your Television set’s HDMI connection as well as to a power supply unit, enable screen mirroring from your smartphone, then link your device according to the wireless display adapter through your owner’s manual.

Since you are wondering how to connect your phone to your TV, you should know that you can watch movies, take a glance at photographs, play video games, stream online Television programs, and more once you learn how to connect your phone with your smart device. Your phone can sometimes be connected to your smart TV in a variety of ways. The most common method is to link through Wi-Fi. This, unfortunately, is dependent on the type of TV and smartphone you possess.

Numerous times, you’ll want to project what you’re watching on your smartphone onto a large screen and share it with your colleagues and relatives. Smartphones include a variety of options, integrated applications, tools, and other characteristics that enable you to display your device’s digital content across a larger screen.

Here are some options for connecting your smartphone to your television. the procedure differs slightly, depending on whether you possess an Apple or an Android phone, as well as if you own a Smart TV or a traditional HDTV.

How to screencast from a smartphone to a television

A screencast might be a good option to link your cell phone to your smart television. You must always ensure that two devices are compliant with each other. It’s possible that the screencasting for Android smartphones won’t function with Apple gadgets, so, keep this in mind. For screencasting to a smart television, Apple phones have various needs, which may involve the use of separate connectors or hardware.

  • Using the Miracast mobile display standards, an Android smartphone having version 4.2 or above can be linked to almost any t
  • Apple iOS devices can just use Airplay to interface with the television.

How to use Screen Mirroring to link your phone to your TV

Although some applications do not allow casting, screen mirroring seems to be a wonderful ability to link up your smartphone to your television. It is a simple way of connecting your smartphone to your television; but, based on your smartphone type, the steps that take you to your goal may differ.

  • Scroll down your settings menu until you see the cast option enabling screen mirroring.
  • Then hit the cast button to connect the screen with your television.

And if that does not work on your cell phone device, you may install the Google Home application from the Google Play Store. To link up your smartphone to your TV, first create an account and then select the screencast option.

How to link your Apple TV to your iPhone?

Apple Airplay seems to be the simplest method of connecting your iPhone to your television. Using this function, you can effortlessly stream videos to Apple TV. Just make double sure that your cell phone, as well as television, are both hooked to one identical Wi-Fi connection, lastly, just select the screen mirroring mode.

How to connect your mobile to a Fire TV stick

It’s simple to cast off your Android smartphone with the help of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Put in place your Amazon Fire TV stick for screencasting by taking these steps.

  1. On your Amazon Fire TV stick, tap and hold your Home key to pull up its menu with selections for applications, sleep, mirroring, as well as settings.
  2. After that, choose mirroring.
  3. A box will pop up, displaying the username of the cell phone through which you wish to pair.

These are the instructions to link up an Android handset to a television.

  1. To link up to your Fire TV stick, firstly, utilize the cast function on your cell phone. Make absolutely sure that the cell phone’s Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi, are turned on.
  2. Under the listing of accessible devices, choose the Amazon Fire TV stick then link it. Casting from your phone to the Fire TV stick will begin immediately.

How can you use Chromecast to link your smartphone to your TV?

You should always first confirm whether the application you wish to view on television allows casting when you own a Chromecast dongle or even a television. In just a couple of easy steps, anyone can send information from their smartphone to their television set.

  1. Make absolutely sure that your smartphone and Chromecast/smart television are on the identical Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Then, in the application, press the cast button and select the suitable phone from which you wish to cast.
  3. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and Google Photos are just a few of the apps that may be used for the screencast.

This is a good alternative for applications that stream-protected material and don’t allow regular screen mirroring. When you attempt to stream something during screen mirroring, Netflix, for instance, would just play the sound but blackout the visuals on screen.

How to Use an Adapter and Wire to Connect?

If you do not own a Chromecast-compatible gadget, you may use an HDMI connector or cord to link up your cellphone to your television and mirror your display.

This is among the safest ways to link up your cellphone to your television. Most televisions have an HDMI connection for transferring audio and visual data from a unified source.

If your smartphone lacks an HDMI connection, you’ll require an adapter to link it up to your television.

1.    USB interface

Most cell phones include a USB port and recharging cords, allowing you to link up your laptop plus battery chargers with ease. A USB connector is also available on smart Televisions, allowing you to hook up your cell phone and effortlessly upload all of your documents, data, movies, and other media.

2.    Applications that use DLNA

DLNA apps are a great method to link your smart television to your smartphone. Although keep in mind that, you’ll have to use an online connection to link your smartphone to your television. If you have a smart television, it will likely feature DLNA – That is a type of streaming content platform that enables you to send documents through your cellphone to your television. You may also use the technique to stream content through other gadgets, such as a laptop or a desktop. Using DLNA, you might additionally stream it on your Television as well as any game device. Certain Android apps, such as Local-Casts as well as All-Cast, enable you to connect your television to additional devices.

What do I need to have in order to connect my iPhone or iPad to my TV?

You may link up your iPhone with your TV in a couple of simple methods. In a nutshell, this is what you will require (apart from the iPhone plus television) for each of the methods outlined on this page.

  • Link up through HDMI: HDMI-to-HDMI cable, Lightning Virtual A/V converter (popularly known as iPhone to HDMI cord dongle), open HDMI terminal on your Television
  • Link up through Apple TV: Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Link up through Chromecast: An accessible HDMI socket on your Chromecast-compatible TV
  • Link up through Roku: Roku app, Roku streaming gadget, and an iPhone
  • Link up through other mobile applications: an iPhone compliant smart television featuring AirPlay and AirPlay 2, or just a DLNA-certified mirroring application for televisions without iPhone compatibility.

How can I use an HDMI cord to link up my iPhone with my TV?

While using a direct HDMI connection for connecting your iPhone to your television isn’t as simple as casting directly from your iPhone to your television, the fact is that it does provide a more stable streaming quality.

Using an HDMI cord from your smartphone to your Flat-screen’s HDMI connection is the quickest and easiest way to directly link your iPhone with your television. To link up the HDMI wire to your Apple device, you will require an iPhone-to-HDMI cable converter. A Lightning Digital AV Adapter is what it’s commonly called.

Apple sells it at $49.99, while Amazon sells it for a little less ($43.19).

Third-party replicas are available for as little as $13.99 through the Amazon link given above. Obviously, Apple advises that you purchase their devices for the best functionality, but third-party alternatives should do the work plus spare you a lot of money. Only keep in mind that it offers Digital Content Protection with High Bandwidth (HDCP).

Remember that HDCP (High-bandwidth Distribution Control Protocol) is an anti-piracy mechanism used by several streaming services. You won’t be able to play media from numerous streaming providers if your adapter does not follow this standard.

Ending Note

Well, this is how to connect your phone to your TV. We are certain that after reading this, all your confusions will be swept away and now finally you will be able to share and enjoy your content on a much larger screen. Whatever gadget combo you prefer; we have worked out the ways to cast from your smartphone to the television set. So just get online, stream your stuff on that huge screen, and relax while watching the show!

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