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How to clear other storage on iPhone: Easy methods for your understanding

It would not be wrong to say that every iPhone user discovers the problem of storage at least once in their lifetime. People are not clear on how to clear other storage on the iPhone.

How brutal it is when you open your camera and it says ‘iPhone storage is full’? This situation might appear again when you try to install a new application on your phone or want to install a game that your friend suggested. Well, it might trigger your aggression.

To secure storage on your iPhone, you might have deleted every less used application and still, it shows the same problem. You might see a column of storage filled with Other. Are you aware of what that means? How can you get rid of it?

The Other storage still is a mystery for many iPhone users and they are unaware of how to clear other storage on iPhone? This article will work as a guide for you by sharing the top secrets about clearing the mess of Other storage.

How to check your iPhone storage?

To know the actual storage on your iPhone, the manufacturer has described the procedure in the easiest form. Instead of complicating stuff, it is quite simple to check the storage on your gadget.

You need to click on Settings, select General, then iPhone Storage. It might take some time to scan, analyze, and show the bar above where it highlights the actual capacity held by different types of data. Once the list is stabilized, you can manage the storage manually on your own.

Beneath the bar, you will see the list of applications on your iPhone. Moreover, you could see the amount of data every application holds separately.


What is ‘Other’ storage on an iPhone?

Many people face the struggle of limited storage on their mobile phones and they are completely unaware of how to control the data which is not easy to find.

iPhone is smart enough to divide the data among the known categories such as Apps, Media, Photos, and Mail. However, there is the category of ‘Other’ too, which is highly ignored by every iPhone user. Due to ignorance, it becomes so large that it becomes nearly impossible to take it out from your smartphone.

Usually, the capacity for ‘Other’ is 5-10 GB. However, if you see that the category is escalated from 10GB storage, then most probably it is out of your control. Once you scroll down to the bottom, you will see the amount of storage ‘Other’ is consuming apart from the usual applications.

The irrelevant data is somewhat stored in the ‘Other’ compartment. For example, the updates, Siri voices (if you have downloaded any other voices), voice recordings, logs and so much more. However, the main reason for too much consumption by this specific category is large videos and music. It takes a good amount of storage in your iPhone.

For example, if you download a video from a TV app or your favorite song from iTunes, it would be included in the ‘Other.’

Another vital reason for the increase in storage is ‘Safari’s caches.’ Once you start looking at multiple images and videos, it is stacked in the ‘Other’ category. Nevertheless, the device is designed to keep itself secured from such caches, but sometimes it is unable to provide the desired efficiency.

What is ‘Other’ storage on an iPhone

How to get rid of data in ‘Other’?

Once it crosses the optimum level, it is impossible to take it under control. However, it is possible for you to reduce the size of it.

Let’s understand the steps of how to clear other storage on an iPhone.

  • Clear the safari caches

Let’s start with the basics and clear the safari caches first. Open Settings > Safari and choose Clear History and Website Data. Moreover, if you notice that an ample number of tabs are open on the Safari application, try to close most of them to ensure Other storage is not affected.

  • Keeping messages

Sometimes, few messages are close to your heart and you might never want to lose them. This is the reason; Keep Messages is set to forever. However, once the Other data is taking up much room in the storage, you might want to reduce the burden of it. You can simply check the default settings from Forever to 1 year or even 30 days.

This way it would not gather the Messages app caches.

  • Clearing the caches of other applications

Instead of wandering and clearing up data from different applications, you need to simply go back to the iPhone storage and manage it. For example, there are certain applications whose caches data is categorized in the Other.

Moreover, there are certain applications that you never use. For example, Podcasts. If you see that it is consuming some of the storage on your gadget, so most likely it is the cache. You could simply delete the application and download it when you want to use it. This way it would affect the storage in the Other’s category.

What is the ideal option of clearing the other storage

What is the ideal option of clearing the other storage?

Instead of deleting everything particularly, there is an easy end to this mess. Either you could just waste your time by deleting every cache separately or just choose the smart way. You could simply back up the important data of your iPhone and reset it.

This process might be a bit time-consuming for you but is surely more effective than any other method. The best possible way of doing it is to connect your smartphone with the PC to use iTunes.

Once you connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes on it, it will ask for the basic passcode of your phone which you will know obviously.

In the upper left corner, you would be able to see the phone icon. Beneath there is the option of backup, just simply select this. Moreover, you should select or choose a simple password that you are able to remember.

Once you see that the backup is done, you could just move onto Settings > General > Reset and choose to erase all the content settings. It will refresh your iPhone and will turn it into a new one.

Well, it might appear to be a tiring process; however, it is the most effective one. Instead of wasting time, you could just back up the important data and reset your mobile phone.


It is quite usual that you would come across this problem or issue. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand the science behind cleaning unwanted data. Let’s hope this article removes the misery from your life and helps you to eradicate the uninvited ample storage in the Other category.



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